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Kerstin Newsted Oct 2020
Rotting flesh
Something isn't right
Troubling smell
Aching heart
Darkness closing in
Silence echoing loudly
Shadows claw their way through your heart
You're breathing stops
It's inching closer every second
The emptiness
Kerstin Newsted Oct 2020
I'm afraid
The darkness is closing in
Stealing my breath
Choaking me slowly

I'm afraid
Being pushed like a pin
Feeling like death
Not very holey

I'm afraid
I don't want to live alone
Empty, unfulfilled and lacking
That not the life I want to live

I'm afraid
The darkness, I own it
It wont let me forget when I'm packing
No matter where I want to live

I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
Kerstin Newsted Oct 2020
Hot, wet, nasty and painful.
Why is that all they want to do?

I just want someone to hold my hand,
make me smile and laugh.
Why cant I find someone who wants that too?
I'm not hard to please.
Kerstin Newsted Oct 2020
Why does it hurt so bad?
We weren't anything
but your rejection stings.

You said all the right things,
I fell for all your promising.
I guess its my fault, at least just a tad.

Tell me please,
what happened,

You spoke with ease.
Then ghosted

Why does it hurt so bad?
We weren't anything
but your rejection stings.
Kerstin Newsted Oct 2020
it's not enough
it was never enough
so how can i be enough
when before it was all i had
Kerstin Newsted Oct 2020
I can't prove a negative
I can't give you evidence
For something that isn't happening
I'm not cheating on you
I can't
I won't
Make things up
I won't lie to you to prove something isn't happening
That only makes it worse
So I'll continue to do nothing
Maybe one day you'll get the point
That I really do love you
Kerstin Newsted Jun 2018
The past can tear at you
It can cut you open
Leave you with inflected rotting wounds
It can twist the blade deeper
Until you're begging to die
And worst of all
It can take you back
Make you feel like you did then
Rip your heart from your chest
And leave you without
Thank god it can't make you that person again
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