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Oct 2022 · 637
When I was younger I'll always start my poem with the usual cliché
"Roses are red,  violets are blue. I am not good with words but know I love you."

When I grew older , I started with something like this
"I want you in my forever
I have never been this happy about tommorow."

A little bit after that, maybe three years later, it turned to this
"I'm never falling in love again
Twice bitten
If there's a third time. Call me a fool"

But, now....
I guess I'm older and wiser and I've learnt to move one. I'll start with,
"Thank you for stopping by. I'd cherish the memories we made "
It's been a long time........
When we meet now... it's like you don't even know my name.
When we meet now... it's like we've been a joke to you.
When we meet now... it's more painful than going to work.
When we meet now... it's like I'm surrounded with smoke. It's hard to breathe.
When we meet now... it's like those kisses meant nothing to you.
When we meet now... it's like those hugs meant nothing to you.

Now, I don't know why?
Now, I can't go back.

Because, when we meet now... it's like those ten years meant nothing to you.

Ten years of a person's life is not something that can be easily replaced.
Did I seem desperate when I told you I loved you?

Did I?

Is that why you could play with my heart ?

And still make me keep thinking of you till this extent.

Did I seem pitiful to you?

Is that why you kept on asking me those questions?

And made me overthink every one of your actions?

Did I seem like a fool to you?

Is that why you played along with me so well?

And made me fall in deeper and deeper and deeper each and every day.

Did I seem so easy to you?

Is that why you don't want to get the heck out of my head... my heart?

And even in your absence I still love you.

This is how I really feel inside.

But when they ask me about you?

I look em straight in the eye and say... the past is past, I've forgotten about him

actually I'm trying to tell myself those words
This is a love story I can only hide here ... Not many people around me in the real world understood that I really fell for him.
Tears pour out every minute....
It seems like all would be better if I just faded away. It felt like the Earth's upside down and I am  the only one standing straight.
       No matter what I did, I couldn't just join the world.
When I finally got the grasp of things, I felt weird. I looked like another person when standing in front of the mirror.
        I felt like this when I get back home from a long day at work.
I don't like the Job.
I don't like the People.
I don't like being a star.

Then... I finally met 'Jayden'
We dated for a while.
Not six months.
Not six years.
For ten years.
Oct 2021 · 136
How can you move on?
Personally, I don't think one can move on...
You can say....
We find something or someone distracting
If you really said I LOVE YOU...
and meant it...
Moving on is not an option...

We broke up but we are still friends...
Then you didn't mean it
it was just an infatuation... lust?
but, you didn't mean it
If I say I love you...
Then.... I DO.

Think of me anyhow you like but if I'm asked
How can you move on?
I can't... cause I said  "I love you"
I can't... cause I meant those words.
I can't... cause I was real.
This is what I feel and think...
What's yours?
Jul 2020 · 74
An hour
An hour can sometimes feel like eternity but,
Can sometimes also feel like a moment; a second passed by.
Time waits for no man
Jul 2020 · 57
I can not express how happy I feel right now.

My body won't stop jumping and smiling.
Am speechlessly HAPPY!!!!!
Jul 2020 · 107
Makes you say something you don't want to,

To the people you love the most
You just blurt it out
And later hate yourself ...
Jul 2020 · 292
Love kite
You more
Than you think
I need you more than
You can ever imagine or dream
It's like a disease without a known cure, a drug that's so addictive
I can't do without you
Life's complete
With you
I think it looks like a kite
Jun 2020 · 81
The tears won't
Fix the mistakes
stop crying
Jun 2020 · 123
My poems
Our Love story
Is the lyrics to my songs
and the lines of my poems
I think its got lots of meaning
Jun 2020 · 69
I gave you so many chances
And now I regret
Some people Never change
Jun 2020 · 98
He said ' Your lips taste like strawberry' on our first night out when we kissed.
I begin to wonder if he still uses that line with her.
How does he treat his new girlfriend.
Jun 2020 · 138
Jun 2020 · 48
Because you squeezed every drop of love for you from me ...
He wants me back?
In his dreams
Jun 2020 · 126
Your love for me was like a candle
It melted every second...

I was oblivious till the last moment
When you broke my heart...

