Kylie 3d
I hold the memory and nothing more,
for a while I wasn't sure,
if it were real, I wish it was not,
but it pollutes every thought of mine,
with painful fear and anguish.

I remember the white walled room,
thats all I saw, but not the surface of what I felt,
I felt the destruction of maximal agony and torment to life,
and at seven and a half I was an adult.

You decayed my trust in people,
and of the fate and stars,
I can't say anything anymore,
how I wish to see you in bars.

bars like the shackles you gave me,
holding me tight with nothing,
I keep it all a secret,
and I wish not,
for it will determine your gritty end.

for you killed me, but i'm still alive
Kylie 3d
I can't obtain  with any corner of my mind why I feel cynically ingrained in a black hole, in a blazing bright room full of glee, spirit and bliss, but I see grey.
grey like the shallow pavement,
grey like the sluggish clouds waiting to rain on below,
grey like a sun withered elephant skin,
grey like a fallen moon.
The pencils pointy and fine lead matches my jaded soul, grasping for light under the shadow of the darkened sun, waiting for the lights to turn out.
Kylie 6d
Grass blades leaning away from the wind,
Glows off sidewalks when it just rained,
The tree beyond my window I stare,
My toes out into the open air,

Time a construct of worry no hope,
Frozen our necks are covered in rope,
The clock ticking, telling of time,
I stare with you I’m frozen, you’re mine.
Kylie 6d
Grey lead bullets and pure white snow,
One side a swan on the other a crow,
They say one is evil the other is not,
But when committing a sin they shall both rot.
how The world fixes wrongs by still doing wrongs.
Kylie 6d
The sky cracked wide open,
Blood pouring down as rain,
For my love has left me with nothing but this pain.
Kylie Jul 9
You used to be a person, with pure skin and teeth,
but now you lie in soil six feet underneath,
All remains of you, they say,
is a grey stone plastered thin,
but I say to these people that they're thoughts are of sin.

Today is your birthday, but you can't eat your cake,
because my old friend you made a mistake,
im not blaming you, but should I blame the world?,
did they throw stones or did they spit and hurl?

Your memories last, but I can't make any new,
how id trade my life for a question to you,
I want to know reasons that I shall never know,
everyone is chanting, that I should just let go.

but all those times I spent, braiding your auburn hair,
those aren't what I throw away without a subtle care,
I miss you a lot, especially with this suns ray,
because the ninth of July will always be your day.
Kylie Jul 9
The creeping of the shadows,
to the Darks graving doom,
the presence of unknown surely seems to loom.

I feel the wrath of wretched,
I feel the spinning spoons,
written in our writing, written in our runes.
this poem describes the complexities of imagination, and how there may be a force driving us to imagine the same things to other people, how we place our imagination on the unknown.
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