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lilheathen Aug 2018
Every time I drink,
I pour a little out for Lil Peep.
I cruise through the streets,
Skateboard underneath my feet
And I wonder what my life
Would be like
If I had never decided to get high.
(It's not the first time this week)
And then I wonder why
Do I even wonder why?
It's not like I could have
Resisted if I tried.
My mind just insists
To get high.
These lines
Look so tempting
In the light of the night,
Fishscales reflecting
The pale moonlight.
Every time I drink,
I pour a little more out for Lil Peep.
RIP to a G.
Sometimes I just sit and listen
To his beats.
I guess instrumentals were just
Medical to my mental mind.
I miss the more simple times.
Writing lyrics in triplet rhymes,
Getting high back when
"Getting high" only meant
Lighting up another blunt.
Won't try to front;
Too many bumps,
And now I'm slumped.
Every time I drink,
I pour some more out for Lil Peep.
And sometimes,
I swear I can see
A slight silhouette
Of my dead homies
Still skating with me
As I roll through the streets.
God only knows how much
I wish they were still
Drifting into bliss
As I can somewhat hear
The passing winds
Whisper into my ears,
That all things
Must someday come to pass.
I guess that's why
I pass the blunt
That I just laced with wax
So I can cherish these times
Filled with laughs,
In hopes they will last
As I try my best not to
Let life pass me by
Too fast.
lilheathen Aug 2018
Too high to sleep
Too throwed to eat
Swisher Sweet rolled up sumo
Who knows if I'll make it
To see past 27
Let alone this week
Couldn't leave that white girl
Alone this week
So I'm too high to sleep
Too throwed to eat
Still bumpin Lil Peep
Like it's the beginning of 2017
And I'm on Troy Ave
Ya boy has too much acid in him
Pass the blunt then pass the poison
Pass the venom
Let me drown out my thoughts
Give me vices over advice, it's
That lilheathen fiend
Cup full of Sprite spiked with codeine
It takes the edge off the trip
Jump off the ledge, then I'll drift
Into an ocean of that purple potion
A notion to kick the habit
Before I kick the bucket
**** it, sip more lean
Pop more beans
Til I"m gone off them jiggas
Go figure
This sinister literature
Dispensed by yours truly
Always came from the truth, see
Doobies rolled up and they're laced
With that wax
Now it's gon' smoke for some hours
That's facts
Load up the dab rig as I
Pop another hit of that cid
Which makes three today
So I couldn't smoke enough **** today
But he's to stay
That lilheathen minion givin ****
To these so-called prophets
They just want to profit
Off our conscience
And I ain't got one
I been ****** since they been thrown
Fire and brimstone
Coughing off it often
Til' they lay me in that coffin
I've been here for too long
Not long enough
Nirvana isn't too far
It's far enough
I see it coming round the corner
Either that
Or it's just the coroner
I couldn't really tell
Within this distorted corridor
lilheathen Aug 2018
I speak hood art
That street poetry
When you hear that bass
Knocking down your street
You know it’s me
That lilheathen
Creeping straight outta ****
Just to bask up in the smell
Of the ****
Need that Acapulco Gold
Fruit for the soul
Blue dream got me froze
Stuck in a maze through my mind
Stuck in a place I can’t find
Lighters in the skies
Look like
Fire flies in the night
Higher I climb
To the Light
Smoked a bowl full of Dimitri
Just to enlighten my eye
lilheathen Aug 2018
Acid got the sky painted tie dye
I’m that Heathen
Pass the blunt, why lie?
I been chiefing
Bumpin $uicideboy$
Got me feelin like it’s
Do or die, boy
I’m leaving these verses
All in hearses
Ridin spinners on the hearse
It’s that psychedelic fiend
Sentenced to **** for a dream
****** if I do, ******
If this life just ain’t what it seems
Is this DMT or just a dream?
And why is it more real
When I sleep?
Merrily creep through the streets
I seep through the cracks
Smoking **** in the back
Of the black Cadillac
With a new beat bumpin
I just made on the MacBook
I’m a diamond in the dirt
And they all just some weeds
Shook off the cops
Now I’m lighting the trees
Got a lot, so
The clouds will thicken the plot
Yes, indeed
As I roll through an
Old part of town
Of the Southeast
In an old school drop
With new sounds
And a whole car full of pounds
Of that stink
Pound back another beer
Til I can’t think
Then tell all them cowards come
Near so they can hear the rifle
Blast back, too
Hatchback coupe
Full of Afghan Gu
That Hindu Kush
Be the greenest of bushes
It’s on fire with the acid
I’m pushing
That gas on a couple of tabs
I think I’m pushing it
lilheathen Jul 2018
Lines chopped and cup *******
I like my beats chopped and *******
Misconstrued with contraband
Tryin to concentrate, I think I
Need to stand up
Dazed and confused
Off haze and the juice
Somebody please reprimand all my
Detrimental plans to dive off of the edge of the land
Can't understand the path at hand
The man that stands in the mirror
Forgot how to stand
Pour up a four and then chunk up the deuce
Doubling up, double my cup
Always rolling another one up
I'm smoking for two
In no mood
Rude boy rolling moon rock
Watch the wax ooze as I look to the ***
Dreco's and doobies
Who's he
That Lil Heathen fiend
Lurking and creeping for more cups of codeine
I got a 100 on a pint
Throwed at night
Shades on so I don't have to see a thing in sight
100 blunts and now I'm finally high
The acid paints the sky tie dye
As I drift into fading light with
More **** to light
lilheathen Jun 2018
Don't do drugs, please
Just give them to me
I promise that
I'm right here

And if in someone's
You need to plead
I promise that
I'm right here

I don't wish for the end
Truly I am content
I look in the mirror
And I'm right here

No matter how it ends
I don't think it's up to me
You still have a friend
I promise that
I'm right here

I took two pills
And I just hope that
They don't make me

The last thing I want
Is to tell the difference
Between my dreams
And what's

In my dreams
All my dead friends
Are here
A simple hello
From your lost voices
Is all I wish to

I know
I had a

You're all right here
lilheathen Jun 2018
I know, I
Cannot keep you from being sad
I know, I
Can only show you the route I had
The way I found
A way out of the dark
Closer to the Light

I just hope you know
That if I fail
I promise
I will catch you when you fall
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