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Kyra Embers Sep 2020
My body shudders
as my hands shake.
I'm crying I'm crying.
I'm crying again.

My senses are flooding
as my eyes sting.
I'm crying, I'm crying.
I'm crying again.

My heart is screaming
limbs stay frozen.
I'm crying, I'm crying.
I'm crying again.

Set me on fire,
burn me down.
Do me a favour,
I want out.

I'm crying I'm crying.

I'm tired of crying again.
It really do be like that now.
Kyra Embers Feb 2020
Looking back, i realise i fell
not for those boy next door looks
nor for the smooth words,
it was for the little things he did,
little things that showed he cared,
little things that stole my breath
and left me asking for more.
It just struck me hard, counting stars,
i almost lost my moon
cant tell you how much today meant to me. Maybe you knew but does nt matter, i ll say it, i love you
Kyra Embers Aug 2020
Stranger behind this digital veil,
I am assuming this is another one of
Cupid’s play
Tell me, it’s one other summer fling
Or do I anticipate it to be a real thing?

Will you detest my individuality
And try castigating my intellect?
Would you be the supportive Prince Charming
Only heard of?

Would I hear guitar strings strum,
As love crawls in to find its way,
Even then,
Would it, be love?

Could we possibly Make up to the distance?
The warmth, the fireworks of each other’s presence
Amidst the epidemic that has interfered

Would we  Rave endlessly?
Talking all night,
Choosing each other
Over Morpheous’s arms.
Obsessing over little that are suddenly cute

Would we look deranged, with a constant smile?
Hushed voices, muffled giggles,
Lost, chuckling into our phones.
The very type I’ve always made fun of.

Would it be a Disney movie?
Say, a tad more magical?
Could I really judge you,
with a mere photo?

It could be the a summer drizzle
Or go down the drain.
Farce and adherence
Have been my metier
Assuring amazement
To be mundane.

Dear new immigrant,
Enrolling for my heart,
Hoping you’re the yin,
To my yang.
one other poem
Kyra Embers Feb 11
We're millions out here
divided and split.
We keep hearing, we're ultimate,
all powerful.

Branded terrorists for being better citizens.
Powerless, Punished, Brutalised to succumb.
Stripped off honour for questioning to right the wrong's will.

We're out here in millions
running a blind race
Robbed of individuality.
Running, just to stay safe.

Standing in millions
counting days taken for granted, number's sake.
We're many things
lassoed beneath many other names

Tomorrow's citizens, the growing population
The reality of the student community
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
I was meant to steal your heart,
Meant to make you smile real wide.
It was me all along.
Missed you
Kyra Embers Apr 2020
Would'nt be long
before you tied the nuptial
chord around my neck,
we 'd walk around the fire
hearts brimming with happiness
I ve always bet  
lights were d be dim
compared to the
way you smiled.
That's how i'll
remember when i look back.
million times where I've
there's no way you'd be
Then i wondered
if we d last,
Two years since,
We 've come far
hey babes, (you know who you are) thank you so much for making my life a happier place, love you loads :)
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
What would nt I give, to say "shut up"
To my brain.
And, somehow make it listen..
Your thought's are nt you.
But they are bad enough.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She stood before the mirror.
Her face had no scars as such.
Her heart did.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She falls like caress on the ground.
Washing the bad,
spreading joy.
Each speck of her speaks of love.
She was gifted perhaps from the moon,
dearest monsoon.
Kyra Embers May 2020
I gave you a gun.

pressed it to my heart.

You held the trigger

to what was mine.

It should nt be surprising

that i got shot.

Rather hilarious all that was

I m delirious for thinking otherwise.
got hurt, rather surprised that i m not surprised
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
She called him, close to midnight,
his hello thawed her damp heart.
She stood silently, gripping it tight,
her knuckles, close to white.
She stood waiting some more,
unwilling to put the phone down, cut the call.
She heard a rattling breath followed by an "are you there?"
Tears fell fast as she said "forever and beyond"
She willed to give him,
a second chance.
i ve tried a narration within a poem... not very confident about it, a feeble effort, if it made you smile, please lemme know :)
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
It was never the night that scared me,
The trees hold the darkness,
that terrifies me.
Nothing is scary by itself. The by factors, aid the element of fear
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
No matter how far I go, I d come back to you,
No matter who says no, I ll still belong to you,
No matter what, I m never letting go of you.
Happy year one, for the more to come.
Kyra Embers Jun 2020
They all say "I love you"
No one does like you.
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
I m ten foot beneath,
Far away from light,
drowning deeper,
Struggling for breath.
If feeling lost,
is like falling,
I ve reached the beds,
To the ocean of nowhere
Kyra Embers Nov 2020
March 17th 2017
if the universe flinched,
when God took you away.

