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Kylie Nov 2018
For now the day is closed,
And the sky turns shadowed whole,
The black world matches,
My decayed but weary soul.

I seem to change moods,
So drastically in time,
I wish that all my moods,
Synced in every single rhyme.

My jaded past is dying,
As the time does fly,
So my dearest happiness,
I wish you a goodbye.
Kylie Oct 2018
She just wants to die,
Near the track she plays,
Pacing the parallels deeply,
Already with decay.

Ties herself to the fence
with a triple knot,
No one will remember,
They’ll forget, they all forgot.

The sound of trains comes quickly,
Too fast to run away,
Closes her eyes and breathes,
“Nothing left to say”
Kylie Sep 2018
Perhaps I’m not afraid of death,
But silence in the sky’s,
The piece of star remaining,
After We all die.

We don’t know the lifespan,
Of a wretched sound,
One that lasts forever,
Never to slow down.

The sound I speak of is silence,
When we enter the abyss
We don’t know if our name,
Is the one they’ll truly miss.

The name you wrote on paper,
And your book you got,
Did you write it to remember,
Or in fear they all forgot.

A slither of regret you leave,
To those of future past,
They’ll take a learning lesson,
As this breathe is your last.
Kylie Sep 2018
I begged death to come to me,
Please sweet power set me free,
Free from greyness, black and glum,
Oh death quickly along you come.

He dragged me to the golden gate
Where he let me pick my fate,
I wanted out when he showed me more,
What after life is in store.

No more wounds and battle scars
Just a shining beyond the stars.
I choked far past my final breathe,
Please release me sweetest death.
Kylie Sep 2018
She loved him so dearly,
With every passing day,
She treated him with kindness,
Hoping he’d repay.

She gave him the wings to fly,
And the floor beneath his feet,
The strings of a cello,
An act she’d repeat.

Instead he killed dear mother,
Stabbing her aching heart,
Puncturing her lungs,
With the sharpest throbbing darts.

He raised his fists towards mother,
Decaying her with pain,
Blood dripped down dear mother,
Pouring down as rain.

She was silenced to the silence,
And the noise continued.
Kylie Sep 2018
I hate being blamed for another’s crime,
They asked me my clothes, they asked me the time.
They said it was too short and it was too late,
So it made it okay for him to ****.
I don’t avoid the word,
It happened, it did,
They asked me if I were sure, just to get rid,
Of my strength and my power
That I chuck and hurl,
They don’t listen, cuz I’m just a girl.
Kylie Aug 2018
Ropes are hanging and you’re attached,
So many other fates are matched
Grey and white
And red is the snow
The true feeling you shan’t  show
Ropes tie us in, they keep apart
Your sour, itching, bleeding heart.
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