Kylie Jul 2017
Do not stand there and sing sad songs for me,
Let me lay in peace under the willow tree,
The gods saw me getting tired,
A cure wasn't meant to be,
So they put their arms out,
And whispered "come to me"
I'll be the grass under your feet,
And trees and puddles wet,
Please remember, but in time you will forget,
And forever rest will serve me the best
Peace will be true not a word among the rest.
But if you wish to let go of worries you hold
Here's some advice you should put to mould
If you fill your head with laughter,
Make yourself gay with pride
You'll let yourself forget that everyone shall die.
Kylie Jul 2017
A glow off the pavement and grass with dew drops wet,
Lives in memory one won't forget.
Gray but glowing streets and shiny water dots,
Every tree speckled with sparkly silver spots.
the boy who jumps puddles finds much fun,
A joy that isn't given with the yellow sun.
His knees become wet and his boots full of mud
His raincoat of water and his hat soaked through,
He full of fun calls to you.
after rain comes a rainbow that lights up the sky,
Where you lay down a picnic and lay down to sigh.
Beauty through colour and beauty of glow
In the midst of it all you can let go.
Kylie Jun 2017
Everything is the same.
No matter what joy it used to bring
Or the irritating vary thing.
Gray is the colour I seem to say
Unjoyous and bland
Thus the cuts on her hand
No colour no mother
Or texture or glee
Everything is the same
No need to see.
Parts of ones world bring nothing to one
There's no light without the sun
Grey like the pavement and clouds that spray rain
Nothing remains not even pain
Empty. Sullen. Boring.
The words of us
Altogether in one gray luss.
Depression #sad #grey #emotion #empty #death #misery
Kylie Jun 2017
Wind kisses the skin
Like no real sin
But I keep falling
Eyes begin to tear under the cold touch
But at the same time, I can't feel much
But I keep falling
My stomach drops more
As I see the close shores
But I keep falling
Stars seem to hold me up
But it never seems enough
But I keep falling
Cruel behind cages
We all adapt in stages
But I keep falling
They say it will be something of fine
And that I can use the voice of mine
But I keep falling
Kylie Jun 2017
You shall not dwell on thought or the others of present.
Everyone around feels like a peasant
You're nose floats high up top
No one knows what kind of cherries shall pop
You're winges of privilege, your essence of pride
You permently place importance in your strides.
Mirrors upon mirrors you look.
Stroking your blonde hair you seem overly shook.
Crystal eyes, satin skin.
I'm afraid my darling you only sin
soon you'll be crushed by one that is best
That may put your highest ego to rest.
Because poison is death and others is not.
Here I wish upon you your pride shall rot.

— The End —