Nov 2017 Kylie
Anne Webb
God have mercy on me,
for I am falling in love.

My life up until now
has been nothing but bluff,
yet when he looks at me,
he's looking right through
and I feel the same
when I look at him, too.

What more could I ask for,
what more could I want,
then for him to be mine
and my heart for him to haunt.
For who am I to command
the heart's desire,
when someone like him
sets me on fire.

God have mercy on me,
for I hope it's no sin,
when I hope that someday,
his heart I may win.
He makes me smile...
 Sep 2017 Kylie
How long has it been
since I last left my house?
Didn't let anyone in,
didn't go out.

Day after day
I sat in silence,
tryna find a way
out of my shyness.

Tried to get back some energy,
but all I found
was apathy
so on I drowned.

Swallowed by the darkness,
unaware of my surroundings.

It could've been a day
or a year,
I wouldn't be able to say,
how long it's actually been.
 Jul 2017 Kylie
Tyler Loeslein
You see the scars,
pale lines like tally marks
covering the math quiz
found on the delicate skin,
that when found
on the inside of your wrist,
looks like innocence.

It makes you wonder,
what monsters live
under this person’s bed
waiting until they sleep,
to sneak into their heads
and make them destroy
their innocence,
that’s hidden on their wrist;
that makes them destroy
the beauty found
in unmarred skin.

Regardless of the monster
and it’s name or origin,
you’re willing to don the armor
and become a knight,
so that you can slay the beast
in honor of lost innocence
and for a future
free of the pain
that accompanies self mutilation.

You’re a hero
in pursuit of  beauty
found in life
before it’s ruined on wrists;
but you also fight for the beauty
that is found in scars
and the stories they tell
after they heal,
as long as no new wounds
cover them
and smother their voice.

Although you’re ready
with a sword in hand
and protective plates
covering your unmarked body
you don’t really know
how to kill this monster
or how to save this person,
a stranger that slipped
when they let you see the scars,
unaware of the fire they sparked
within your mind
that made you want to reach out,
and if you could,
touch those scars
and tell them,
that even though
the scars came from ugly feelings
you still saw that person’s beauty.

You don’t know how to handle,
their violent reaction
to your seemingly kind words,
but don’t take it to heart,
I know you’re just trying to help,
but they don’t understand
that those words can be said
with real sincerity.

It’s not your fault,
that they only hear
insults regardless of what you say;
when you say beautiful
they can’t help but hear ugly,
and when you offer help,
they can’t stop from feeling
as though they’ve been attacked,
because although you want to help,
you can’t.
Please, anyone that reads this, leave me feedback. Consider this a very rough draft that I intend to revise, but right now I'm stuck. I'll even take any title options. I don't know, I had an idea and I tried going with it...
 Jul 2017 Kylie
Mary Zollars
Death does not ignore me
not even for a moment
I have his full attention
in complete enthrallment
A prisoner I am to his love
it is unlikely I will escape
Grasping tightly to my chest
I am unable to take full shape

Forever he lingers by my side
making me petrified
Only one weapon I have been granted
and on this I have relied
But still he lingers from behind
he wraps his fingers on me all the time
I am not ready to concede
for I am still in my prime

However one day, one day
I will be found undefended
Found without my weapon in cowardice
and that day while unattended
Without the object which I depended
He will take my life,
and my life will have ended
A piece focusing on my struggles with asthma.
 Jul 2017 Kylie
Mary Zollars
If a demon steals my angel,
Is it right to steal her back?
If I am an angel myself,
Is it right to perform such an act?
Will my deed, though with good intentions,
End with the most terrible of actions?
If my angel truly loves this demon,
Is it right to ignore its torturous affections?
If we were all souls of dangerous black,
Would it matter what I did to attack?
If they are loving yet torturing each other,
Is it right if it is only space they lack?
If it is unhealthy, risky, and they admit it,
Then perhaps it really is true that they befit it.
 Jul 2017 Kylie
 Jul 2017 Kylie
I'm beautiful
You've told me all evening
and will tell me all night
but will I still be beautiful
*in the morning?
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