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 Feb 16 LNI
Low Life
 Feb 16 LNI
***** *** and cigarettes
bad decisions, no regrets.
Painted lips and fingertips
lace, leather, gags and whips.
Cheap motels, steamy nights
sweaty flesh and candlelights.
Pushing limits, breaking rules
naked dips in swimming pools.
Getting high while living low
riding rails, pure white snow.
Playing games & telling lies
the look of lust in lovers eyes.
Rendevouz in seedy places
sloppy kisses, hot embraces.
Ménage à trios, or even four!
Anything goes behind locked door...
Shots of Jack make it all alright-
just another dirt-bag night.
50% fiction...
 Jul 2018 LNI
 Jul 2018 LNI
It was in the death of autumn

when Bravado came to me

as a lover.

Warning me not spare you


Disdained for leaving you hissing

through my garden like a snake,

spewing venom into thorns

for the way, I’ve taken back my life.

I’ve been revived in a skin

you cannot claim.

Do not bother searching this soil.

There’s nothing in me

left for you.
 Mar 2018 LNI
John F McCullagh
Some are Platinum,
Some pale yellow,
Some are Gold and fair of face.
Sometimes their choice is questionable
and the tint seems out of place.
Some are babes and some are ******.
It must be in the DNA.
Some use preference by L’Oreal.
Some are straight, others are ***.
Some are called Strawberry Blondes
Some have hair like golden sands.
What each one has in common
Is they dyed at their own hands.
from an observation made by the late Saul Bellow
 Mar 2018 LNI
Cameron Crew
Seeing his body lying before me felt unreal
If I only knew of the pain he would feel
As my shades shades the rays and hides my sobbing gaze
Never would I have thought to see this day
Tears fill my eyes as I hug his mother
He use to be like my blood,my brother
She says "His saddness is at an end."
The pain is indescribable watching them bury your oldest friend.
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