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Jul 2020 · 109
Eighties and wistfulness
Valentin Jul 2020
After a life of romances I
Finally hit my eighties he said

He pours himself another glass of whiskey
It must certainly be the thousandth glass of my long existence and tonight
Tonight I feel this wistfulness inside me again

After a life of romances I
Finally end up here in this big house
This big house hosting a weak man like me

All I have left are my souvenirs
All I have left are moments

And after a life of romances I
Finally see through my hidden thoughts

I can be lonely in my calm house
My family, lovers and friends are gone
Do you know how it feels to be the last one he asked

It feels like winning a game and wanting to go back to change the rules
Jul 2020 · 220
The Ipoh dreamer
Valentin Jul 2020
In the middle of evasive and meaningless conversations
She loses herself in her deepest thoughts
Wondering again whether she belongs to this society or
Some place somewhere else

She is a dreamer and
While everyone is shouting at everyone
While no one is listening to anyone
While no one can hear no one
She closes her eyes and settles in her private quiet space

She smiles when they are looking at her
She smiles when they are talking to her
A smile I would never forget
An innocent smile with an elusive look

Just like she was screaming inside
But she lets nothing appear on her face
She is polite and educated
Muffled by her family because

Traditions are part of her life
She often hears that she will get married
She will get married to a wealthy man
She will give birth to an magnificent son
She will make them proud and she will
Feel honored and honor her family

She is twenty two years old
No one has ever asked her what she desired
Everyone has always thought for her
But she is a dreamer
She wishes to escape to find herself

Suddenly she crossed my look
Real quick she smiles at me and I can see
I can see her shy smile and even more
I can see her sad look
She was sitting here, right in between her two loud parents

Just one look deep into her eyes and I saw the despair
I hear a silent and profound scream
I can't stop staring at her that my coffee gets cold

Dark hair poneytail & wonderful slanting eyes
A mom who looks as young as you and
A dad who rather looks benevolent
In a matter of seconds I want to take you into my arms
I want to pass my hand through your hair
Look at you in those eyes of yours and
Give you trust, power & confidence
I want to tell you to make it happen now
I want you to ask me anything

And when the weather is changing again
They decide to leave the coffee shop
Now I look at you standing up & head down and
You leave the room leaving me with
A part of your sadness and
A heavy rain with no umbrella on my way back home
Valentin Jun 2020
How can I only feel happy and carefree when
You're here

And feel a lot more miserable every time when
You leave me once again

I hate to depend on you to
Chase my bad feelings away

But I like having you around
It's not about the ***, unfortunately

I just want to fall asleep next to you
I want to feel better

But the thing is...

Seeing you five hours every week is
Even more excruciating because

When I share my bed with my demons in the middle of the night
When Morpheus refuses to stop by again
I feel worse than before you came

I hate to have to sleep alone in this king size bed
Without you my only true king
Jun 2020 · 28
The wrong alternative
Valentin Jun 2020
Allow me to feel sorrow
Feeling this pain keeps me busy
Fill my life with problems
This family member who causes you discomfort
And this soulmate you're gonna love and miss forever
Those things you said and those regrets you have
Those hopes and dreams you should never reach
You'll find out why if you do
Give me work, stress and boredom
Make me feel every feeling on Earth
Make me shout, scream and cry
Anything but don't let me be happy too long
I will waste it too fast
Jun 2020 · 41
My country
Valentin Jun 2020
The cold rain on my chest
The thrilling breeze on my skin
It reminds me of my country
Jun 2020 · 32
Fifteen years ago late
Valentin Jun 2020
When I see those pictures of you today
I remember everything fifteen years ago

When I see you smile
I see this same smile fifteen years ago

When I see your hand
I remember the sensation when I was holding it fifteen years ago

When I see the color of your skin
I remember how precious you were to me

When I look at your face
I see the same beauty fifteen years ago

And I see that I am not the one next to you on those pictures
I might be fifteen years late
Jun 2020 · 41
The Jungle
Valentin Jun 2020
Orchestra of the birds in a tropical jungle
Strong humidity equals strong heat
Fuzzy foggy green mist
Rain pouring all night long
Natural growing life
Multicolored tropical flowers
Different shades of yellow red and orange
Lively trees claiming their kingship
Feast of the ants caterpillars and beetles
Teasing and protective monkeys
Morning freshness after the sun and
Singing cicadas before the moon
Jun 2020 · 37
Your hands
Valentin Jun 2020
Your hands
I want them to touch my entire body
I want it to be your instrument
For the next nights before I leave

