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No matter
what I tell
and my friends –

You still
affect me
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Falling in love
With my sweetheart
She's truly from heaven above
An Angel in my life she's
So beautiful and so bright
And with every touch she
Warms my heart and with
Every kiss I'm forever in love.
She's An Angel 😍❤️
 Oct 2020 Kris Balubar
Erik Luo
It’s been over
four billion years
That I longed
for you

in circles

and night


I die
Eclipses are so short
This one is kinda funny to me
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life may be hard
But at least I have you
You make me smile
When skies are grey
The moment we touch
Problems fade away
No matter what you’ll always be
The best thing I’ve ever known
I can’t promise to make it all better
But you won’t have to face it alone
For the one that I love and care for so deeply <3
 Oct 2020 Kris Balubar
thought I was doing fine

my skin is tearing apart

all my wounds never heal

running away from my past mistakes

catching up they always do

I'm doing fine

I believed

counting down the days for nothing

I think I'm okay

trying not to think at all
sometimes you have to learn
how to fall in love with the unknown.

 Oct 2020 Kris Balubar
each & every memory of you fulfills my heart but hurts it too
 Aug 2020 Kris Balubar
dear me
tell about your sad dream
why did you wake up so gloomy

it's a

with so many plans ahead

take a deep breath before you leave bed

dear me
you can't remember your dreams
live a happy reality please

take a deep breath and sleep
 Aug 2020 Kris Balubar
 Aug 2020 Kris Balubar
Do you think I'm broken?
'Cause I can't tell anymore.
My smiles aren't mine;
And I can't tell anyone
Because they'll only pity me,
Or take it too personally.
But it's not about you
It's about me.
Maybe I am broken,
My mind,
My heart,
My head.
My happiness is a lie
Because I'm broken.
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