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Everywhere I look
I see you standing right there
Why are you staying
I want to reveal
How much I care about you
But my lips won't move
I want her so much
But I know I don't deserve her
She's so **** beautiful
She a real life Greek Goddess
I want to climb into her eyes and never escape
I want to wake up every morning and see her angelic smile
I want her so much
If only I weren't such a coward
Roses are red
Some are pink
I'm colorblind so violets are blue, I think
Love is not real
Or maybe I'm saying this because I've forgotten how to feel
Shout out to anyone single
'Happy endings' exist only in the theatre or television
In reality everyone's life ends with pain, regret, and hate
My grandma married my step grandpa a few years before I was born
They lived in Virginia, which was quite a drive from where I lived
Their neighborhood was exactly how the south is portrayed in media
You can't just say hello to fellow pedestrians
Instead, you stand for hours hearing about some strangers long lost
Sister who turned out to be their boss
And the most beautiful psalm in the bible
There was also the food
Oh, how delicious the food was
Chicken with gravy, biscuits, and green beans fresh from the garden
Pie aroma lingering in every corner
My step grandpa loved peanuts
He'd sit on the porch and remove the shells
Sometimes he'd feed peanuts by hand to the squirrels
Late at night we'd gather on the couch with their dog, a Jack Russell named Star, and watch western movies
Years later, they moved to a town twenty minutes from my house
Slowly everything was changing
There were no more southern meals
Or neighbors to converse with
And Star died
Then the cancer came
It went to my step grandpa's brain
He was no longer himself
He'd grown old and weak
He lost his capturing joy
Worst of all, he lost the battle
Life hasn't been the same since Grandpa Bob died
To Robert Vankuren
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