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5d · 119
The Jeju girl II
Less than five minutes was enough
For the sun to disappear in the sea
It let this orange color in the sky
After its tangerine and bright light
About to light off on our island
It made us feel dizzy and blind
Or maybe it was what we felt for each other
5d · 27
The Sun is Green
The sun shines over those green trees
It makes the river greener
My mind happier
The birdsong makes the silence
Sound like a symphony
I can hear the leaves on the branches
Trembling by the soft and fresh wind
My feet in the cold water
Make the trees reflecting on it all blur
Those ravens remain quiet for once
This place makes the ravens peaceful
This is my definition of enchantment
Two in the morning
A sky full of stars
A sleeping city
The Korean girl

You have a lot to tell
I kiss you to
Shut your mouth
So I can hear the sound of the river

This pure water from the mountain is
Passing under this bridge
The one I kiss you on
At two in the morning
Sep 12 · 62
Those memories
Those memories
The ones I shared with you
From the moment I met you
To the last kisses I gave you
Those memories
Are like a movie I want to watch
And rewind everyday
Again and again
Aug 30 · 377
like father like son
I recently discovered that
my father has a login profile on
*** and trans websites

that is finally true
like father like son
Aug 30 · 25
come on!
(as soon as I met him
I was already excited)

**** you're so **** man
not **** as girls would want you to be
you're so **** *** ****

stop hiding
we go now or
you prefer wasting your time
cause I don't waste my time with
you're kind of guy

you're so touching
you're so shy about this topic
we go now or
you prefer to wait to accept yourself better
cause it's undeniable
that excites me even more
*** **** time
Aug 30 · 356
the influence
the distance between
I am with someone and
I am single is
too close when
you're under the influence of
a liquid or a substance
Aug 29 · 63
Les abysses 2
I see you
I see you when I smoke ****
I see you when I am high
I see you when she is pouring me some wine
I see you when I drink my Jack
I see you when I take LSD
I see you for real
You are here!
Come back! I am here now
Don’t leave me
It breaks my heart in two
My positive mind takes advantage of the situation
You are back
Nothing will be the same
Because the trip ends up now
My brain is coming back to its travel
I miss you already again
Aug 29 · 71
Nashville Tennessee
I can spend the biggest part of my life
In Nashville Tennessee
Drinking whiskey
Dancing country
Feeling the hot American sun in my skin
Enjoying the beloved American summertime
In Nashville Tennessee
Thinking of the good old Johnny
I can get old in Nashville Tennessee
I won’t care of anything
Unless there’s no whiskey left
“Yes, another one, neat.”
I can go from town to town
Through the Volunteer State
Say hi to some pals on my way
We can also have a beer on the way
Tell each other our old stories
And all meet together again in Nashville Tennessee
I can live this simple life
In Nashville Tennessee
So get your boots on and come on have a drink honey
Aug 28 · 86
love inspires us
but I rather choose
its euphoria
to its misery
Aug 26 · 138
My universe
Among billions and billions of stars
My eyes in hundreds of galaxies
I can feel your presence
I can always see you

The uniqueness of your spirit
The universe made us to be together
The consciousness of our existence
You are my universe
Aug 25 · 400
In my skin
Since I am eighteen

Anywhere I go
You're here

Eyes looking at the sky
I can see you through the moon

You're my compass
Even if you don't help me with love

Maybe because you took it from my heart
This is where my love is gone

I love you
Always and still

Where are you?
Under my skin and my flesh

In my heart
All the time

Have a good night.
Aug 24 · 201
I know you're not happy with me
This is sadly the truth

The euphoria of love is over
And I am the winner

I wish I could be different for you
The perfect lover as I pretended to be
Aug 13 · 398
You take care of the pancakes
I'm not hungry
But I'm gonna order some pancakes
Because I want to get to know you
Aug 8 · 184
Kiss me under the rain
I want to dive into the swimming pool
Before I dive into your heart
Hugging you in the water is an indescribable feeling

The sound of the heavy rain pouring down at the pool
Your face surrounded by raindrops
And a feeling of warmth in a cold water