- Dakota

She walks with her head down,
Tucking loose strands.
Wishing heavens would pull her up.
Or if the earth could just
Open up.
She wished for flames to leap
And engulf her silently.
Or if the seas would be kind
Enough, and drown her.

None of the above happened.

Only three nights ago,
She heard the
Man she trusted with her secrets
“It wasn’t you but me”
Her core was on fire
They fell down as tears

So much practice,
no use at all.
She holds on tight,
tears still fall.

She stood at that metro
Walking in circles
Overwhelmed, in
Her mascara dripped
Leaving streaks
On her fine

“Sorry?” she gasped
Cold fingers
Brushed her arms
The audacity of
this stranger!
She was in awe.

“Are you.. okay”
She asked  

A different someone
This outsider was.
She really wanted to
Longed to wipe the
Former’s tears

Her brown eyes were refuge
to curiosity.
Familiarity and comfort
lingered in air.

Her shattered soul
slowly perked up.
Like a child facing
Christmas delights

And hopes might have
Been restored
Caution tapes
Hadn’t been enforced.

The little collision,
Kept resurfacing
Playing over and over
Like a
Malfunctioning cassette

A small smile, began to peek
The heart broken girl
had killed it.
There was no way,
She was getting
Played ever
Never again.

Plenty of mishaps
Were at hand,
The Queen of hearts,
Had hers smashed.
Fooled by the court clown
What a scam.
No more chances
Will be given.

With all due respect
Look alike
Prince Charming’s
Were requested,
to rot in hell.


Numerous days passed by.
No more than a courteous smile.

And then one day,
Numbers were exchanged,
plans were made.
Under the moon light, they laughed away
Mutual friends, acquaintances,
The friend’s friend, The friend’s dog
A party from two years ago,
Everything was spoken of.

Suddenly they were a team,
Inseparable they seemed

April 22nd 2018
Three sixty five days and a little more
since, the very beginning

In her arms
Wrapped tightly.
With each exhaling breath,
The rhythm played soft.
Their breaths hard, a little fast

She knew she belonged
right there.
Pressed against this girl,
In a fierce embrace,
Nebula gawked,
falling asteroids stopped,
"This is home" one said
And so it felt

The dyad knew
Fondness and love
Had followed
Them through

began a new chapter

Lady luck
was pleased,
Destiny beamed.
Stars were the only
What a perfect

August 16th 2018

Suddenly they were
Far too gone,
Lost in an abyss,
Dancing a Languorous
Healing scars her
Exes carved
She fell in love
With this Girl.

The one who called
Her forever.


Onset of late
summer drizzle.
Social controversies

“What a disgrace you’ve
Her father
“What will Mrs Sharma
Her mother wondered.

Minds were made
An ultimatum
was declared.
Dramatics took
A whole new turn,

One other argument
Hidden behind the
Poised, hand knit
Kashmiri curtains.

October 16th2018

Two months since
The big emotional

What could they do,  
The Girls were

Afraid to lose their
Bond due to
So called ethical ways.
They fought, and
Might have waged a

A million paper cuts
Were all that returned.

December  1st 2018

It had been a year
And 4months since,
The LQBTQ law
Had been passed
Yet two woman
Were torn apart

One other love story
Lost a happy ending.
curtsey of a
“Modern civilization”

The battle was done
Dust had settled.

And thus ends
One other narrative.
this poem is set in India. In the year 2018. It's really. Hope it is worth reading till the end
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I was good at being good.
Then somehow it all fell apart.
I either felt too tight
They thought I was'nt right.
Either way, I m no longer what I used to be.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
My mess,
somehow became ours.
I m glad you were along.
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
Each click marks the beginning and the end.
Every one I see are in past continuous.
And I miss everything that has happened so far,
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
Scent of perfume stops me dead.
I stand there frozen unaware,
I turn around hoping
It's you who is here.
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
It was embarrassment sometimes,
And, blush in some others.
Both times she was pink,
the latter was because of him.
he just adored it.
Those who can relate, lemme know
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
I was too comfortable,
My privillages we just oxygen.
I m losing it all now,
And I feel dead already.
I ll miss you crazy
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Gravity, is matter's response to loneliness.

* ~Emily Chu 'The Half of It".
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
That random feeling,
Your homesick but not for home.
Your missing someone, your not sure who.
You want something. But again you don't know what.
Right now, I m drenched in that feeling.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Words might become dark.
They might fade.
They might blend in and may not.
But they remain forever, just like scars.
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
I morosely chew on my pencil top.
silently sigh at the damage done.

