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Logan L Aug 7
The birds
The grass
The trees
Whoever's listening
The earth
The sky
Whoever walks on by
Can come sit, here with me
Sit by the maple tree, she likes the

And when we sing softly
to her
she likes, to hear our gentle words
out time, our care
are woven in her hair, blocks the sun
from her eyes, when it sets, we say goodbye
to our tree
Maple Leaf
A thing for Maple Leaf who grows in my backyard :)
Logan L Sep 2021
Count, breathe, read
60 seconds and again
Two more times, get up, walk
Count, don't hold
Your breath
Drink some water
Don't forget to
Breathe in
Logan L Sep 2021
I woke up
Waves splish splash
I hardly notice the sting of the wind
the shift of the sand
shift the towel
off my face?
my eyes catch the rays
long red strands of sun connect to my nose
Claws raised in defense
I blink the sun away
to see my body
bright red carapace
I have slept too long
Logan L Aug 2021
Sprint away
Rip your ******* skin off
Until you're something
Not so useless
A leather couch
To sink inside
Logan L Aug 2021
It's right there in the car
Just 4 steps to the door
3 steps further to the driveway
Lean in toward your center council
You'll have to tell your therapist
You'd never hurt yourself bad
Just enough
Because thats what you do when youre upset  right?
Logan L Aug 2021
Wow so deep
So complicated
So philosophical in your phrasing
Your diction astounds me
Almost as much as the metaphor that surrounds it
Aren't you a special little poet
You should show this to everyone you ever love
And then never write again
Logan L Nov 2020
My fingers freeze at the keys of my computer
Sounds suffocating thought, a block piercing my skull, amplifying distraction
Stubby frozen appendages, flail limply on my hand
I escape inside my head, the taste of rot drowns my senses
I tounge the flesh between my teeth, preserved in a sea of salt
I can’t feel
I can’t see
I can’t hear
Irrational thought, afraid, screaming at the dark
Puffy red eyes look back at me, they look away
My feet are wet, my clothes damp with sweat
A sea of shame, ropes grow like forests of seaweed
Grasping, Hating
Pulling me below the surface
I kick, scream, dislocating toes then foot then leg, fighting to breathe
Slipping through it’s grasp I swim, tears streaking down my face
And the sea gets deeper, darker, waiting
Until I drown
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