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3.4k · Feb 2021
We feel shy around people we don't know
We are scared to share our feelings with someone
U can call us introvert
Hiding ourselves from World
U can call us introvert
Escaping from the crowd
We think twice before we speak for once
It is hard for u to understand our thoughts
U can call us introvert
Hiding ourselves from World
U can call us introvert
Escaping from the crowd
1.2k · Nov 2021
They said it's the only day a mother laughs noticing her crying baby
The day I was born
1.1k · Feb 2021
Papa take my hands
I want you to be my strength
Cause you're my iron man
And i love you 3000
Singles version of i love you 3000๐Ÿคญ
643 · Jun 2021
You know
You know?
Shakespeare was so correct
When he said world is a stage
And we all are players
I never knew i was this good at acting
410 · Oct 2021
EXAMS โ—โ—โ—
I'm staring at my ceiling
Don't know what I'm thinking
I'm used to this feeling
Don't know what I'm waiting
Time is running and I should be trying...
409 · May 2021
Everyday you wait for me to come
That smile on your face
when you look at my side
For everyone I'm just a moon
U made me your friend
They talked about my beauty
U looked at my painful scars
So now i promise you
In the dark of night
When you feel sad
I will be your light
Without saying anything
I will be shining on you
Then look up and give me
my favourite smile
Moon is my imaginary friend.
You don't always see them but you know they are always there ๐Ÿ’ž
In a cruel world where
Being kind is a fool
Being meanย ย is cool
303 · Mar 2021
We were so happy together
Holding hands in hands
Suddenly don't know what happened
Everything around me turned into black
I was so scared don't know what to do
Try to hold ur hand
But u were no around
I struggled in the dark hoping for a light
And when everything become normal
U were by my side , smiling
As nothing ever happened
Where have u been  when i needed u the most
I was confused until u said
I'm just your shadow
301 · Apr 2021
Walking through the streets
Looking at the fading shadows
leaving u alone
Then u will remember there was
Always me behind you
And u will miss me more
A day may come when
You want me around you
Then u will realise my presence
Was not annoying
And u will miss me more
Made a thousand reasons for u to smile
When I leave u forever
That will make u cry alot
And u will miss me more
265 · May 2021
Cheer them out
        When they feel frustrated
                 Hear them out
     When they wanna cry out loud
    Just try to make someone smile
  Then half of ur burden will be aside
                   Make them smile
               It is easier to judge them
              Once try to understand them
     Just try to make someone smile
     Then u will be happy from inside
                  Make them smile
247 · Jul 2021
Stay here together forever
Just like the same
Tom and Jerry
Cause felt you are different from others
And it feels good to be taken care of by someone else
So stay here together forever
Just like the same
Tom and jerryย ย 
Don't forget that u promised
And promises are made to keep not to break
189 · Aug 2021
Brain and heart
They argue with each other all day and night
To make silly decisions that make no sense
But without each other, they can't survive
As if they are made for each other
And here I'm talking about
My brain and heart
189 · Jul 2021
Everything happens for a reason
we will always find a way out
Good or bad everything stays as memories
So why don't we liveย ย happier
Learning from a candle, even by force
We won't change for anyone
So why don't we love ourselves a Little more
175 · Jul 2021
You ignore my message for hours
I reply to you within seconds
I'm not a fool, I can do the same
But then what makes the difference
Between you and me
We are not the same bro๐ŸŒ
174 · May 2021
She said
She wanted her to be my first priority
As a friend
I hope she knows
She is my only priority๐Ÿ’–
163 · Jun 2021
Super power
One of our super power is
Responding to someone's advice
Without listening to it ๐Ÿ˜Œ
154 · Apr 2021
Sometimes life feels like
We are running on a treadmill
Don't know why we are running
As getting tired, we think of stopping
But always remember one thing
It's just a matter ofย ย time
Slow or fast it's gonna
change once for sure
142 · Jun 2021
You know #2
You know?
Why lovers give rose to each other
To be careful
both can hurt
Be careful of thrones๐ŸŒ
96 · Aug 2021
The stars from the past
That we see in the present
Gives us hope for a better future
light from the star takes many years to reach earth so the stars we see are from the past. Amazing right๐Ÿคฉ
91 · Feb 2022
You know I overthink
What if we change
What if I'm someone you
don't want in your life
So say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go
I know I care but I pretend not to oh I'm so bad at showing affection
And whenever something goes wrong
You calm the heart
So say u won't let go
Just say you won't let go
Say you won't let go -James Arthur
80 · Dec 2021
79 · Mar 2021
Just like an Onion
I have different layers
If you try to understand me
U will figure out my hidden sides
But be careful if u try to hurt me
I can make you cry
71 · Feb 2022
And nothing hurts anymore
I feel kinda strong
You gave me the power
To hold on...