I look at him, my breath stops,

the bandage to my broken heart.
Drizzle of glitter from the stars

My version of pixie dust.
Hey... I miss you..
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
I knew I was looking, It took me time to realise I was searching.
My eyes now have a brain of its own, they look for nothing but you.
I missed you.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She looked me in the eye and gave me a grin.
She held me by my arms and said listen.
I pressed my ear to her tummy and heard a weird rhythm.
I looked up with wide eyes as if to question.
She hugged me and said "say hello you're having a sister!"
I remember squealing in joy,
here we are six years later,
she s grown up so much,
to be an imp now,
May I add?
the most entertaining one.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
The sketches I drew on me,
were perhaps the ending lines of what we had.
But no matter what I did,
your steam grew back.
Kyra Embers Oct 2019
And, the sky too shall cry   
The silent tears I can't scream.   
Each tear drop hence,    
Shall fall down as rain with the breeze.    
Silver spindles, bright and sharp.   
Pouring down soft and slow.   
Beautiful like fading a rainbow.
Rainy seasons
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
Sometimes its wishing you featured in my dreams,
And, Sometimes its wanting you real bad by my side...
i miss you
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
I ll burn out in a minute or so,
I m just a part of a flickering star
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
So much practice,
no use at all.
I hold on tight,
They still fall.
Kyra Embers Jul 2019
Today d be there in my mind,
all life long
And for that, atheist me says,
"god, I thank you"
We re perfect.
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Gradients of grey,
me in dismay.
Another random day
my heart had a harder day.

Tinges of teal
You keep walking over me.
After all I mean nothing,
mere fallen leaves.

Scarlet showers,
Scar my soul.
Was fear, a stupid confession,
Or you being the reason?

Blinding black nights,
engulfing bright lights.
Wish I could say,
a polite good bye.
Here's my poem. @sreeyasndilkumar there you go. Satisfied now?
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
We all play the game,
                   Quite a risky one.
This time it involved my heart
                    And someone's.
Once you hold on,
                     You never let go.
That's a rule, most don't know.
Sharing glances stolen, ceased moments of pride and glee,
These are times, one is forced to believe, in a magic, a miracle only those involved can see.
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
The last time we met.
      I thought I hugged you tight,

Somehow it seems less now,  
Stars suddenly dim
making the moon
Hard to breathe, harder to pretend.
                                         Pretence, because normal is non existent 
                                         Pretence, because my happiness, chose
                                               you over me                                                                  ­          
I thought I kissed you

that the world would explode,
if we did some more,
I wish I had rather let the world explode,
 for every night,
my heart busts aches with regret.
                                            The last time we met, I pulled you closer
Hoping to catch your scent,
snugly tucked, safely stored  
                                      guarded, in my memory.
That's all there is now,
a mild scent as evidence
reminding things,
for how it used to be.
Quarantine issues
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I did it, cause they thought
I couldn't.
#me #I
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
It was ticking when I got my heart broken.
It ticked as I found my way back.
It shall tick even if we all were to perish and die,
that old clock, counted days of my life.
Ticking seconds like heartbeats
as if to remind nothing last forever.
Time matches with the brook in an aspect.
"For me may come men and men may go, I go on forever."
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Into the dense canopy of a bamboo forest.
It smelt of spring on the summer leaves.
A silence accompanied our little stroll,
Each word we spoke came back as an echo.
A full moon looked down on us, the breeze blew bringing hints of muted snow.
I leaned Onto your shoulder and thought "this was too good to last"
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I sit by the window of my train,
There's a sweet lullaby of screaming kids,
They keep me awake.
I look out, not stargazing, not seeing,
don't know what to look
or what I m searching.
If there is one thing constant it's the sway,
it keeps moving, all through the way.
She's sweet enough to sway my dear train,
but I was not weary enough to give in to the call of tired.
It was a weird trip without a blink of sleep.
Long train trips :)
Kyra Embers Nov 2019
Drying tears,
healing scars,
Dark circles beneath sunken eyes,
Chapped lips from
biting hard,
Nightmares and panic in
abundant form
Of my broken heart.
For all the times we were hurt, and broken.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
She knew things were bad,
but insecurity just pulled her down.
She sure was scared,
In the end she did stand up.
Kyra Embers May 2019
Stand or fall together,
I ll be yours forever.
And if there s beyond,
I ll be there too.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
I whispered not to him but to myself,
"Your the best of what I have close to truth"
He heard me raised his eyebrows and replied
"Well, I love you"
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Wild was her colour.
Freedom her attribute.
She was all chaos like a forest fire.
Somehow though,
he chose to stay
and decided burn himself down
Kyra Embers Sep 2019
Lonely each night,
lost in thoughts,
I have a gazillion wishes,
every single one
without fail asks for you.
hey, i miss you. i really do
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
That moment, where someone you always wanted to check on, wants to talk to you.
You can't find the words nor the guts..
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