Your hands
Put them all over my body again
My skin has been waiting for them
The contact of your hands on me
Puts my pain away

Your hands
Put your fingerprints on me
I want to keep them on me
Forever like a tattoo in my body
Valentin Jun 2020
and she calls out his name
only her echo resonates between the cliffs

the whistling wind blows from all directions
at this moment the violent sea is agitated
the waves break on the cliffs

these cliffs again these cliffs
death is downstairs

she is out of breath now
for him

he is also out of breath but in
different circumstances
he is with his mistress

in the wooden house with the warm fire
when the rain hits the island
and the thunder is out of control
Jun 2020 · 137
The sea of fullness
Valentin Jun 2020
I swim in this field of cotton
The softness of the waves cleans my skin
The reflection of the sun guides me
The quietness of the wind relaxes me

As a feather across the world
I let my body be one with the element
I let my soul escape from its cage
I let myself invade the sea of fullness
Jun 2020 · 25
Tomorrow is endless
Valentin Jun 2020
My spine is hurting
And the ant is walking along my shoulder

The night seems endless
I want to sleep and never wake up

Tomorrow is made of false expectations
And I can see my hair growing with the naked eye
Jun 2020 · 18
Valentin Jun 2020
I take your jaw into the palms of my hands
Softly I bring your mouth to mine

When I bite your lips
You can beg for me to stop

But when I slip my hand into your underwear
Your body will always betray you

Your entire body is mine
As long as I have your lips hostage
Jun 2020 · 149
The whispers of the night
Valentin Jun 2020
I make one with this night
Its darkness is penetrating me
Its music puts me to sleep, almost

I want to softly and calmly cry
I shed some warm tears in the inside
I feel their warmth in my body

I hear the whispers of the night, again
But I am not afraid anymore
You can take me away, now
May 2020 · 118
my dad
Valentin May 2020
my dad he likes fancy things
that's the first thing popping up in my mind when I think of him
he likes to possess material things
as much as he likes money
often he resells those things online or
he simply leaves them off somewhere
often when he changes location
because even with apartments and cities
he is no longer satisfied with it a few years after
it's like he constantly looks for something
some will say he runs away from something
maybe from him
overall he has always been surrounded by women
maybe men too
actually his thing is to change location when he changes girlfriend
when I was a kid I met a lot of them
I call some of them mom
when I grew up I realized that he didn't really care for me
or maybe he did but didn't know how to express it
so he made mistakes over mistakes
I got mad at him, really mad a him
I didn't talk with him for years
like dodging him
my dad he got sick too, seriously sick
I wasn't there for him, I don't have any regrets
and then we got back together
we have this platonic relationship
even though he was my king before
because he was saying bad things about mom mostly
today he is still the same
nothing changed
my dad he is still this egocentric selfish unfaithful liar
just like me
that's the day I decided to not forgive him but to stop
to stop punishing him and judging him
the day I realized that we are not so different after all
in our family of *******
I mean my grandmother
it wasn't so hard to accept
it was more kind of like a revelation to me
maybe because I never understood my mom
or she never understood me
my dad he doesn't care
I don't care
he is who he is and I am who I am
the moral is as follows
we should never judge
but we can punish
there are smart ways of punishing
they are the most painful ones
but the second moral is as follows
we should always ask this question
"am I okay with that?"
if yes, that's cool
May 2020 · 28
the whistling snakes
Valentin May 2020
because I don't like this sensation of being tired
whether it is during the daylight or during the endless family meals on Saturdays
whether it is when I wake up even more tired than the night before or the human nature around me
maybe because I prefer the whistling birds over the whistling men
it tickles my ears but doesn't start a laugh
the sensation of sickness makes me equally sick too
whether it is during my summer vacation
what a pain in the *** to cough at the beach
or when I meet egocentric snakes
maybe because my mind reminds me too often that I have enough of them in my family
or maybe because from the snakes I am the softest slithering green king
May 2020 · 119
Valentin May 2020
It's like we are not able to be fully content alone
It's like we often need someone to make us feel great or greater, constantly
Maybe someone to entertain our mind