Ghost town
69 · Jun 2021
Act like your age they said
It's my life not your drama i replied
Age doesn't define maturity
65 · Feb 2021
Why u always act like u care abt me
When u just wanna know how bad I feel
Do you really think ur words comfort me
Bcoz it's cutting my wounds deeper
Stop acting like a friend
Bcoz i know ur my fake friend
I was a joker who made u laugh
A toy who obeyed ur rules
I thought u understood my pain
But u were just smiling at my situation
Stop acting like a friend
Bcoz i know ur my fake friend
Pls let's stop this forever
Now i can't takes this anymore
Your memories breaks me into pieces
Knowing that were only ur acting skills
Stop acting like a friend
Bcoz i know ur my fake friend
64 · May 2022
Shooting star
Today I saw a shooting star
And I wished for you cause
If I'm the winter you are my spring
If I'm the darkness you are my light
When I'm worried you are my hope
No one makes me happy as you do
You are like an umbrella on a rainy day
Like a shade on a sunny day
Today I saw a shooting star
And I wished for you cause
If I'm the day you are my night
If I'm the earth you are my moon
I do believe in your galaxy ๐Ÿ˜Œโœจ
62 · Jul 2021
He was a volcano that was about to burst
Kept everything inside with a smiling face
Only bathroom walls heard him sobbing
Pillows wiped all his tears
Because he lived in a society where
Boys don't cry
There is nothing wrong with being emotional.
Boys do cry...
62 · Sep 2021
Little do you know
I get anxious when I meet people
Little do you know
How it's awkward to stay silent
Little do you know
It's not always about shyness
Cause no one understands
Until they are in my placeย ย 
Little do you know
How happy I'm right now
Little do you
How safe I feel when I'm around them
Little do u know
I need some more time
To improve myself
To give you my best
My version of little do you know
59 · Feb 2021
Believe me
This pain will go away
Like the spring that comes after every winter
You will smile again
Don't give up now
Fight till it ends
Whatever be the result
I know you will smile again
No matter who hurts you or broke you down
Not for anyone else but for you
You will smile again
58 · Aug 2021
You told me not to be so kind
That somehow, it will only hurt me
Now that I'm focusing on myself
You are calling me selfish
58 · Sep 2021
Pat your shoulder
You did well today
Good wishes for tomorrow
Everyone fighting!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป
57 · Aug 2021
I have been feeling so tired
As if I walked a hundred miles
But I haven't stepped outside
Guess I was running all-day
In someone's mind
56 · Mar 2021
It's okay it's over now
Don't think about it again and again
It was not your fault
It was meant to be happen
It happened,now smile
I know it hurts but
trust me it will heal soon
To  anyone who need this
It's okay ,everything will be fine
You good keep going ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’œ
55 · Aug 2021
All these years I lived for others
Cared about how they gonna judge
Tried to be perfect for someone
But found out it doesn't gonna work
It's not the way that I should live
Why would I change for someone else
When I'm perfect for myself
54 · Feb 2021
I do overthinking
Abt my each and every words and actions
Exactly like a lost child
I travel through the unknown paths
Searching for a problem that don't even exist
Yes i do overthinking
Abt every embarassing moments of my past
Regretting y i said it or y i didn't
The long u take for a reply
I keep wondering are u mad at me?
Questioning myself did i said anything wrong?
Ys i do overthinking
Now it's my new hobby
As I'm doing this every sec of my life
May be its a disease that can't be cured
As it is becoming worse day by day
I'm enjoying being a patient
52 · Jul 2021
People saying I don't talk that much
When I talk to myself and non-living things 24/7
Lol it's normal I guess
49 · Jun 2021
Those days were wonderful
only thing we have to do was to sleep
No worries,no feelings
Everyone's one and only mission
Was to somehow make us laugh
May be we all can agree that
One of our biggest mistake was
Thinking growing up will be fun
43 · Jun 2021
Never trust someone easily
They will ingore you
Don't expect anything
It will hurt you
Put on that fake smile
Just do it
Never waste your time on those
Who doesn't deserve it
Some emotions can't be described
Don't hide it
This time will also change
Beleive it
We got only one life
Love it
38 · Aug 2022
Bruh u trust someone...
Even your shadow will leave you
When you are all surrounded by darkness

— The End —