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22/F/Lubbock, Tx    I’m just a basic cliche want-to-be poet, I’m aware I suck. I’m not as sad as my profile
Ileana Amara
17/F/soul search    a woman in her pen name & her spilled thoughts. • ( )
23/F/Johannesburg    I taste blues and smell yellows. I breathing sacred hues.
cosmo naught
adventures in mundanity
18/F/where parallel ends meet    i loved u. there, i admit it.
24/M/Cebu, Philippines    As long as the ability to write is there, it is never an option not to write.
New York    I love to write, haikus are my favorite and I prefer nature. You can visit my website or IG @mdthewordsmith
18/F/Mumbai, India    Namaste! I'm here to read, write and most importantly learn. Just want to put thousands of my thoughts and emotions into words. Carpe diem! ;)
Philippines    Don't you wonder sometimes?
21/F/California    I’m a student. I use this as a way to express myself. You might not love everything I write about, but I write about things ...
دema flutter
22/F    I don't know what to do with those words, so here they are. :)
36/F/Seattle    Through poetry we can learn practicing mindfulness towards all around us and more importantly, towards ourselves. Now, you can find my book on Amazon , ...
Amanda Kay Burke
25/F/Alaska    "Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"
Laura G
21/F/Jersey    An early taste of death is not necessarily a bad thing. - Charles Bukowski
F/Singapore    Just a mediocre writer.
18/F/new zealand    valerie, 18, starry nights and hearts of adrenaline. find me on instagram where i post more poetry :) @valerietan99
Lara P
18/Cisgender Female   
L Brown
26/F/Virginia    I have no experience with poetry. It has become an outlet for all the pain and love that I feel inside of me. PLEASE don't ...
Rizna M Rameez
16/F/Gryffindor!    Beautiful Day. If only we’d notice ;)
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