Kiss me under the rain
Aug 8 · 97
The rainy summer day
I want to be stuck in a house with you
Listening to the rain pouring outside
The smell of the heavy rain
The smell of the heavy rain in the middle of a forest
The smell of the wet wood

I want to feel the cold of the rain
In a hot summer

It is like an opportunity to be closer to you
In your arms, under the blanket
Watching TV and making love all day
Hearing the sound of the rain outside
Hearing your breath
Feeling your skin
Hundreds of ants in my brain
I am floating in the air
I am escaping from my body
Deep and intense breath
He is taking control of my inner thoughts
I lose myself in his mouth and tongue
Heaven's doors wide open

Shine on you, crazy diamond

Naked every second of the night
Sobriety makes me see things different
He is my antidote and I'm afraid of him
When curiosity meets mystery
He knows that he shouldn't but
Euphoria of love above us
Magic powder makes us fly away together

Shine on you, crazy diamond

Please let me cry of fear
Slowly entering the cage of love
I can hear his heart beating from miles away
My mind is distraught and powerless
Butterflies in my stomach
Getting bigger and more numerous
Will they have enough space to fly freely?
Jul 23 · 433
From the sunset to 2 AM
From the sunset to 2 AM
Time is mine
The best part of my day
Is the night

I am dreaming awake
I don't need to close my eyes
They are wide open
And I never want to sleep

There is always a sunset
Somewhere in the planet
Sunset is one but eternal
Sunset is one but also sunrise

Two in the morning
Is very personal
You can't lie to the night
You are who you really are

I want to die in the night
Disappear on its ultimate shadows
Feel no pain
But an endless satisfaction
This night is quiet
There is no wind anymore
I can see the stars and satellites
The most beautiful landscape

And I think about my lover
I want to be against him
When the night is quiet
Feel his breath in his body

When I am still awake
When he is already dreaming
I am the only one to know that
We share the same world

I am the only one conscious
The only one to realize
How comfortable I am with him
My head against him

I want him to spend
The sweetest night of his life
Taking care of his dreams
Taking care of his sleep

I am watching you
While you sleep
I give you one of my kisses
Before joining you in your sleep
Jul 17 · 104
Chinese Boy
I felt in love in Paris tonight
With the Chinese boy

Walking along the Seine
All I want is to hold your hand

In front of this lunar eclipse
All I want is to kiss you

I want to touch you
But I don't know if I'm allowed to

I can spend my night asking you
To see you tomorrow again

The night is beautiful
When I feel you close to me

Kiss me all night
So I can see the stars reflecting in your eyes

I want to last forever in your arms
My head against your body

You are so beautiful
Just like Montmartre during the night

I have been waiting for you
In the capital of love

Now I feel complete
And finally at my place
Jul 16 · 239
During the night
I wish I could make love
To the night
It would be different and new
Every single night

The night
Has such beautiful colors

So silent and unique
I would love to live
My entire life
During the night
When people
Are truly themselves
In the deepest darkness
Of the night

I can feel myself
During the night
I like the light game
From the light
Setting up by us humans
To the natural light
Just like you

You are the queen of the night
The only light I need
The moon
I can't get enough of you

I can hide myself
In the night
But you'll be there to
Remind me
Who I am and
Why I'm here

I can escape
During the night
I want to fall in love
During the night

Catch me and take me
I want to be part of you
Let me become a shining star
And discover this galaxy
During the night
To Jaden
Jul 15 · 60
It can be one night
It can be forever

Time means nothing
As long as we remember
Jul 15 · 194
The whiskey lips
First things first
First thing I watched when
I met him was
His lips

I can be staring at his lips
The entire time I spend
With him
Trying to be
And not look like a

I can simply imagine
In my deepest mind
Kissing him
Or him
Kissing me

What would be the taste of his lips
What would be the sensation
I love lips
I love

Way more than
His ***
I want his lips

Kiss me now
Take control of my mind
Make it blow

This is such a powerful feeling
I already feel like I am yours
You just took possession
Of what I am
In that World

