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Kris Balubar Apr 2020
I am silly and crazy
I wonder if I am delusional
I hear you are beautiful
I see angels floating in heaven
I want to make you mine
I am silly and crazy

I pretend I am invisible
I would like to hold your hands
I feel your heart beating
I touch my heart, it beats for you
I am silly and crazy

I say I will give you all you want
I dream that I will never lose you
I will try to take care of you
I hope I will make you happy
I am silly and crazy
  Apr 2020 Kris Balubar
Jessica B
You don’t have to be perfect.
Character is what makes it the most beautiful. đź’›
  Mar 2020 Kris Balubar
New but old
New feelings
But old friends
New time
Old place
New boat
Old sea
New outside
Old inside
New friends
Old feelings
Old but new
  Mar 2020 Kris Balubar
New 'you',
New me,
New love.
Kris Balubar Mar 2020
I standstill
A word was spoken
I feel joy

Full of quest
Full of comfort
Full of something
I feel wonder  

Awaken souls
Falling slowly
It’s new
I feel change

I can use to this, after all, it’s someone new
  Mar 2020 Kris Balubar
Druzzayne Rika
Your intentions spark in your eyes,
I'm smiling listening to your lies.
  Mar 2020 Kris Balubar
you are
tread(in)g through
dream-filled waters
and although beautiful
they can seem deeply
frustrating at (time)s

but (you) have the power within

(learn) to laugh when it gets heavy
you are only served the kind of tides
(that) you are strong enough to conquer

no wave thrown (you)r way
could ever submerge the
delicate warrior you (have)
(become) today

flow with (the) Universe
you will never be shifted
the wrong (way)
in time you learn that
you have become the way
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