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It's staunch, murky, and gray today
and I can't go out to play
because I'm sore throat and heart
my body and world broken apart

ravaged by COVID-19
it feels hope's been torn asunder, I mean
I'm seeking out positive ways to cope
in a lynched world with no leftover rope

it feels I have so few happy things to share
until I place my gaze outside of me where
people are bravely bringing food to the needy
taking care of the disabled, the sick, and elderly
people who use their lives to create art
pitching in playing their instrumental part
while late night talk show hosts ditch hate
in settings intimate aid people in being able to relate

through a valley dark
empty streets, hollow schools, workplaces stark
a place so far from sunny ways
livin' on a prayer and promises of grace
it is still Yaweh-Rapha* that rules this hurting land
right now we lean on Yaweh-Jireh's* righteous right hand
teach us, El-Deah* to wait
upon Yahweh-Shalom* in the chaos of late
Attiq Youm, help us lean not on our limited understanding
of an illness deeper than flesh's demanding,
, help us love others, Yaweh-Shammah* start
doing things to soften the hardest of heart
Yaweh-Rohi* right now we need You
even though that's hard to admit
Yawh-Sabbaoth* help us stay strong and not quit

Adonai, it is because of Your Nooma we breathe
It is because of Adonai* we breathe
It is through Elohim* we breathe
El-Elyon* You are the respirator we need
El-Chuwl* it is because of and in You we breathe.
Names of God used in my poem, their meanings, and Biblical context

*Yaweh-Rappha-our Healer (Exodus 15:26, Exodus 15:26, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Psalm 6:2, 41:4, 103:3, 147:3, Isaiah 19:22, 30:36, 57:18-19, Jeremiah 3:22; 17:14, 30:17)
*Yaweh Jirah-the Lord will provide  (Genesis 22:13-14
*El-Deah-God of Knowledge (1 Samuel 2:3; Romans 11:33-36; 1 Cor. 1:18-31)
*Yaweh-Shalom-God of peace (Judges 6:24)
*Attiq Youm-Ancient of Days (Daniel 7:9, 13, 14)
*Yaweh-Nissi-the Lord our Banner (Exodus 17:15)
*Yaweh-Shamma-the Lord who is present (Ezekiel 48:35, Genesis 28:15, Ezekiel 48:35, Psalm 23:4, 46:1, 139:7-12, Jeremiah 23:23-24, Amos 5:14)
*Yaweh-Rohi- the Lord my shepherd (Psalm 23, 80:1, 95:7, Isaiah 40:11, Jeremiah 31:10, Ezekiel 34:12, 23)
*Yaweh Sabbaoth- Lord of Hosts (Isaiah 6:1-3, 1 Samuel 1:3, 17:45; 2 Samuel 6:2, 7:26-27; 1 Chronicles 11:9; Haggai 1:5)
*Adonai- Lord over all (Genesis 15:2, Judges 6:15, Malachi 1:6, Deuteronomy 10:17; Psalm 2:4, 8:1, 97:5, 136:3; Isaiah 1:24, 6:1; Romans 10:9)
*Nooma – (pneuma) Greek word meaning “breath, wind, or spirit”
*Elohim-Creator God (Gen. 1:1, 17:7, Ps 19:1 Jer. 31:33)
*El-Elyon-the most high God (Genesis 14:17-20, Deuteronomy 26:19, Isaiah 14:13-14)
*El-Chuwl-the God who gave birth (Psalm 139:13-18)
Well That Flopped

It’s a rainy Friday’s Eve
I’m sitting near Sally Ann
who’s banging it out on the piano man
about angry dwarves’ revenge

A day februckt
a goose half-cooked
a poem I never finish
I lose inspiration after the bell

what was going (if not well)
somewhere north of hell
Dwarven Revenge is fantasy art
a faked ****** of the heart

Friday’s Eve becomes Monday’s ****
*Low-German word pronounced
Means ‘broken or out of place’
I know that face,
I’m quite sure I do

It looks nearly like
one I daily reflect
upon as I brush
teeth and hair and foster
good proper hygiene
linked to my well being
I sip serial from a bowl
put on shoes whose sole
purpose is to cup feet
walking to complete
different destinations
under the same stars

