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Kelsey Mar 9
I've shamed myself for giving a ****
Not realizing that was a gift
Still able to feel after all these years
I'm a sensitive being
Kelsey Feb 24
I hope I'm alive in somebody's heart
Changing my mindset on my own worth
I hope I'm alive in somebody's heart
Keeping me alive with every beat in their pulse
Kelsey Feb 23
I just wanna skip to the part where I know what I’m doing
Kelsey Feb 8
Took me some time to accept you
Took me some time to appreciate you
But my whole entire existence is surrounded by you
I get out the shower
Curls wet

Step #1. Take an old, raggedy *** t-shirt or a microfiber towel and damp the curls semi-dry

Step #2. Take a detangle brush, start from the ends of your hair and comb up to the roots of your hair  

Took me some time to learn you, how to care for you

Step #3. Take a small comb and part your hair down the middle, which will expose your scalp

Step #4. Take some oil and oil the curls, massage the oil into  your scalp

I was once told you’re all I got, got a pretty face but with you, I’m on top of the list
Strangers telling me not to cut you off
You make me different, worth loving

Step #5. Take some hair moose and comb it through your hair

Step #6. Take some hair honey or some leave in conditioner and comb that through, too

Step #7. Then, take some hair gel and scrunch it up in your hair so it can make the curls pop

I question, if I ever leave you, would I still be desirable?
Would I be worth every compliment I was ever given, even as a child?

Step #8.  Take the old t-shirt and scrunch the ends of the curls and from there, you can air dry or use a diffuser

How come I take care of you but you don’t take care of me?
Repeating affirmations on how much I love you
Women comb their fingers through you, wishing they had you
Men telling me I’m attractive, all while staring you up and down, with a slick smile on their face
Took me some time to know that you are not me
Still have time to understand that I don’t need you
Careful with my words cause the universe likes to prove people wrong but how come my existence is revolved around you?
How come I understood self-love through you, even though you never taught me how to love myself without you?
Kelsey Dec 2022
I don't wanna be in my skin
Knowing I don't belong to you
Kelsey Oct 2022
You’ve made me numb to real love
How can I ever forgive you?
Kelsey Oct 2022
Leave me by, I say
You abandoned me
Told me you'll never would
What changed your perception of me?

You abandoned me
If you would've given the time
My anger would've subsided
Would have changed myself for you

If you would've given the time
I wouldn't have been your broken project
Taken me seriously, describing me with more words than just easy
Would've meant it when you told me you'll never ghost me
Have you ever been ghosted by somebody?
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