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We are not all seen equal
Not when blacks are seen as evil
Not when Gender-queers
Are simply 'insecure'
Not when women need to watch what they wear
Because otherwise men don't have to care

What if the next black child that was harmed
Was your own?
What if the next transgender beaten
was you brother?
What if the next woman defiled
was you?

Then would your views change?
(to the tune of "12 days of Christmas")

On the first day of Christmas
my mommy made me
               A batch of my favorite cookies

On the second day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Two apple pies

On the third day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Three basted turkeys

On the fourth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Four deviled eggs

On the fifth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Five pumpkin pies!!!

On the sixth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Six honey hams

On the seventh day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Seven gooey brownies

On the eighth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Eight malted milkshakes

On the ninth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Nine banana muffins

On the tenth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Ten yucky yams

On the eleventh day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Eleven pickled peppers

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my mommy made me
                       Twelve ears of corn
This was written with my daughter Alexis Kicielinski. A collaboration with her a challenge we gave ourselves. From two foodies to all of you.  May your holidays sparkle!
There's one less set of footprints
upon my bedroom floor,
there's half as many clothes
behind the closet door.

There's a lonely set of arms
that used to embrace its pair,
there's one less person here
but one more vacant chair.

There's a heart that was once overflowing
and bursting from the soul,
but it seems that just a half
can claim the very whole.

Somethings can be mended,
but never replaced by another.
In empty beds we learn
how to live without each other.
I want to tell you of a special man
Who looks after me, and holds my hand
You may ask "how can this be? "
"When he loves so far across the sea? "
It's very easy, As you will see
I was sad and scared, the next I knew
I was recieving a file over Yahoo!
As I opened the file my eyes filled with tears
I've never recieved such a gift in all my years
There on the screen was a picture of his hand
One that he had just recently scanned
I looked at his hand and of all the gifts I have ever recieved
None have compared to the thought
Of him sending me his hand to hold
It was better then diamonds
Better then gold
It was sent with love for me to hold
Before I went to bed tonight
I just had to let you know
That my love for you is strong
And will continuously grow

Before I went to bed tonight
I thought that you should hear
That every moment we spent together
I hold so very dear

Before I went to bed tonight
I had you on my mind
I thought of things you've done for me
Things from a heart so kind

I hope this poem makes you happy
If only for awhile
But I'd gladly write a million
Just to see you smile

I know this sounds crazy
Just like I've lost my head
But I had to let you know
Before I went to bed
Oh lord
What a handsome man I see
Each time your vision fills my mind
I'm overcome with passions deep
An urgent yearning
That makes me blind
And for a time..  I forget
That we are lovers torn apart
So on from sunrise to sunset
I quench the fears, within the heart
This man has offered happiness
much more then I have known
This man has offered comfort
when I felt sick and all alone

This man has offered laughter
and the best of life to be
This man has had compassion
he sees the good in me

This man had offered love
with a heart so pure and fine
This man has offered serenity
he gives me peace of mind

This man has shared my life with me
Together, side by side
This man... He is my husband
And I am proud to be his wife
Rest in peace my love
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