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 Nov 2018 Kylie
Dr Peter Lim
Much of the day
indeed everywhere
in every situation
verbal boxing is virulent
as long as people come together
this would not go away--
the insinuation, the innuendo
the spite, the anger, the rancour
the vituperating, the swearing
the murderous threatening, the cursing
the expletives bursting
the you-go-to-**** yelling
the schadenfreude, the blaming
but for the time-constraining
the combat would last
from dawn to evening--

human nature--most unpredictable
the most selfish and mystifying
the self-justifying, the least forgiving
if you have done the recording
to the asylum you it would be sending
you would walk away, feeling like dying

while a pair of birds is watching
from the branch and to each other talking:
we are so fortunate--not like the human being!
 Nov 2018 Kylie
Jay Lewis
 Nov 2018 Kylie
Jay Lewis
I yearn to write endless poems about you
But there's no right words to encrypt what I feel towards you.
 Nov 2018 Kylie
K Balachandran
A satellite sails,
Through the frothy sea of night,
To the far unknown!
The leaves fall as they die
The rain when the clouds cry

Rose petals fall as the color fades
Tears when her heart breaks

Stars fall to make her wishes come true  
Her hair when she undresses you

All of these fall,
just like she falls for you...
6’11’18 12:01 pm
 Nov 2018 Kylie
You #8
 Nov 2018 Kylie
Have I told you yet...
How much you mean to me...
Have I told you yet...
About all the happiness you bring!
Have I told you yet...
That you mean the world to me!
Just in case I haven't...
I want you to know that...
You're the best thing
That's ever happened to me!
I love you.
 Nov 2018 Kylie
you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life. and that's what i did. i walked through **** and ended up in your arms, my heaven on earth.
 Nov 2018 Kylie
If only the confidence
That others give to us
Can rise from our deepest selves
 Nov 2018 Kylie
Pure of Stars
every time i see the night sky and stars pouring out
i began to wonder and question what life is about
i look for something more in it
an answer
a belief
a remedy for my struggles and insecurities
looking into the night sky
i wonder who’s all out there
staring at the stars questioning the same things
 Nov 2018 Kylie
 Nov 2018 Kylie
She seemed undecided but little did he know
She was never this sure,  not until he showed.
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