Just like this idea of thinking about someone
This someone whom will solve all of our dilemmas
But it's only in our mind

Just because we like this idea that this person exists
Just because we like this idea that this person is our solution

At least it gives us hope
At least it entertains our locked mind
It entertains it with the idea that we have the power to unlock it

Maybe we are the solution
But we are too afraid to face ourselves
So we better hide behind others
May 2020 · 291
I love you again
Valentin May 2020
You are an eternal ****** to me
A forever sunshine inside my chest
And the symphony of the soft waves at low tide
When there is a violent storm in my mind
I love you
May 2020 · 179
Flawlessly addictive
Valentin May 2020
The lights of the night through my eyes
By the beauty of our sky I am paralyzed

In my body a shot of freedom
In the snow I forget about the cold

Shutting my eyelids is now impossible
The aurora borealis bring me peace

I walk alone in those dark mountains
I want to spread this full happiness

The uniqueness of this moment is addictive
The drunkenness I feel is flawlessly attractive
May 2020 · 205
More more more more
Valentin May 2020
I have been sober for too long
Sobriety makes you feel confident
Yes you can have control of yourself

But I need to unwind
But I need to think about nothing else
Nothing else than nothing

I have been sober for too long
More than an escape
A full satisfaction of relaxing my mind

Sobriety sounds nice for one reason
So the next first drop of alcohol is
Delightful as an ******

I have been sober for too long
I have been bored and sad for too long
All I needed was many drinks

And my body is dancing following
The beats and my mind is
Feeling so good so far

I want more more more more more
More more more more
More more more more
Valentin May 2020
I am looking for you since you left
I go above the mountains
I try to have a clear vision
Through the fog and clouds

I shout at the summit
I shout at the summit
Only my echo resonates
I cry until my body gets dry
My heart is drowning in my tears
My heart becomes the blue planet

I remember again and again
Above those mountains I hope to find you
My head on your lap
You pass your hand through my hair
When the flight is delayed forever
I fall asleep on your lap and now
Before I sleep you are in my eyes

Above these mountains is the safe place
Silence goes into me and I see you
Wind whispering something I can't distinguish
Beyond the horizon you are here
Beyond the horizon you are inaccessible

Because you don't see me
My tears are yours
Because you left me
My tears are yours
Because you are far from me
My tears are yours
Because I will still be looking for you
My tears are yours
May 2020 · 463
Give me all of you
Valentin May 2020
Your soothing voice to relieve me
Your soft fingers to heal my wounds
Your beautiful eyes to look after me
Your hands to rescue me from falling
Your hidden heart to love me
Your comfortable arms to make me feel invincible

Your smile when I wake up and
Your kisses before I sleep

Your words to tell me that
Everything is gonna be alright and
Your lies to tell me that this is forever.
Apr 2020 · 317
C19 Repeat
Valentin Apr 2020
Wake up process including one hour longer in bed
Breakfast & Netflix
Friends and family texting and calling
More Netflix
Rain watching on the balcony
Go to the swimming pool sometimes
But no swimming allowed
Go to get some street food
Dinner & Netflix
More Netflix
*** with the neighbor
Hold him against me
Sleep in his arms

Apr 2020 · 169
Valentin Apr 2020
joining you during the night is the only
way I found to make up my pain when
I feel lonely in the inside and your
arms are a blindfold to my sorrow and
your bed a casket to my fears when
the drinks are not enough to hide it and
I can't find a random escape except


because the way you make me feel is
my best way out and
the way you look at me is a remady
to this hole that hurts my heart
and the way you touch me makes me
feel this sensation of being alive again
Apr 2020 · 148
Valentin Apr 2020
What a cowardice
What a cowardice to meet you in real life
Exchange a look with you

What a cowardice
What a cowardice to find your profile online
To finally dare to talk to you
The night storm has just begun
Valentin Apr 2020
You had this way of smoking your cigarette
This look when inhaling the smoke into your lungs
And those nails always perfect

You had this way of brushing your hair
This shape of your body in the mirror
And this choice of red lipstick

You had this ability of
Making me feel safe with your beautiful and dark eyes
Not a single word was needed