And I want to see you again
Because my own lips will
Obviously be
Missing yours

And I want to mix the taste of your lips
With whiskey
The whiskey lips are even more
Undescribing feeling
It's like
Whiskey has been made
For your lips
To make me fall in love with you

We're in Paris
After all
Jul 11 · 102
The mysterious look
She looks at me in the eyes
The smoke is getting out of her mouth
In that tiny room
She is holding a glass of whiskey
She looks unreachable
But so desirable to me
She is staring at me now

She asks me about my secret
How to live the most enjoyable life
On our planet
She wants to taste it
****, that look again
I can't tell what's on her mind
I want to connect mine to hers

She says nothing
This lack of sound that means everything
I can feel this energy
My spirit is getting empty
I would like to sleep with her
I would like to ask for her permission

I am laying down, staring at the ceiling
When she sneezes
I could die now
But before that
I want to be in her arms
Smelling and feeling her skin
Kissing her lips

Music goes into my thoughts
I wish this never ends
Or please, be this moment the end
The eternal enjoyment
Next to her and forever
There is no tomorrow
There is just simplicity, freedom and mystery
Jul 10 · 87
Le Temps
Je vis avec le temps
Telles des perruches
Tel un couple inséparable
Je fais tout avec lui
Je fais tout en fonction de lui
Il est ma moitié
Mon passé, mon présent et ma fin
Je m'arrange toujours pour le gagner
Tout faire pour en passer le plus avec lui
Passer plus de temps avec le temps
À le saisir et prendre mon temps
Il est dur avec moi
Mais j'en suis pourtant accroc
Je le chéris comme jamais
Je vivrai et mourrai à ses côtés
J'ai tendance à le perdre
Mais lui sait comment filer
Et me laisser
Je veux vivre avec lui
Mais je le perds avec le temps
Il y a un temps à tout
Et le temps n'est pas infini
Jul 10 · 360
Watch my life
How beautiful I am
How many friends I have
How great is my life
How much alcohol I can swallow
How painful I feel
How I can use social media to cry
How your life is ******
How I can easily hide my weaknesses
How my body is so perfect
How my life is better than yours
How I live when you're not here
How I really behave
How popular I am
How fake I am
How my outside is
How shy I am to unveil my inside
How scared I am to live in the real life
How I am not me anymore
How the society evolves
Jul 10 · 524
Sponsored content
People in pain
People writing about love
People doing crazy stuff
Fake news
News then
People traveling
**** ads
People looking for *****
People "liking"
Forgetting what the meaning of "like" is
People watching other people's life
Shameful stuff
Elderly people would say scams
But also hope
Knowledgeable facts
My posts and my false identity
Drugs ads
The black hole
Jul 9 · 168
The double date
Funny how he can propose me
To find us two girls for
A double date
When all I want is
I want to wake up next to you
And for once, face the fact
Not ignoring you
Not being afraid of you
Not running away from you

Just because
I desired you yesterday
I craved for you yesterday
I was the perfect lover yesterday
Full of hopes and dreams, yesterday

Making you understand, today
We had a great time
But I am a solitary man
Unfortunately not comfortable with
The consequences of my actions
Jul 2 · 466
So impressive

His big voice
His experiences
His knowledges
His mature thoughts
His conception of life
His mentality
His speeches
His fluency in English
His cook skills
His natural way of being
His objectives and ambitions

When I see him
When he goes to sleep
I want to join him
I want to sleep with him
I want to undress him
I want to touch his body
I want to grab his ***
I want him to be so hard
I want to start ******* him
I want to **** his ****
I want him to *** in my mouth
I want to relieve him of any kind of stress
I want to kiss him also
I want to kiss his body
I want to love him
I want him

"I can resist everything except temptation." (Oscar Wilde)
Jun 22 · 41
False dreams
We all have dreams
But do we really want to make them true?

Who do you want to be?
Are you ready to suffer to become this person?

What do you want to do?
Are you really willing to give everything you got to do it?

What is your deepest dream?
Is it THE deepest one?

What are you going to do to make it true?
Are you definitely ready?