I know that smile
gone from my life for a great while

It has been called treasure
which many try to bring out
a smile borne on shoulders
similar muscled boulders
yet its teeth stand taller
making me feel smaller
like I have been told to be
I do not see him suffer like me
he has a good job, loving wife
free from all my strife
a vision of what could be
possibly what should be me

I know that face,
I’m quite sure I do
but all the rest
belongs to you
God gave us the stars to shoot for
so we would have ***** other
than our sister or brother
eager to reach the shooting range we slammed the shuttle door
on our captain’s silver crown
in a sea spilling from His ichor
sack punctured by our hubris we drown-
memes and cat videos worth dying for

We set fire to the shuttle
gasp as our air begins to leave
Amazon(s) choose to scuttle
trees land and humans need to breathe
a musk most putrid rises as we cannibalize our space ex
who’s so far gone as to not come back
her zombie bridezilla tirade wrecks  
our plan it removes futures from the trajectory track

God gave us the stars to shoot for
so we reduced our target to soot
we revelled in our high score
not feeling the pain in our shot foot
and the cats still in secret revery dance their funny jig
sardonic wit stuffed still in every blank screen -small or large-
on the skeleton of our ghastly ghost space rig
reduced to rubble by a friendly depth charge.

God gave us the stars to shoot for
it was we who chose to use a gun
we chose to ram through the door
not checking if it was open
God gave us the stars to shoot for
leaving the details for us to decide
rockets to be built to make war or explore
as shuttlecraft for a human slingshot ride
an arching advance into the beauties of
our Creator made for us to enjoy in love
I am runningshuffling awaytowards meyou
Underover inout updown
My skin’s creepingcrawling a walkjogruntrot
offon myyour bodybuddy
stuckmoving througharound
my contentupset stageaudience
screamwhispers whyhow iamamnot

I do not not want to not not want whatwhowherewhenwhyhow
Iknowyesnomaybeso can’trepeat canremember
the questionanswer problemsolution
Dramaticpragmatic topsyturvy jaggedcurvy
butteredunbutterflied catapillcocoonsburyresurrect
christanpagan nonnotunsmoking holysacrilege
donundone wonlost underover sunmoonlightdark

Singsungsanging a lullabyanthemrhymenomore
Instagrams socialanticipation partwholly couthun
Kaurrupillaurelsfordrivel I wantneedtogostay
Writeunwrite my thoughtswords publishredact
alovehate wedunwed wonlost wasneverwas
He­reliesstandsthere once wasis afairyunjust conprehensivegyst of tallsmall taletelltolduntold

I want to not not want you wantneed youme
to alwaysnever nowthen so I cancouldshouldwill
be presentpassive in athe time of troublesuccess
so wemeyoutheythemus werearewillmightbe
awareunaware silent and listen have the same lettersvowelsconsonantssoundsunsounds
Shakespeare shookshakes spearssparszounds
Inoutupdownleftright lifedeathcradlegrave
Her dreams are sky-dance
streams of on-high romance

Her life remains planted
adored by all who know
her beauty's not taken for granted
Yet she scorns earthly lovers

Child of divided genes
part sky part ground
seeks heavenly rather than earthly scenes.

Her life is sky-dance
Her reality buries romance
I pray this pupil’s prayer,
penitent for desiring
an end to this madness
of clearing away snow,
only to find more, compact,
beneath the loose surface
      No two snowflakes alike
each snowflake falls with grace
absorbed by tuition fees,
books, books, books!
O the books pour down
clusters of refurbished
cognitive technicalities
      Each unique in its crystal formation
drench my shoes to full with repositories
of Professor gods’ wounded knees and sore egos
do I leggo my Eggo
to feast on academia’s wine
glut on the ambrosia of fine whine?
      What privilege to live in Snowflakia
the snowbanks are too high, Sir!
-still I climb, seeking purchase-
It takes too much time!
-yet I wade through the drifts-
of alabastards’ Judas kiss
       A Snowflake ingrate nation
in turn taken for madness
I cannot find a flick
to fling away wet sopping masses
of absence from classes
brain drain juices taste like molasses
I revile the texture of their pasty *****...
       You haven’t a chance in Hell-
-Ye Gods! Mea Culpa!
I am sorry, O Ponderous Purveyors,
for my blasphemous prayers
I will see the glass is
full of wine not molasses,
I will be a good snowflake and fall
into my pre-planned place
       Your liquid body will purify the well
I want to fall with grace
so I may rise without disgrace.
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