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Kylie 2d
not the wheels on asphalt -
nor the wind and trees -
the rain tapping on the window sill -
nor the sand against the seas.

We cannot hear the planes -
with their engines in the sky -
we cannot hear the rhymes -
that poets sing synchronously -
every single time.

If we cannot hear the sound -
than do we use the eye -
watching people - ignorant -
to the sound we all defy.

The sound, it's name is silence -
we have not heard it yet -
and  if it was our past before -
it is one we all forget.

The echoes  are of reminisce -
but they are entirely empty -
I am the sound of silence -
when you enter the abyss.
Kylie 4d
A wise man once whispered -
that death is only feared -
to that of an unlived life -
he said that if you do live -
then death won't cause much strife -

but how do I live?
Is the main inquisition -
being different people -
they have different positions -

positions in their wealthiness -
positions in their grace -
positions in their intelligence
positions we can't embrace -

Cash prolific people say -
all sorts of **** -
"you can do it if you dream it"
they claim it takes "some grit"

My grit and my determination -
I'm telling you  right now-
I will not reach the same destination -
You seem to ignore I didn't have your education -

I don't have perfect teeth -
I don't have anything acquired -
so how am I meant to be -
in a position where I am admired?

How can I live this life -
when I was born with nothing -
Where others are born -
with millions -
or at least parents who love them.
Kylie 4d
fear is seen with scales -
it's serpentile tongue -
it chants and rages stealthily -
beneath the hope we have -

it coerced us to a corner -
and pulled us a part - insane -
written in out writing -
corrupt within our brain -

sliding in the tall grass -
venom will poison hope -
and echo a dead reply -
because if we cannot live -
we are without the power to die.
Kylie Dec 2019
my identity is a cage,
a prison holding in,
all the  dreams and notions living deep within.

Every day passes by,
with a tik or Tok,
fading into years, alas the ticking clock!

Expectations forced upon my life,
and I grudgingly submit,
it is not something I readily admit.

A step out the door,
to a world, I hate!
but I watch on blindly..
for excitement I do wait.

fascination does not come,
in a jaunt of glum,
I have to leave my life behind,
if I want just some.
do you ever feel stuck in life?
Kylie Jul 2019
Sunlit clouds up higher than all the birds can fly,
the grass is always greener where we can get by.
Our ****** hearts beat for beauty and fear of death,
we wonder what will happen in our final breath.
The moon will glow bright, amongst a sparkled star,
the sun will live on gleaming, from the farthest far.
The earth will turn time quickly, waters being blue,
it doesn't stop.
But for me, it does for you.
I haven't been here in 8 months. hello again.
Kylie Nov 2018
For now the day is closed,
And the sky turns shadowed whole,
The black world matches,
My decayed but weary soul.

I seem to change moods,
So drastically in time,
I wish that all my moods,
Synced in every single rhyme.

My jaded past is dying,
As the time does fly,
So my dearest happiness,
I wish you a goodbye.
Kylie Oct 2018
She just wants to die,
Near the track she plays,
Pacing the parallels deeply,
Already with decay.

Ties herself to the fence
with a triple knot,
No one will remember,
They’ll forget, they all forgot.

The sound of trains comes quickly,
Too fast to run away,
Closes her eyes and breathes,
“Nothing left to say”
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