You had this way of saying my name
It gave me those unforgettable chills
It was all about you

You had this smile on your face
And this confidence when talking about love
It was as beautiful as nature in spring

You had this shameless way of crying
Even your tears were art
It was beautiful and painful at the same time

You had this way of making love in the shower
This desire to grow old in your arms
It's hard to explain

You were my religion
And when I look up to the sky now
I still see those thunderstorms beyond the hills
Valentin Apr 2020
Your cigarette gets smaller
My glass of whiskey gets empty

It makes our lips free
I look at you deeply into your eyes

Many years of unknown
Turn into a clear obviousness

I don't want anything but you
I give in to temptation

Sweet lips of yours
Sweet taste of sin

The softness of your cheek
When I pass my hand through your hair

The feeling of your heart
Beating against mine

The cicadas suddenly stop singing
I am drowning into your breath

It's like falling into the void
In an unique satisfaction
Apr 2020 · 332
Valentin Apr 2020
I didn't kiss you enough
I feel regretful

I should have kissed you more
When I still could

That might be the reason why today
I miss you more than I should
Mar 2020 · 2.3k
The raindrops
Valentin Mar 2020
We are watching the raindrops
The raindrops are dancing on the window
It makes the room all blue
It makes our summer cold and
It makes our spirits sad for some reasons

The night has fallen, again and again
And my sad thoughts are back, again
They were not gone too far either
It's like they were waiting for the raindrops

Let's share a cigarette when
This sudden light when we light it up
A thunderstorm is coming to us except
Except this one was so loud it could
It could wake the night up

And that's funny, that's really funny because
I always want to be with you when
It's dark and I'm alone and
Now that we are one with the night
I feel even more sad than before
When the raindrops are on my cheeks

I don't want you to be with me
Let's not be one
I would feel more lonely than before

You've got this sad look that I can't
I can't forget it because
Me too it makes me sad and depressed
I have this feeling again
The same one when we make love
Raindrops all over your body
We are gone

I am not myself during the rest of the night
The part when it's clear and I can see
I can see everything
It doesn't let anything to my imagination
I feel so depressed about it
The raindrops are finally falling again
Making my day dark again before
Before the nightfall

I wish it could be raining all my life
It would surely help me, help me
Help me to see clearer and all
All these questions with no answers
Maybe they would finally make sense

There was this night
This night full of raindrops
Me walking alone in the same street since
Since I am a child
Cigarette in my mouth, between my teeth
I was looking at your window
The shape of the raindrops I remember
It looked just like a heart
And it hurt

I never sleep because I always think
I never sleep because I always write
I never sleep because I always smoke
I never sleep because as long as
As long as the raindrops are falling
I am alive and it's enough because
I like the idea of falling
Falling with them, endlessly
Mar 2020 · 251
Valentin Mar 2020
It is snowing
Paris is beautiful

It is sunny
Paris is beautiful

It is raining
Paris is beautiful

It is windy
Paris is beautiful

The night has fallen
Paris is shining

I fell in love again
Paris is beautiful

I am dreaming again
Paris is beautiful

I have a glass of red wine
Paris is tipsy

I take the metro
Paris is mine

I am happy to be here
I miss Paris

Life is beautiful
Paris is beautiful

There is no one day without
Paris in my mind

I can be anywhere in the planet
Paris will always be Paris
Mar 2020 · 244
At the end
Valentin Mar 2020
And at the end we'll meet again in Esbjerg
We'll meet at those four men
Those four men facing the sea

And I still miss you
And I still miss you

And at the end we'll remember again
We'll remember when we met
We'll remember how much love
How much love we gave to each other

And at the end we'll be together again
We'll be in each other arms
We'll be facing the wind at the beach
I'll admire you face again

And at the end we'll love each other again
We'll love each other stronger than before

And at the end I will prove you that I have never forgotten you, that you have always been in my mind and that I have been waiting for this moment to hold you again and fall in love with you a second time

And at the end we'll meet again in Esbjerg
We'll meet at those four men
Those four men facing the sea
And at the end, those four men
Will no longer be four but six
Mar 2020 · 407
Miles away
Valentin Mar 2020
One smoke of this cheroot
The taste of you is back to my lungs
I could cook your skin and eat it in Paris
I feel this feeling again miles away
It is like distance makes it stronger
I miss you I miss you I miss you

I remember everything
There is not one single second that I have forgotten

Send me your regrets
I will leave them behind
And follow me
Don't look back
They are miles away

The smoke alters my voice
But I will still be able to say it
I love you I love you I love you
Those romances are not the same

And I am too shy to ask myself
When I look at the sky and breathe deeply
What's wrong with me?

