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Kiara Hoxie Jan 2019
Under your gaze I was lovely
Like the bright sun rising over the gray clouds
You filled the sky with shining stars above me
You promised me there was no doubts

But now your arrogant boasting crushes me
I become so insignificant and small
Like a blade of grass flattened by a falling tree
Now I don't recognize you at all

The insults and jabs are plenty
Though you search for those old stars
But my night sky is black and empty
As is my shrinking heart
Kiara Hoxie Jan 2019
The child holds in their hand a stunning flower
Beautiful, exotic and rare
They pull the glowing flower apart in a colorful shower
The soft, velvety petals rip and tear
Fluttering slowly to the ground
The bright pieces stand out against the gloomy floor
No one can hear the flower's silent screeching sound
Of being ripped from the core
The wind blows the fading petals into the dark abyss
The child tosses the stem aside, and skips away in bliss
Kiara Hoxie Dec 2018
The cold, dark sky spreads
Threatening to engulf the world below
The trees and forest disappear in gloomy shreds
As the sun's rays fail to show

Shadows stretch into hills and valleys
Oceans and rivers grow freezing and black
Darkness continues to rally
In a pattern impossible to track

Under the blanket of the night sky
The earth is cold and still
Bushes, plants and flowers wilt and die
In the shade the world has willed
Kiara Hoxie Dec 2018
Over the mountains you may find
The wind blowing clouds over the sky
Lovely flowers blooming
Under the mountains looming
The wind will sigh
Making the trees wave
The reeds will cry
Their joyful tune
The daffodils will dance
In the bright light of noon
And the willows will shake
With every breath the wind takes
Kiara Hoxie Nov 2018
Jumping off a cliff into crashing blue waves
Sledding down a hill of powdery snow
Running across a golden horizon
Spending time with people I love and faces I know
Listening to soft melodies of music
Even doing dull chores
Planting something new
Breathing in the misty, fresh outdoors
Just simply laughing
Climbing up an old pine tree
To live each day of life
Every moment is the reason for me
I submitted this poetry for a scholarship drawing and won the topic "of faith and inspiration;" however, I did not win the drawing.
Kiara Hoxie Nov 2018
Waves of blue melancholy and emptiness
Hope these waves end
Please let me rest
Let me feel alright, or at least pretend

Ambitions echo in my ears
These chords appear upbeat
Goals, plans to improve from here
Determination is on repeat

The waves of sorrow crash harder
The crashing floods my senses
They pull me down farther
I succumb to the darkness

There are never cries of joy
Nor moments of peace
This life I will never enjoy
Until these waves cease

— The End —