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Valentin Jul 31
After a life of romances I
Finally hit my eighties he said

He pours himself another glass of whiskey
It must certainly be the thousandth glass of my long existence and tonight
Tonight I feel this wistfulness inside me again

After a life of romances I
Finally end up here in this big house
This big house hosting a weak man like me

All I have left are my souvenirs
All I have left are moments

And after a life of romances I
Finally see through my hidden thoughts

I can be lonely in my calm house
My family, lovers and friends are gone
Do you know how it feels to be the last one he asked

It feels like winning a game and wanting to go back to change the rules
Valentin Jul 7
In the middle of evasive and meaningless conversations
She loses herself in her deepest thoughts
Wondering again whether she belongs to this society or
Some place somewhere else

She is a dreamer and
While everyone is shouting at everyone
While no one is listening to anyone
While no one can hear no one
She closes her eyes and settles in her private quiet space

She smiles when they are looking at her
She smiles when they are talking to her
A smile I would never forget
An innocent smile with an elusive look

Just like she was screaming inside
But she lets nothing appear on her face
She is polite and educated
Muffled by her family because

Traditions are part of her life
She often hears that she will get married
She will get married to a wealthy man
She will give birth to an magnificent son
She will make them proud and she will
Feel honored and honor her family

She is twenty two years old
No one has ever asked her what she desired
Everyone has always thought for her
But she is a dreamer
She wishes to escape to find herself

Suddenly she crossed my look
Real quick she smiles at me and I can see
I can see her shy smile and even more
I can see her sad look
She was sitting here, right in between her two loud parents

Just one look deep into her eyes and I saw the despair
I hear a silent and profound scream
I can't stop staring at her that my coffee gets cold

Dark hair poneytail & wonderful slanting eyes
A mom who looks as young as you and
A dad who rather looks benevolent
In a matter of seconds I want to take you into my arms
I want to pass my hand through your hair
Look at you in those eyes of yours and
Give you trust, power & confidence
I want to tell you to make it happen now
I want you to ask me anything

And when the weather is changing again
They decide to leave the coffee shop
Now I look at you standing up & head down and
You leave the room leaving me with
A part of your sadness and
A heavy rain with no umbrella on my way back home
Valentin Jun 22
How can I only feel happy and carefree when
You're here

And feel a lot more miserable every time when
You leave me once again

I hate to depend on you to
Chase my bad feelings away

But I like having you around
It's not about the ***, unfortunately

I just want to fall asleep next to you
I want to feel better

But the thing is...

Seeing you five hours every week is
Even more excruciating because

When I share my bed with my demons in the middle of the night
When Morpheus refuses to stop by again
I feel worse than before you came

I hate to have to sleep alone in this king size bed
Without you my only true king
Valentin Jun 18
Allow me to feel sorrow
Feeling this pain keeps me busy
Fill my life with problems
This family member who causes you discomfort
And this soulmate you're gonna love and miss forever
Those things you said and those regrets you have
Those hopes and dreams you should never reach
You'll find out why if you do
Give me work, stress and boredom
Make me feel every feeling on Earth
Make me shout, scream and cry
Anything but don't let me be happy too long
I will waste it too fast
Valentin Jun 16
The cold rain on my chest
The thrilling breeze on my skin
It reminds me of my country
Valentin Jun 16
When I see those pictures of you today
I remember everything fifteen years ago

When I see you smile
I see this same smile fifteen years ago

When I see your hand
I remember the sensation when I was holding it fifteen years ago

When I see the color of your skin
I remember how precious you were to me

When I look at your face
I see the same beauty fifteen years ago

And I see that I am not the one next to you on those pictures
I might be fifteen years late
Valentin Jun 16
Orchestra of the birds in a tropical jungle
Strong humidity equals strong heat
Fuzzy foggy green mist
Rain pouring all night long
Natural growing life
Multicolored tropical flowers
Different shades of yellow red and orange
Lively trees claiming their kingship
Feast of the ants caterpillars and beetles
Teasing and protective monkeys
Morning freshness after the sun and
Singing cicadas before the moon
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