Miles away I feel so close to you
I picture your face from different angles
Like a dose of morphine to my spirit

Let me send you back my love
I put it into words
You can forget me
I will remember for both of us
Mar 2020 · 425
Valentin Mar 2020

You would see me
You would be proud of me
I live an amazing life
I am happy to be everywhere I am
Because this is all about locations

You know, I seize them you know
I seize them, the opportunities
I chase them sometimes also
I have found out a lot about me and
The best is yet to come

It's just like you showed me
Life is amazing when you look through it
And everything is possible
My life is a constant dream
And I wish you were here

I love you daily
I love you always
Mar 2020 · 208
The hornbills
Valentin Mar 2020
Lay down on the sand and see
Close your eyes slowly
Can you hear the hornbills singing?
They are dancing on the shore
Amongst the ibises

Can you hear the sound of the sea?
And the fresh wind on your skin
It's finally happening
The night is falling

Let your feet swim in the salty water
Let the lighthouse be your only guide
Let your memories go when you miss home

Tomorrow the boat will take your body away
The hornbills will be calling out your name
Tonight let your mind go away
Let your mind be theirs again
Feb 2020 · 375
Valentin Feb 2020
The color of the sea when it's sunrise
This unique turquoise
It reminds me of your eyes
When I look at you I see paradise

All I want is to steal your smile
Make it mine and keep it in my mind
Inside me you will always shine
Until I meet you again in the sky
Feb 2020 · 134
Passive realizations
Valentin Feb 2020
Time is frozen and my sleep is endless
The sun will never set
The planet is motionless and my heart is beatless
My body escape to another place

And I become peace

The feeling of doing nothing means everything

The music will always be playing
Forever I will be swinging

My eyes are closing to let my imagination be

The feeling of missing things is painfully amazing
In a process of transforming

Granting time to yourself is perfectly adequate

Overthinking is toxic
Better be busy
Better choose to be busy
Busy of being busy

Finding the place you belong to is the journey of life

Full satisfaction is when you don't need anything to be satisfied
Your body can be clean and empty
When your spirit feels complete

This is
Jan 2020 · 489
Two men together
Valentin Jan 2020
Two men together is sincere
Two men together is beautiful
Two men together is freedom
Two men together is love
Two men together is true
Two men together is invincible
Two men together is power
Jan 2020 · 568
Us and the moon (to Sami)
Valentin Jan 2020
Today in Ninh B├Čnh
We were at the top of this mountain
Watching the sunset even though
We left before it was complete

This is not the end
The sun has not set yet
There will still be a sunshine over us

At least there will still be a light over us
The light from the full and shiny moon
Brightening over us when we rode back

The moon you are looking at now is
The moon I am looking at now
Shining bright to you
To me
To us
Jan 2020 · 3.1k
pussy heartbeats
Valentin Jan 2020
and I feel your heartbeats
from your fingers
inside my *****
it turns me on
it makes me alive
Jan 2020 · 143
The sky
Valentin Jan 2020
The sky is a permanent spectacle
The clouds open up during the night
The shining stars are performing
The song of the waves and
The sensation of the sand on my feet
The breeze on my blonde and curly hair

The stars are aligned
I make one with my planet
Take me back to the sky
Jan 2020 · 40
The tide
Valentin Jan 2020
There is no sunrise anymore
The ***** stopped digging holes on the sand
And the birds are flying together away

But the tide is still high
And the waves will always be singing
To remind us what we used to be
Jan 2020 · 267
Valentin Jan 2020
The seas and oceans will continue to live
The waves will continue to dance
The blue water is going to conquest our planet
Make it bluer than green
And life will be
Jan 2020 · 260
The oasis
Valentin Jan 2020
And she walks naked to the oasis
I am watching her stepping forward
Her **** is reflecting in the water
The sun is shining over her skin
Her dark hair are getting wet
And she dives into the water
Before disappearing with the oasis
Jan 2020 · 127
Shooting star
Valentin Jan 2020
You see me as a shooting star
Shining intensely for a short moment in your life but
About to light off before I can reach and
Show you my brightest brightness

