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Kelsey Apr 30
I’ve known you for some time
Everybody around me knows your name
Don’t hide my emotions about you
Smiling whenever I hear your name
This introduction of you is something new
I wanted to see you
Made it clear as day
You came over
Introduced me to a new world
I know you
I’m comfortable
When the time comes of me saying goodbye to you
I don’t think I’m going to make it
I’m weary we won’t talk again
Gave you my body, know you’re satisfied with my decision
This introduction of you is something new
But you warned me, a couple years ago
I didn’t listen
Now, I’m writing you a whole *** book
For you to understand me and embrace this new side of me
entered in a new world, the introduction of you
Kelsey Apr 30
I never told you this before, but you are worthy
I love you. I love you even after the world ends
I love you even after God calls you home
I love you and I’ll continue to find you in different lifetimes
I love you. I love you. I love you
We’re going through this life together and even though we’re scared as hell, I know we’ll have each other
Because your love is that strong to me, I can't imagine being somebody else in this lifetime
would you find yourself in a different lifetime too?
Kelsey Apr 8
The norm is being with a man who doesn’t take you seriously
Plenty of women in my family have gone through struggle love
The norm to get your heart broken
“Guys do that”
It has become okay that they do us *****
It has become okay to curse them out over phone or text, with tears streaming down our faces
Why do we have to fight for them?
Why do we have to prove that we should be worthy to them?
The norm is being with a man who uses us for ***
The women in my family know all too well about a man who couldn’t give a **** about them
This **** is taking its course
Why should I wait around for him? Why should I give him the benefit of the doubt?
Why should I show him my vulnerability?
Knowing he'll take it for granted
Have you ever felt used before?
Kelsey Nov 2021
This pain is passing through like kidney stones
Painful Days
Kelsey Nov 2021
I'm not my mistakes
Life hasn't treated me that well
But I forgive it
has life been treating you well?
Kelsey Nov 2021
The words that you say to me breaks my heart
The only love that I wanted in this world was yours
What am I going to do now that you’ve broken my stem?
Can’t look at anybody else because mentally, I’m comparing them to you
Telling myself to let you go but how is that possible when I prepared myself for your love
I prepared myself to love you and be a completely different person
The way that you looked at me told me that this could last forever
Now I’m completely lost because what you did to me completely broke me
The only love that I wanted in this world was yours
What am I going to do now that you’ve broken my stem?
the sun’s a dying star, already told you
Kelsey Oct 2021
At ten, if I had proceeded with my plan
Would a violin play?
I keep telling myself I don’t like pain and I don’t want to die if it takes too slow
One day, the sun will consume earth
And when that time comes
Play me a violin
Play the instrument I wish to hear when I make my exit
Out of the respect of ten-year-old me who continued to suffer because she was afraid of being unsuccessful
Can you play me a violin, when I make my exit?
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