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ffn 7d
So I cut my hair
And changed my barbells
Switched out my hoop
And bought new clothes
Rearranged my room
Changed shampoos
But still I feel the same
ffn Apr 4
I don't write very well
I can't find a flow
All over the pages
Every word goes

I don't write very well
The words don't make sense
Sometimes it feels better
To write in past tense

I don't write very well
But I need to express my emotions
And separate my thoughts
From this world's commotions
ffn Apr 4
I thought new hands on my skin
would burn
My skin is healthier than ever
I don't feel your fingerprints anymore
ffn Apr 3
I fell so easily
Into your mold
What I thought would be warm
Is now so cold
I set the oven
To 300 hundred degrees
The only thing I feel now
Is your bitter freeze
You didn't follow the recipe
ffn Mar 23
Temperature rising
I feel I can breathe
Express my emotions
Be happy, at ease
Finally able to think clearly
ffn Feb 7
Deeper and deeper the further I go
There's no light around me
No room left to grow
My mind is uncertain
My heart set in stone
Deeper and deeper and further from home
ffn Jan 18
Every one knows cigarettes and liquor
Are temporary
Rough *** and late drives end as quickly as they began
You stop tripping and rolling once you wake up
How foolish of me to think you were forever
I got a tattoo instead.
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