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Jun 2018 · 593
The Only Thing
John Koroko Jun 2018
I can still hear the cicadas,
their inescapable and deafening hum.
They are the only thing I can hear,
and you are the only thing I can see.

Dry green canopies of less oft seen gums.
Rocky outcrops for zen water to trickle through.
I can still feel my heart beating to your drum,
the only thing I can feel.
Dec 2017 · 324
John Koroko Dec 2017
Theres a fire in here
It burns the back of my skull
Can you feel it too?
Oct 2017 · 5.7k
Sewing seeds
John Koroko Oct 2017
I had been whispering brazenly in your ear all night.
Not even using words half the time.
A knowing smile, a finger edging ever closer to your womanhood.
When I flicked your ******* the first time tonight I knew I couldn't lose.
The nearest park.
The nearest patch of grass in the dark.
Covered in dirt, a train thundered past as you came, your ticket to be vocal.
You looked so beautiful right then.
I inhaled you one last time and looked up at the stars as we put on our faces.
~about a girl
Nov 2016 · 236
Passing open windows
John Koroko Nov 2016
How many times ive sat on this floor
And I've wept.
Not for me
Nor you.
But the state of a world
That drives us to sit on this floor;
And weep
You didn't have to die.
You never weep alone,
Jun 2016 · 504
John Koroko Jun 2016
It starts as a gentle hum in my lower back
Then it becomes a twitch
This is when I should stop
But my eyes are just too wide
Absorbing every word
Until my blood is boiling
It travels up my spine
A burning razor line
I write some words
Then throw them out

This infuriating thing
So I pour some whiskey on it
It always makes my head spin
Then i smoke it back on straight
Face contorts and teeth grind
And then she goes away
May 2016 · 606
John Koroko May 2016
When you judge someone,
All you did
Was judge your own perception
Of what that person is
You didn't like it
Because you're a ****
May 2016 · 333
Smashed Jar
John Koroko May 2016
Black sludge streams down your wall
Windows are shattered, masking tape
More blonde hair and blue eyes
Medication in pale skin
Drift nowhere in empty silence
Cover every track
A professional
Smokescreen via cigarette
May 2016 · 224
John Koroko May 2016
She read me a poem
On her bed
We kept our clothes
But I was sure
We had made love
Apr 2016 · 221
John Koroko Apr 2016
Pitiful Punks
Pustules on Perfect
Apr 2016 · 370
John Koroko Apr 2016
I want to live in a garden
And sleep in a hammock
A silent observer in my little ecosystem
Spiders will take care of mosquitoes
As I drink myself into a stupor
Communing with the birds

I will pass peacefully
My garden will consume me
The remains will feed my favourite tree

I want to be a garden.

— The End —