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No good for the heart
No good for my self-respect
Good for only pain
What is it good for?
Only pain and suffering...
 Jan 7 Kris Balubar
I still fall asleep thinking about
the night I messaged you goodnight
while you slept in the other room

we haven't spoke in years
it never feels like tomorrow

I hoped one day you would miss me
call me to say you're sorry

some relationships are never fixed
some are nonexistent

one day I'll buy white roses
think of you for a second or two
When it all seems to hard
Are you crippled by fear?
Asking, "What do I do?"
Meditate, Ponder, Pray
within silence
The answer is clear
"Just one step at a time
You will find yourself there.
Never, never give up!  Keep going. It is hardest just before you arrive. Keep going. Keep stepping forward and through until you arrive at your destination.
You never judged me for my two left feet
Your smile kept me on the dance floor
You teased me about my discomfort
But always ended with encouragement
We held each other close as the world faded
While you taught me how to dance
This poem is actually about one of my best friends Shannon.  She always wanted to go dancing with me and I refused for so long.  One day she convinced me and I have loved dancing ever since.  She's an amazing person that I owe so much to.
No matter
what I tell
and my friends –

You still
affect me
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Falling in love
With my sweetheart
She's truly from heaven above
An Angel in my life she's
So beautiful and so bright
And with every touch she
Warms my heart and with
Every kiss I'm forever in love.
She's An Angel 😍❤️
 Oct 2020 Kris Balubar
Erik Luo
It’s been over
four billion years
That I longed
for you

in circles

and night


I die
Eclipses are so short
This one is kinda funny to me
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