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Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Can I be your old cardigan?
holding your scent,
your sweetest memories?

Can I be that cardigan?
the one you'd ditch
cool clothes for?

Can I be that cardigan?
The one who keeps that you warm,
even when the world keeps moving on?

Will you let me be that old cardigan?
part of your unchangeable past
The solace, you keep asking for?








But it’s ok
I’m ok



Just playing around with words here. Inspired by a nightmare I had a while ago, but it’s still haunting me.
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
The last time we met.
      I thought I hugged you tight,

Somehow it seems less now,  
Stars suddenly dim
making the moon
Hard to breathe, harder to pretend.
                                         Pretence, because normal is non existent 
                                         Pretence, because my happiness, chose
                                               you over me                                                                  ­          
I thought I kissed you

that the world would explode,
if we did some more,
I wish I had rather let the world explode,
 for every night,
my heart busts aches with regret.
                                            The last time we met, I pulled you closer
Hoping to catch your scent,
snugly tucked, safely stored  
                                      guarded, in my memory.
That's all there is now,
a mild scent as evidence
reminding things,
for how it used to be.
Quarantine issues
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Gravity, is matter's response to loneliness.

* ~Emily Chu 'The Half of It".
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
I morosely chew on my pencil top.
silently sigh at the damage done.

I look at him, my breath stops,

the bandage to my broken heart.
Drizzle of glitter from the stars

My version of pixie dust.
Hey... I miss you..
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Gradients of grey,
me in dismay.
Another random day
my heart had a harder day.

Tinges of teal
You keep walking over me.
After all I mean nothing,
mere fallen leaves.

Scarlet showers,
Scar my soul.
Was fear, a stupid confession,
Or you being the reason?

Blinding black nights,
engulfing bright lights.
Wish I could say,
a polite good bye.
Here's my poem. @sreeyasndilkumar there you go. Satisfied now?
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