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Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
saw a tasty treat
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
thought the taste so sweet
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
licked his sticky lips
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
spitting out the pips
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
looked around for more
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
ate an apple core
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
rolled into a ball
Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
loved the fruits of fall
Behind my old house
once grew a mango tree;
last year they chopped it down
to build a highway, toll free.

It never inspired much awe or poetry
it was like other mango trees,
under which I played since I was three
and was home to some possessive bees.        

When strong winds blew
it never bowed,
its branches somehow grew
that is until now.

The ground on which it stood
is now covered with asphalt,
and it will never be understood
as to who was really at fault.

And as for the bees
well, I never did like them,
but then you see
they were here longer than I am.

My neighbors and cousins
with whom I had lots of fun,
seek all sorts of reasons
why now we have none.

I can only say, for what's worth
when the Almighty does an inventory,
He may label planet Earth
"An old cemetery".
By celestial shores is there burnished gold
More fair than I see in my lover's eyes,
Or seraphs whose pulchritude to behold
Nears my queen's opalescence of the skies?
For though I know days will fade into night,
And nights will evermore melt into day,
But my love, like as hues of the sun's light
That ever glows the same, so shall it stay
With constance like as tides of gushing time
That neither man nor birds of skies above
Can dare grasp, but watch 'em roll clime to clime.
So, as far as lives time, so shalt my love,

   For like as water doth abound the sea,
   So doth her love upon a heart of mine.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 9/1st/2019.
#Shakespearean sonnet #Unto she who will never read it.
Serene words
are like good seeds
planted in the mind.
Watered by the smile
that will bloom for miles.
In your eyes, I find a map,
And so far it has led me past the stars
Into a galaxy of happiness and joy,
Through my own heart and into yours,
And it has showed me
Our love is a universe,
Expanding and compounding continuously,
But this expedition has brought me no treasure to display in my trophy case
And that just wont cut it anymore.
So for now-
I'll just head back up to the stars.
Perhaps I'll find you there too.
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