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ffn May 2019
Just a pen and a cap
Made perfectly for each other
Fitting together tightly
But the cap has been chewed on
And no longer fits
Just like plastic
ffn Apr 2019
So I cut my hair
And changed my barbells
Switched out my hoop
And bought new clothes
Rearranged my room
Changed shampoos
But still I feel the same
ffn Apr 2019
I don't write very well
I can't find a flow
All over the pages
Every word goes

I don't write very well
The words don't make sense
Sometimes it feels better
To write in past tense

I don't write very well
But I need to express my emotions
And separate my thoughts
From this world's commotions
ffn Apr 2019
I thought new hands on my skin
would burn
My skin is healthier than ever
I don't feel your fingerprints anymore
ffn Apr 2019
I fell so easily
Into your mold
What I thought would be warm
Is now so cold
I set the oven
To 300 hundred degrees
The only thing I feel now
Is your bitter freeze
You didn't follow the recipe
ffn Mar 2019
Temperature rising
I feel I can breathe
Express my emotions
Be happy, at ease
Finally able to think clearly
ffn Feb 2019
Deeper and deeper the further I go
There's no light around me
No room left to grow
My mind is uncertain
My heart set in stone
Deeper and deeper and further from home
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