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An hour can sometimes feel like eternity but,
Can sometimes also feel like a moment; a second passed by.
Time waits for no man
I can not express how happy I feel right now.

My body won't stop jumping and smiling.
Am speechlessly HAPPY!!!!!
Makes you say something you don't want to,

To the people you love the most
You just blurt it out
And later hate yourself ...
You more
Than you think
I need you more than
You can ever imagine or dream
It's like a disease without a known cure, a drug that's so addictive
I can't do without you
Life's complete
With you
I think it looks like a kite
Fix the mistakes
stop crying
Our Love story
Is the lyrics to my songs
and the lines of my poems
I think its got lots of meaning
I gave you so many chances
And now I regret
Some people Never change
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