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You take care of the pancakes
I'm not hungry
But I'm gonna order some pancakes
Because I want to get to know you
Valentin Aug 8
I want to dive into the swimming pool
Before I dive into your heart
Hugging you in the water is an indescribable feeling

The sound of the heavy rain pouring down at the pool
Your face surrounded by raindrops
And a feeling of warmth in a cold water

Kiss me under the rain
Valentin Aug 8
I want to be stuck in a house with you
Listening to the rain pouring outside
The smell of the heavy rain
The smell of the heavy rain in the middle of a forest
The smell of the wet wood

I want to feel the cold of the rain
In a hot summer

It is like an opportunity to be closer to you
In your arms, under the blanket
Watching TV and making love all day
Hearing the sound of the rain outside
Hearing your breath
Feeling your skin
Valentin Jul 24
Hundreds of ants in my brain
I am floating in the air
I am escaping from my body
Deep and intense breath
He is taking control of my inner thoughts
I lose myself in his mouth and tongue
Heaven's doors wide open

Shine on you, crazy diamond

Naked every second of the night
Sobriety makes me see things different
He is my antidote and I'm afraid of him
When curiosity meets mystery
He knows that he shouldn't but
Euphoria of love above us
Magic powder makes us fly away together

Shine on you, crazy diamond

Please let me cry of fear
Slowly entering the cage of love
I can hear his heart beating from miles away
My mind is distraught and powerless
Butterflies in my stomach
Getting bigger and more numerous
Will they have enough space to fly freely?
Valentin Jul 23
From the sunset to 2 AM
Time is mine
The best part of my day
Is the night

I am dreaming awake
I don't need to close my eyes
They are wide open
And I never want to sleep

There is always a sunset
Somewhere in the planet
Sunset is one but eternal
Sunset is one but also sunrise

Two in the morning
Is very personal
You can't lie to the night
You are who you really are

I want to die in the night
Disappear on its ultimate shadows
Feel no pain
But an endless satisfaction
Valentin Jul 22
This night is quiet
There is no wind anymore
I can see the stars and satellites
The most beautiful landscape

And I think about my lover
I want to be against him
When the night is quiet
Feel his breath in his body

When I am still awake
When he is already dreaming
I am the only one to know that
We share the same world

I am the only one conscious
The only one to realize
How comfortable I am with him
My head against him

I want him to spend
The sweetest night of his life
Taking care of his dreams
Taking care of his sleep

I am watching you
While you sleep
I give you one of my kisses
Before joining you in your sleep
Valentin Jul 17
I felt in love in Paris tonight
With the Chinese boy

Walking along the Seine
All I want is to hold your hand

In front of this lunar eclipse
All I want is to kiss you

I want to touch you
But I don't know if I'm allowed to

I can spend my night asking you
To see you tomorrow again

The night is beautiful
When I feel you close to me

Kiss me all night
So I can see the stars reflecting in your eyes

I want to last forever in your arms
My head against your body

You are so beautiful
Just like Montmartre during the night

I have been waiting for you
In the capital of love

Now I feel complete
And finally at my place
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