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JC Aug 22
You make me so cranky
So angry
And that's so handy
To stand here and tell
You farewell
And set forth to find
My own peace of mind
Still in this mood I just can't stop
JC Aug 22
Feeling so useless
So pardon my rudeness
you can go to hell

Feeling so stupid
But my thoughts are lucid
You can all go to hell

I guess I feel courageous
I know this will be outrageous
But I truly feel rampageous

So with a shameless mind
And words that are not confined
Do me a favor and kindly go to hell
Just venting
And it's been awhile since I've posted on here, so here it is
JC Nov 2018
It's undeniable that I am in love with you
It's understandable that you are not in love with me
I just can't seem to get over you
You're the first thought in the morning and the last of the night
Everything around me just reminds me of you
I just can't seem to get over you
I miss your smile reassuring me that you were the one
I miss you laughing at my jokes even if they were corny
I just can't seem to get over you
I really thought it would work
I really saw my happily ever after with you
I just can't seem to get over you
And I truly don't think I will!
JC Nov 2018
What do you do when you are heartbroken
And everything makes you feel like you are choking
I'm still so confused I thought it was a true love story
But it's feels like I'm stuck in purgatory
And to make things worst I don't even know what I did
I don't know how I'll forget you I mean I've been in love with you since i was a kid
Should I wait or should I move on
I just don't want to look like a *****
I still am deeply in love
And surely it is not something I can easily get rid of
I tried my hardest but in the end it wasn't enough
JC Aug 2018
The world at the moment is broken
It's time for everyone to be woken
To be brought to realization
And come up with a solution for our salvation
We can no longer ignore this crisis
And need to stop looking so lifeless
So that one day we can undo what we have wronged
And have this world go beyond
Feeling useless to help this world survive
JC Aug 2018
The way **** happens sometimes is crazy
It just leaves me feeling so ******* hazy
It's been awhile since we've talked
I really thought I had you blocked
Now out of nowhere you showed up
As if you had forgotten about the breakup
Well I didn't,
as a matter of fact I have finally found someone new
Sorry you had to drive all the way here,
but thank you for passing through
It's crazy the way **** happens sometimes
But it's time to move on from old times
JC Jul 2018
Words can't describe what these feelings are
But I do know it's as rare as an mornings star
I don't actually know how to make you believe
Just know that I never want to see you leave
I would conquer the world if that's what you really need
And for you I do believe that one day I will succeed
You are what I need to be my legacy
So that this feeling can live on endlessly
My never ending battle for you isn't worthless
Yet it seems to always leave me breathless
I just can't believe
you still don't believe
One day our love will blossom
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