Jun 2020 · 114
Am actually hurt
But its a good pain
I shouldn't have expected more
But I still love you
Why is there always a but?
Jun 2020 · 98
He should be
So I'll always be on his mind
He should always put on a smile
because that's my kind
Man of my dreams1
Jun 2020 · 88
I always try not to cry
I always try to put on a happy face

I always try to think everything is going to be fine
I always try to forget

I always try to focus on me
I always try to get distracted

I always try not to miss you
I always try to stop loving you

I always try to try
I always try to love without you

Am trying new things every one
When it was just you and I
Am wishing to go back in time
To freeze those moments
Sometimes you wish you could go back in time to change some mistakes or to relive some perfect times...
Jun 2020 · 78
Who am i ?
Am trying to find the answer
Am trying to take on new ideas
Am trying to grow up
To find myself in the world
Some people tend to follow the crowd and forget themselves.
I want to find me.
Jun 2020 · 79
Two and never...
I eagerly ran but was stopped by a bomb
The pain rushed in and I became numb

There is a secret I try to hide
But I feel I can no longer abide

You are so uncool
I am no longer a fool

Am no longer going to be with a person
Whom I feel should be in prison

Am no longer going to fake
Cause all you give is an heartache

Am ready to let go
No longer going to stoop low

You want me to be your ONE and ONLY
I'll rather stick with your TWO and NEVER...
Just felt like writing..
Jun 2020 · 56
He is my father
He is My teacher
he is My best friend
he is My leader

He is a warrior
he is a struggler
he is a survivor

He is handsome
he is smart
he is strong

He is My father
Happy father's day
To all dads out ther
Jun 2020 · 44
My dream
I was told to follow My dream.
i did.
My dream was you.

You turned out to be My nightmare.
Do dreams Come true?
Jun 2020 · 83
I love chocolate chip cookies
How my mama makes it
I love going out to the movies
Crunching popcorn with my teeth

This is how I spend my weekends without you
This is the new ME
My life is complicated.
I have major mood swings these days
Jun 2020 · 47
Did you?
Looking back to our past
I wonder if you really LOVED me
Did you?
Just want to know to move on completely.
But am a coward now when in front of you.
I am afraid to face. I feel like the one year with you was for nothing.
Jun 2020 · 40
Staying and leaving
Staying with you
sometimes annoying

Staying with you
sometimes drive my insane

Staying with you
sometimes wears me out

Leaving you will
be my greatest mistake

Leaving you will
make me a fool

Leaving you will
make my life boring

Leaving you will
turn life upside down

It will be like hell on earth
I would love to find the perfect answer
even though nothing is really perfect.

(Not really a poem)
Jun 2020 · 143
I was reminded of something important
Nothing is really permanent

He was always going to leave
And I still have to live
Getting back up
Jun 2020 · 62
Looking into your eyes
Everything falls into the right places

Holding your hands
Everything now seems perfect

You by my side always
Was all the protection I needed

a felling I would never forget
But now they are all memories
When I think of you all i can do is cry
Jun 2020 · 130
You promised
You promised not to
let go
You promised not to

You promised you'll never
look back
You promised you'll never

You promised not to
break me
You promised not to
rip my heart

You promised you'll never
make me cry
You promised you'll never
leave me

You promised not to ever break any of your promises
Your words not mine
Jun 2020 · 147
I still remember
I still remember that time
I picture it so clearly
I still remember our song
When I was your one and only

I still remember how it felt
I held you so firmly
I still remember our letters
When you loved me so dearly
Why does it still hurt?
Jun 2020 · 90
He said "I Love you"
Walking down the creepy Alley
Then suddenly you were attacked
He appeared out of no where
And you were saved

He walked you home
You became friends
He did not tell you his name
You then think if you should call

A cliche story, of course
But an unforgettable one
Because He said "I Love you"
Cliche is sometimes the best cause it hard to have a real big heart break when you know what might happen next
Jun 2020 · 201
When i look into the mirror
i see a star
who's no longer gonna be afraid

When i step out of my house
i take on a mission
which is going to make me stronger
Jun 2020 · 44
Life is going to
Pick you
Kick you
Beat you
Hit you
Sometimes it doesn't live a loophole for you to retaliate
But even in those 'sometimes' there is a  loophole
You just got to
Pick YOU up, yourself
Kick YOU up to your limit
Beat life in its own game by,
Hitting the perfect spots
My favorite female singer DOLLY PARTON once said
“The way i see it, If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain”

Don't end life ...... Fight for it
Jun 2020 · 57
Am sorry.
I try an convince My self to stop crying
You lead me in and i fell miserably
All i am left doing now is regretting
But its cool we met fortunately.

