Kylie Nov 2017
They told us on Thursday noon,
That her desk was empty much too soon.
She seemed the perfect student,
Good at chemistry and music and math
It’s a shame she felt the devils very evil wrath.
Now whispered questions are asked in the hall,
Everyone questioning if they knew her at all.
She always broke a smile that showed happiness and glee,
I guess that charmed smile hid much more than we could see.
Never did she tear, or frown or be upset.
She was a good friend and to teachers a great  pet.
No one knows how she felt, and I’d wished I’d known.
But I couldn’t see behind her mask that she hadn’t shown.
Because behind her mask it must have been crumble and defeat.
Why else would she come to deaths rotten feet.
Kylie Nov 2017
The world we live in which so peautiful offers me nothing but deceit and death, my dear mother.
The world in which Im going soon, yet may be ugly to you, offers me more than here, mother.
He got you mother now he’s coming for me, and no matter how far I run he’s got me.
I ran to a place, with a small case, I took brother and blood to take us to a place much more calm, but he found us first, mother.
mother I am here now. I am happy.
Inspired by film “Pans labyrinth” (2006)dar mother
Kylie Nov 2017
Grass blades leaning away from the wind,
Glows off sidewalks when it just rained,
The tree beyond my window I stare,
My toes out into the open ai

Time a construct of worry no hope,
Frozen our necks are covered in rope,
The clock ticking, telling of time,
I stare with you I’m frozen, you’re mine.
Kylie Jul 2017
the furthest hill to the closest tree,
It mocks what the eye can see,
In capture of heart and love of place,
The perfect portrayal of her face,
Like it was there but it is gone,
But now with this it will be forever and on.
Saving what happened frozen in time,
To when the fate seals and one forgets,
The eldest painting just begins to set.
It tells of time and thought,
The memory that another caught.
The land, the people the joy the glee,
Much more horror than our eyes can see.
With a brush and paper and the world in view,
We'll be able to take away a flash or two.
Paint and people come together
A piece of past kept forever,
Kylie Jul 2017
And as the last word was written to paper, the story had ended. nothing remained except what exsisted in two separate overlapping memories.
Kylie Jul 2017
If one is grasping the regression of becoming alone in the dark road, one must become reliant on the reflection that you have held in the midst of challenges that you have faced, maybe they were not or maybe they were as hardened and strong as the challenge you distantly stare at, but flying over the road is cheating it gets the job done but doesn't hint satisfaction at the finish line.
Kylie Jul 2017
I'll take you arm in arm
To a place that's much more calm
When you choke
And do not breathe
Or when you start to reveal your sleeves
When you're lonely
And cannot wait
I will take you and seal your fate
When blood meets skin
And you bleed red
All because of what others said
I'll take you far away
out of this world gray
Ropes hanging and you're attached
Many others have their fate matched
Drowning in water blue
If you want I'll come for you
Some want their fate to seal
You can't prevent when you can't feel.
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