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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life may be hard
But at least I have you
You make me smile
When skies are grey
The moment we touch
Problems fade away
No matter what you’ll always be
The best thing I’ve ever known
I can’t promise to make it all better
But you won’t have to face it alone
For the one that I love and care for so deeply <3
Kris Balubar Jul 2020
1,096.4 miles away
180 minutes far
one phone calls dial
hoping to the universe,
you are here instead.

as I dream about you
lost in my thoughts,
I know that was not for naught.
I'm stuck here only to know how far you are.

I clutch to remind myself,
it will all get better in time,
your smile seems to cross my face,
setting my mood at a new pace.

I hold onto these things,
because these are coming
sooner than I will think of
in the hope of a better time,
that you will be here.
  May 2020 Kris Balubar
Ileana Amara
sometimes when reality
makes you sad,
the good memories of your past
is enough to make you happy.

Kris Balubar May 2020
Dear Mahal,

I have failed again.
I have failed once again to meet you
Maybe you are still out there
And waiting patiently.
Taking the right moment,
The right time,
Looking overly at this lovely sunrise.
Maybe someday you and I
Will wake up at this right moment
Overly looking at the sunrise
Having each other but until then,
I will enjoy this lovely sunrise.
Kris Balubar May 2020
Beautiful, funny, smart
Who likes laughing, I love your smile
Who feels happy, you make me happy
Who wonders, I admire you

Beautiful, creative, amazing
Who loves to change hair color, clever
Who loves to paint, I love your artwork
Who loves to stay up talking to me
I’m thankful I met beautiful, funny, amazing, You.
  May 2020 Kris Balubar
It's 1am and here I am laying in your bed,
                                                   wishing you were here,
                                                           ­                             instead;
  You're 2,593 miles from me....
  Apr 2020 Kris Balubar
The more I get to see you, the more I want to;

The more I get to listen to your voice, the more I want to;

The more I get to talk to you, the more I want to;

The more I get to be with you, the more I want to;

The more I get to be loved by you, the more I want to;

The more I get to love you, the more I want to;
26th April, 2020
There is a law in Economics, the more you have a commodity, the less you want it but I think Love can make an exception everywhere!
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