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Kyle Enorio Aug 2018
a thousand miles in between
yet thoughts like those of twins
in sync, hearts beating
melancholic, yet a delightful feeling
a fool, but glorious king
Kyle Enorio Sep 2017
I'm alone...I'm scared.
But I don't dislike it.
This feeling of solitude,
Serene and calming.
Yet I'm scared.
...scared of what's behind the peace.
Kyle Enorio Sep 2017
To think we actually hoped for them,
When in reality, we were not a step closer.
Shattered, broken, and long forgotten.
Left behind in the dust, piling up over time.
Then as we realize that it's about to go down,
We look back, thinking, "What have we done?"
Kyle Enorio Jun 2017
Once, I paid a visit.
Quite sure 'twas worth it.
She never changed a bit,
And I have to admit,
That beauty she emits,
It's like, below a pit,
Watching a sky, sunlit.

I know I'm dense,
And I was tense,
And no, it's not a pretense.
But I hope you can sense,
A love so immense.

Soon, I'll leave again,
And I don't know when
I''ll come back, then.

Wonder how long can I pretend...
I still contend, my friend,
And at world's end,
When I come again, I intend,
For us to be more than just friends.
Dedicated to Jeny, a person I think of more than just friends.
Kyle Enorio May 2017
Hey, Mr. Soldier,

Have you seen my mother?
How about my father?
Brother? Sister?
No? You don't know, mister?

Eh? You're asking me where they last went?
Hmm, I don't know...maybe outside the tent?
They said they need to vent
Out some stuff and rent
Out necessary supplies but Kent
doesn't understand, so I stayed in the tent!

But then, it went boom on the outside.
I was scared, so I cuddled in the corner to hide.

Finally, it went quiet after some time,
So I decided to go out. I grabbed some dimes,
Because I want to buy something from Aunt Lime.

But when I got out,
Everything was black. Then I saw a stout
Man outside. His face was weird, and he looked like Gout,
My brother. His body was also weird, and in the mouth
Was something like tomato juice falling out.

That's when I thought that he wasn't my brother,
Because my brother hates tomato like no other!

There were also some bodies around.
One was big, one was small, and one was round.

I thought they were my family,
But I heard they were going to Emily auntie,
So they should be at auntie's.

Then more time had passed, then you came, Mr. Soldier.
Eh, why are you crying, Mr. Soldier?

Please don't be sad anymore.

Ah, I know!
Hey, mister! Look, a rainbow!

Huh, why are you surprised, mister?
There's even a plane cruiser.
I remember I used to gaze at them with my sister...

Ah, it dropped a kit!
Hey mister, look a bit
Further! It dropped a kit!
I want to get it!

Bye, mister!
Kyle Enorio May 2017
Sometimes, I fear,
That when morning clears,
'Twas just a dream that you were here.

I love you, and you know that,
But do you love me...I don't know that.

I'm scare of losing you.
Please hug me true,
And I promise you,
May it be red or blue,
I'll always be right beside you.
Kyle Enorio May 2017
What was an enjoyment at first,
Turned out to be a fright of the worst.

Hear me, dear poets.

Do you still remember,
The boon of the summer,
When you wrote a cipher,
The accomplishment thereafter,
Had been felt by none other,
Like a whisper of a lover?

'Twas seen by the masses,
Psalms and lashes,
'Inspiration' flashes,
Just to please these *****,
And gain a few passes.

Then, 'that' feeling came,
Like a blue, tiny flame,
Burned, burned thy aim,
The inevitable fame.

No one's pure enough.
It spreads like a cough,
Just from a simple huff.

We want to fill that purse,
With countless, prickly burrs.
My dear madams and sirs,
It is a poet's curse.
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