You see me as a shooting star
Unexpected but positively surprising

If you see me as a shooting star, then
I can give you a wish even though
My own wish would be to
Not be a shooting star in your life
I wish I could be entirely part of it
I wish you could love me unconditionally

If you still see me as a shooting star, then
I hope that you will always remember me
Shining as intensely as I could for you because,
You are the one who lighted me up and
I will always be ready to fall from the sky again,
For you.
Jan 2020 · 275
Morning sex
Valentin Jan 2020
I dream of you and wake up next to you

For the first time I feel
Comfortable in someone's arms

No words needed when
I see you naked

Morning *** is appealing and I
Slowly caress your body, I
Softly kiss your shoulders and neck when
My hand is touching your ***** and I,
Feel it getting harder every second

Take me to your mouth
Make me bite my pillow when
Pleasure is at its highest
Make me feel immortal
Dec 2019 · 147
The hateful one
Valentin Dec 2019
You make me sick because I adore you
I am done shouting and screaming
I feel out of my mind and my body
You invaded my being with your insane love
You took possession of my poor life
I can only cry from the inside
Fill my veins and bones with tears
Cold and frozen tears causing my self-destruction
Just like a machine you take control of my brain
Playing like a ******* kid with it
I become full of ***** dust
When you press the button to explode my flesh
You split me into dozens of parts
Powerless I was locked and trapped
Your shady hands over me got me angry
Hate ate me from the bottom to the top of my body
I don't love you and I never will!!!
You assassinated me from your first look
You didn't give me any chance to get out
I caused my own end
I hate myself
Dec 2019 · 128
Draw your face
Valentin Dec 2019
This smell of yours is
Everything to me

Staring at you
I don't blink anymore

Your face is perfection
I can draw every shape of it

This innocence in your eyes is
Precious like your heart of gold

Caressing your body with a paintbrush
I am painting your body with my fingers

The sensation of my skin
Against yours is sweet

My hand against your chest is playing
The beating of your heart just like a melody

You are art
You make me an artist
Valentin Dec 2019
We are poets
We can write false things in order to
Make our poems more beautiful but.

When I write that you are literally in my mind
That I literally dream of you

This is not poetry, this is reality
I wish this would only be poetry
But it is consuming me
I wake up about every hour of the night
To check if I have a message from you
It is literally painful to conclude that
No, not at all
And I sleep, and you're here
And it is amazing but
When I wake up
This is so difficult to face the reality

It makes me sick to adore you
I can't control your feelings
I can't control mine either
And the second part is the most painful one
The feeling is just awful
I feel trapped.
Valentin Dec 2019
I feel so ridiculously shamefully in love
and so rejected and sad
that I cry before I sleep

I can't even have a painless sleep
as he's going to be the recipe of my dreams which
makes me cry even more after I sleep
Valentin Dec 2019
What a curious feeling to
Have you in my mind all the time

To constantly try to figure this out
How can I kiss you?

My heart beats so fast when
I hear your voice

It is even worse
When you talk to me

My body is frozen
When you are next to me

My body is trembling
When you are next to me

But I want to follow you
Anywhere you go

What a strange feeling to
Have you in my mind all the time

I want to belong to you
Please pay attention to me

Consider my lonely soul
Fall in love with who I am

Why does that sound so easy with
The ones I don't care about?

Why the best way to get close to you is
To run away from you?

Why does my confidence fly away
When you are in front of me?

Why do I feel so easily weak?
Why do I lose my control and my words?

Love me...
Set me free.

What a sad feeling to
Have you in my mind all the time

It reminds me how
Powerless and scared I am

Many whys but only one question
Will this feeling last forever?
Dec 2019 · 315
First look
Valentin Dec 2019
A deep and endless well
First look at you and I fell
A blind attraction
First uncontrollable moves
And I flirt with you
My mind already full of you
Our lips match perfectly
This midnight drive
I want it to be eternal
A few seconds were enough for me
To fall into your eyes
Hold your hand and
Be yours as long as you
Desire me
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