Or you simply like the idea
But you are not ready to do all what is necessary to do it

We all have dreams
I do

My dream is to be a fisherman
But the question is: Am I ready to learn how to fish? How to drive a boat?

I am scared of *****
I don't even know how to drive a car

I like the idea of being a fisherman
But I don't want to be a fisherman

The moral is
What you really want to do, you do it

Are you going to do it?
Are you ready to suffer?
Jun 22 · 89
The boat
Many bottles of Jack Daniel's
Are empty on this boat
He likes spending summer
With his friends on this boat

He can be wherever he wants to be
As long as the seas and oceans
Are part of his life
And this boat

He is always looking for this place
Where he could drop the anchor
Stay, live and die
With this boat

The Blue Planet is all his
All of the coasts are his
Today he is in Flensburg
Tomorrow probably still in Flensburg

He chooses
He decides
As long as he eats fish
And drink whiskey

I am wondering if this poem could have been any longer if this crazy old German guy would have not came and disturbed me.
Jun 22 · 35
Mr. Fanta
Cycling through the country
From Skive to Viborg
The sun is up
I decide to take a shortcut

The sky is getting darker
I can hear the sky thundering
I can see some lightnings
I can feel some drops

Wise decision to stop
In the middle of nowhere
To put my rain coat
To put a rain protection on my backpack

The day is turning dark
The drops are turning into a rainstorm
The sound of the lightnings is so strong
I am in a middle of a storm

I am terrified
I am scared
I am all wet
I don't know what to do

I can't move from the trees
Where I am staying underneath
I am thinking

I can see some cars approaching
It is not about hitchiking
It is about saving my life
From this fear

A little car stops
But I can't put my bike in the trunk
The car is leaving
I am ******

Some cars don't stop
Until I see this van
I have to stop it
I am on the road doing big signs

The van slows down
I run into the window
The man is not going to Viborg
I am ******

I asked if I can stay at his place
Until the storm stops
He is thinking
Before he accepts

He tells me to wait for him here
He is going to make a u-turn
I hope he is not leaving
He is coming back

I hop on in his van
He puts my bike in the trunk
We are heading to Viborg
He offers me a Fanta

This story of Mr. Fanta tells why I love Denmark so far
People are Mr. Fanta
People are helpful and friendly
People are everything
Jun 22 · 133
The Chinese girl
She used to call me Free Man
I already miss her

Living this life of connections
Connecting with people
Loving them

They are all so mysterious
From all parts of our World

I would give anything
To experience such a party again
With those unknown people

Especially you
The Chinese girl

I gave you all the love
All the tenderness I have
Inside me

I can spend the night kissing you
I can spend the night touching your body

The alcohol is pouring is my veins
It affects my brain

I desire you
I am wondering how would I start kissing you

Close your eyes
My hand is covering your eyes
I am staring at your lips
Bending over
I kiss you forever

I am unreachable
I am the happiest man on our planet

I desire you
I don't want to have *** with you
It is more than ***
It is romance

I will not see you again
Let fate decide for us

I can't remember your name
But I have to thank you

Thank you
For making me feel in love again
At the edge of the feeling
This will never fade in my mind

And I wish you
All the deepest happiness
You can find on your path
This endless path
Called life
Jun 22 · 82
Could you imagine
How powerful it is
To control yourself
To take your own decisions
To be the only one to choose
To be your own master
To depend of no one except you
To decide what you want to do
Could you feel this freedom
No one is stopping you
No one is preventing you from doing anything
No one matters
Only you matters
You are your present
You are your future
You feel alive
You feel free
But could you take the time
Take the time to realize
How powerful you are
How strong you are
You take your biggest decisions
You are everything
They tell you how to live
They tell you how to think
They tell you how to behave
They tell you how to do
They tell you how to love
They tell you who to love
They tell you how to succeed
They tell you how to ****
They tell you how to work
They tell you how to rest
They tell you where to go
They tell you how to go
They tell you what to drink
They tell you what to eat

They tell you what is right
They tell you what is wrong

They won't tell you why
Because they don't know why
Why don't they know?
Because they have been told how to do
And now they told you how to do

Break their rules!
Be free!
**** them!

