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Jan 2020 · 429
LTJK Jan 2020
I n these sleepless nights,
L ights guide me through the dark.
O ver the mountains we flew,
V anishing in one big spark.
E ternity promised at the shore,
Y earning for more,
O ld bones in new glimmer,
U nder the stars we start to shimmer.
D evoured by each others crave,
A pathy was never our grave.
R est your head on my chest,
L ose your best,
I mitation of yourself.
N othing is prettier than you,
G ather the fears that you grew.
i love you darling
Jan 2020 · 799
LTJK Jan 2020
Learn to listen,                                                                                    I listen,
Learn to speak,                                                                                   I speak,
Learn to resist,                                                                                    I resist,
Learn to admit you're weak,                                                      I am weak.

Learn to accept,                                                                                 I accept,
Learn to dream,                                                                                 I dream,
Learn to fight,                                                                                       I fight,
Learn to scream.                                                                               I scream.

Learn to appreciate,                                                                   I appreciate,
Learn to think,                                                                                     I think,
Learn to swim,                                                                                    I swim,
Learn to sink.                                                                                         I sink.

Learn to hurt,                                                                                        I hurt,
Learn to fly,                                                                                               I fly,
Learn to breathe,                                                                             I breathe,
Learn to cry.                                                                                             I cry.

Learn to forget,                                                                                  I forget,
Learn to be tough,                                                                       I am tough,
Learn to miss,                                                                                       I miss,
Learn to love.                                                                                        I love.

Learn to stand,                                                                                   I stand,
Learn to fall,                                                                                           I fall,
Learn to cope,                                                                                      I cope,
Learn to call.                                                                                          I call.

For                                                                                                             Help
I'm trying to move on from my former self.
Jan 2020 · 331
morning mourning
LTJK Jan 2020
shivering, aching,
bleeding words,
slivering, breaking,
realisation hurts.

times i've missed,
cut off tongues.
air as catalyst,
vacant lungs.
i still miss her,
too much,
too often.
Jan 2020 · 169
train thoughts
LTJK Jan 2020
Thousand of words,
Circling, spinning around your hive.

Observing the bees,
Drawing the same patterns as mine,
Drawing the same shapes of my life.

Underlying equivalency,
Similarities and distance.

Far apart and yet so close,
An ever so pretty dance.

Back and forth,
Swept from bay to bay.

The oceans are yelling flood,
But still we seem like we got nothing to say.

Wine to close the gap of a train ride separation,
I wish regeneration of our former minds.

Crossing ways,
Spending days,
Exploring the beauty of a strangers brain.
little poem I wrote for a friend
Jan 2020 · 130
Nervous Opener
LTJK Jan 2020
Shaking anxiously,
Refusing to speak.
Afraid to reveal myself,
Afraid to leak.
Scared and scattered,
Yet determined to escape.
My walls started to gape,
So quietly closing in.
Suffocate me,
Maybe I need to see the other side.
Another light,
Or maybe just something else than white walls.
Maybe when harmony falls,
I'll find truce in these words.

This is my first poem on here.. kinda scared of how it'll be received since I don't know what to expect, but this seems like lovely community!
Love and peace to everyone!

— The End —