I don't want to be your mistress
I don't want to hurt My best friend
I will wholeheartedly take on this love stress
Am sorry to... Cause i was so stupid

Goodbye our love story has come to an end

By Angelica Enegbuma
When you think you round the right one, the world hits you with an excuse
Jun 2020 · 48
Love is hope
When you feel all hope is lost
and he wraps his hands around your waist
He whispers " Am still here.."
you don't always need a crowd. Just that one person
Jun 2020 · 146
My friends say our love story is now a thing of the past
But you are still with me in the present
I remember when we once talked about our future
But you shattered my heart into infinity.
Love hurts sometimes
Jun 2020 · 122
Why did he have to die?
Why did he have to die?
This is a question I'll love to ask that person who once called him self a 'police officer'

Did George **** your wife?
Did George kidnap your child?
Did George rob your house?

I am trying hard to think about another reason for his death and not just because his BLACK.

You killed because of the colour of the skin?
That is messed up.
Am thinking candidates who want to become police officers in the future should screened real hard.

it is going to be more that just protests if this happens again.

there are definitely innocent police officers both white and blacks
Jun 2020 · 125
You don't have to change
ACTIONS  are done with REASONS
when they kick you out
they have their reasons

When they spit on you
they are jealous of you

You are GOOD then you are GOOD
When they gossip about you
they are afraid of your future achievements

When they ignore you
they are giving you free time to improve on yourself

Life can be a lot frustrating
You can be you if you want to be you
The entire world is a mess
But there is no need to stress
Because thankfully it ain't from a war
We just got to play our part

This is a real life pandemic
But there is no need to panic
Because we all Know there ain't a cure
We just got to play our part

The protest going on in the US
Is a good thing. Just remember
We just got to play our part.
No one is going to play our part for us
Jun 2020 · 300
It is normal for humans to cry
because we fell pain

  It is normal for humans to fall
because we breakdown

It is NOT normal for humans to give up
because we fall and cry
because we are 'HUMANS'

It is normal to get back up
after crying and falling
That should be your Motto.
don't give up on anything please
Jun 2020 · 175
Do I like you?

I now know where to stand
To get the truth I always fand

Sometimes I run
Because with you is no fun

I was told love was beautiful
Sincerely, with you everywhere is blank

The clock is ticking
I can't remain thinking

Do i like you?
I don't get you...

The answer is NO.
Sometimes you feel indebted to stay by someone's side even when your heart aches. If he or she truly love you...
He or she got to let you go.
Jun 2020 · 53
Missing Item
An open space is in my heart
something that hasn't been filled for years
I yearn for that missing item

A deep wound surfaced in me
So painful that it leaves me breathless
I search for that missing item

An item that the blind can see
An item that the deaf could hear
I dream for that missing item

That missing item known as LOVE
Love heals everything
May 2020 · 25
Pain and Regret.
Tears, that's what gushed out
Pain overshadowed love in my heart
I don't know what it was all about
I am just simply BROKEN apart

I stared into your eyes
How could this even be?
All you ever told were lies
And that's what really hurts me

Those moments with you
I would never forget
The time I said YES was true
But now I will forever regret.
Where do broken hearts go to heal themselves?
May 2020 · 44
I came around first at your BIRTH
I gave pain and don't REGRET
I travel with you for the rest of your LIFE

As life goes on
You hate me sometimes and wish me gone
You love me sometimes and wish for me to never go

Unlike your birth you got two choices at death; PAIN OR PEACE
you got to cry at birth or you might be said to be dead. A choice not to cry at death can be easy or hard.

Pain and then peace NOT pain and then pain again.
May 2020 · 68
Imaginary Girlfriend
By: Enegbuma Angelica

During night time
I looks out my window
I gaze at the moon
All I think about is you and it makes me wonder...
If you are safe
If you are happy
If you are sad

But, I can only try and picture
your perfect eyes
your beautiful smiles
your sweet voice
you **** body

you are always on my mind
i wonder if you really exist or
if you are just a girl of my IMAGINATION
sometimes your imagination is what gives you hope and happiness ...

— The End —