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Anmol Kiran Aug 31
Sometimes i wnna write everything which i perceive but i don't know how can i make hard   portray of the very things which i feel. Sometimes  my inner core  fed up from this circle where i have a lot of familiars but actually not a single one. And i realize one thing which is that,

        " The time which we spend with Ourselves is more peaceful , sleepy and memorable then that which we spend with others in gossips".

I sometimes feel to make myself cut from this surrounding where when we need someone then there would be no one and when we need not a single one then there would be so many...

We all know that this world  is perishable but why we do not realize one center which is that

""" Feelings , Emotions,, Heart and Beats are not perishable."

A portion comes in the life when u wnna say a lot of words but u wish  all the feelings convey to that person without making a single utterance by u. This world is going on due to the dependence on one another. Every one needs someone may a frnd , a close frnd, age fellow or may be a would be..
Everyone should spend some time with herself or himself  bcz

"Alienation is the best frnd to make u realize whether  r u wrong or right"??.  

And in urdu register u may say

" Tunhai insaan ki islaa ka bhtreen zuriyaa r zindgi ki bhtreen saathi hai..q k y apko kbhi b tunha nhi chorti.."
Anmol Kiran Aug 31
This world is perishable.
Feelings, Emotions, Heart and Beats are not perishable.
Anmol Kiran Aug 31
Even people cannot control the process of their inhaling & exhaling ..

   " So which of the Favours of your Lord
    would U deny"??
Anmol Kiran Aug 31
Purity is like dew
   Which inhales soul and takes all the     negativity away
Anmol Kiran Aug 29
Million of sorrows fixed in patches lay
Sister of Hussain (R.A) in a state of sigh

You, the senseless enjoyed Eid's settler
I, the laments highest on bro's martyr

Cruelest, feelings of damns no shell
Thus, getting down see us the fire of hell

Doubtedly, set somewhere in working slash
Dayum horrible light of vivid flash

— The End —