Choose how to live
Choose how to think
Choose how to behave
Choose how to do
Choose how to love
Choose who to love
Choose how to succeed
Choose how to ****
Choose how to work
Choose how to rest
Choose where to go
Choose how to go
Choose what to drink
Choose what to eat

Choose what is right for you
Choose what is wrong for you

You are so powerful because you are free
You are your own master
Once you know that, one thing:
Jun 3 · 139
I have so many things to tell you
But I don't know where to begin
Between happy birthday,
Congratulations and I love you

I have so many things to tell you
About my life and decisions
Who I am now, how I evolve
Who I become

I have so many things to tell you
For eight months
I want to know so many things about you
I have every nights to listen to you

I won't sleep until you are done
I won't sleep before you kiss me goodbye
I won't sleep before you fall asleep
I want to watch you sleeping

I want to feel your breath
I want to admire you again
I want to see who you became
A loving mother

But I don't know where to begin
Maybe with
I missed you every single day
For eight months
May 27 · 117
You buy yogurt at the supermarket
You are looking at me, and you tell me
“Let’s go to your hotel room”
In Hammersmith

You take my blue sweater off
You pour yogurt all over my belly
You bend over and slightly,
You lick it up

The feeling of your tongue
On my skin,
Makes me hard
You are getting down and down

You undress me
You take it into your mouth
You look at me, straight in the eyes

You have such beautiful eyes
You are so beautiful
Please, make this moment eternal
I am all yours

This smile on your face
I could die for it
Those tasty red lips
I am craving for it

You put on your shoes again
Heading to the door
When you turn back and say
“I am going to my place and I’ll be back.”
“I want to spend the night with you.”
May 26 · 60
Voir la relation se disloquer
Ne pas agir

Ne pas agir

L'évolution est immanente
Ne pas agir

Continuer de vivre
Ne pas agir

Le futur est devant nous
Ne pas agir

Se concentrer sur ce qui compte réellement à nos yeux
Ne pas agir

S'évader dans les cieux
Ne pas agir
I hope I will get the chance
To see you again in the future
When we will have grown up
Both evolved in life

I can't wait to see you being happier
And happier through years
You are the only virus I want to catch
The happy one

I remember everything
The movies
The museum
The pictures
May 25 · 170
As long as I am with you
By train
By bus
By plane
By boat


Listening to music
Watching movies


Makin­g love

As long as I am with you.
I dream of you every night
But I can't figure it out
Who are you?
Are you real?

I meet you in my dreams
Between 1 and 7 AM
You are always here
The most faithful friend I have ever had

This is every night and for ever
As our eyes are meeting
Our bodies make one
This fusion is unbreakable

This is you and I
Against the World
In the shadows of my dreams
Where everything is possible

I want to feel you
You are so beautiful
You are so unique
Just as if Life has made us to be reunited

Are you always waiting for me to fall asleep?
To make me live the best moments of my day
I don't want to wake up
I want to sleep until I die
May 25 · 134
Make it rain
When my hand is close to you
When my hand is touching you
When my hand is caressing you
When my hand makes you feel unique
When my hand is everything you need
When my hand is synonym of pleasure
When my hand just get started
When my hand is inside you
When my hand is all wet
When my hand moves like never before
When my hand brings you up to the sky
When my hand makes you forget about your worries
When my hand makes you understand that you are eternal
When my hand is telling you I love you
When my hand is witness of real love
When my hand is yours
May 25 · 62
Les abysses 3
The sea
She seems closer than she actually is
Leaving when I'm arriving
I belong to the sand
I marry the sea
I am the waves
Sometimes calm sometimes mad
Come on in
Have a swim
Take it off
In my deepest mind
May 25 · 72
Sleep late
Sleep less
Live more

Don't say “life is too short”
Life is long

Don't complain of not having time
Take time

Don't say “I am busy”
Learn how to allocate your time

Don't lose your time
Save it

Don't spend one third of your life sleeping
Spend your life awake

But if you feel tired

One thing is important in life
To not regret anything

And love

— The End —