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LRF 4d
I eek out meaning
where I want it
twist your tongue into
the shape of words
you didn’t know
you wanted to say.

Then, you ask,
how we got
to the centre of the maze,
our footsteps covered
with pine needles
and no breadcrumbs
to lead us back out
of the dense hedges.

We would not be
in the dark
if you had not
left spaces
where meaning
got lost.
June 2020
LRF 7d
I need a bouquet of words today - 'Need', Jack Davis

I need more
than a bouquet of words,
I need a palette, a spectrum, a field -

words that unmask
the deep, faint whimper
that starts in the darkest part of us;

phrases that capture
the fingers of god
that even the Renaissance men
could not define with their brush;

adjectives that run
leaping in the imagination
from far flung country to nearby history;

verbs that mimic
the hand's shakiness, the voice's tremor.

Bouquets are grown, arranged
for delicacy, for fragrance -
but words
are the grit
and the texture
of life.
June 2020
  Jun 20 LRF
Carlo C Gomez
Janus-faced, she sits in her
Sinister bathing tub
Cleansing herself from
Fallen lovers

The very ones
She devised subtle ends to
Lest they should claim
Her heart for a kingdom

Vandals of her plumage
Whom she allowed
To drink from her stream
Once or twice

A god of vengeance sent her
A message in a bottle today
To prove the origin of her flow
And remind her that time is

LRF Jun 18
Clouds stretch
across a dawn sky
spreading themselves
into the beginnings
of a flaming sky,
their atoms so dispersed
they disappear,
excusing themselves,
humbly believing
they are a blot
on a golden sky.

As the sun
makes its arc
from East to West
and back again,
without variation
since earth’s first days,
these clouds are
never knowing that
just as there are
worshippers of the dazzling orb
so there are souls
who follow stratus
on its unchartered course,
see their own
in the faint wisp
of a cirrus
and watch
in awe
the effortless drift
of a cumulus.
June, 2020.
LRF Jun 15
If believing is
hearing truth in
what we cannot see,
then tell me tales
of turreted castles
and pears turned to gold,
of fish-scaled sirens
and bejeweled Arabian princes.

Conjure a new
reality for me
out of a blue ocean: a purple sky.
June 2020

Inspired by an impossibly expansive purple sky.
LRF Jun 11
There is no silence like
the timeless
where a heartbeat
was once,
should be,
is not.
June 2020
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