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 Dec 2019 Kee
Ashly Kocher
A new life is coming to be
A new life for you and me
Even if it was unexpectedly
We are happy as can be
To meet you in 2020
When we become a family

Arriving July 2020
I wrote this for my niece who just told me she is expecting
 Nov 2019 Kee
Infamous one
 Nov 2019 Kee
Infamous one
Grew up on the ghetto side of town
How you claim to be loyal
You been snitching all this talk
Claiming to be a player
Saying I love you doesn't make sense
Words don't go in the same sentence
Questioning the logic
Trying to make sense of it all
Caught in a lie stop with the nonsense
 Dec 2018 Kee
 Dec 2018 Kee
Is home a place?
Is home a person?
Is home a feeling?
Is home a suspension of our four dimension location?
For some it is all of the above.
A feeling of acceptance and security, with that person, at a safe place with no regret of losing time.
I bet we bless the day that person was born.
My home, my favorite feeling, my warmest secure place to be.
 Dec 2018 Kee
Joyce Joadiyce
I love the stars for a reason I don't know
All I wanna know hides like a pebble on a dirt road
Please reveal this secret only God knows
Come even if I don't know

I just want to let go
Cause I love you so
I want to let you know
I believe in the other worlds planets

I just wanna be your friend
Come to Earth awesome
Come to Earth on a mission of peace
I would be overwhelmed with glee if you would please

Our world falls flat even when it's round
Because earthlings r not to mess around
Fighting one another shouts loud
But I just want to meet the aliens

Starry twinkling of lights and stars down the road for ours
Dreams like for to the worlds
Crazy dreams the planets of ours

I don't think we r ready as of yet
To the stars where there at
Moons ago did they come
Only left questions for our of world

It's been hundreds of years for you and me
To make contact with a species you've watched since infancy
Talking is far off the charts it seems
But the dream will last for what seems an eternity

You may share my poems
My world my  
       GIVEN TO ME by the angels

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
 Dec 2018 Kee
Joyce Joadiyce
The future ours
With humans amongst the stars
Far from home many planets
The galaxy of stars to be ours

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce

You may share my poems
 Dec 2018 Kee
Joyce Joadiyce
Alien 1

What the heck is happening
On that planet called Earth
Everyone is bonkers
To a point I don't know

Alien 2

Humans r crazy
On that planet called Earth
Pushing and stumbling
Like they are all alone

Hateful Alien

You're right you're right
They think their all alone
Why don't we get together
And shake them all up

Wonderfully Nice Alien
What kind of species
Does such a thing
Kindness is the answer
Or we must give up hope

Thoughtless Alien
They feel all alone
I'm afraid to say
If we did such a thing
Which species to blame

Alien 2
Let us all get together
And sing a pretty song
Send it to them
And watch from stars and planets

Please don't destroy us
You don't truly know
We're only beginning
Like you once were also
I want you to know
As technology improves
Earthlings will find a way
I honestly do promise you

Do you feel all alone
We r so sad
A moment there
Would end all that
I would call
If I could
There are no promises
I need to tell you

You may share my poems
 Dec 2018 Kee
Brady Wright
 Dec 2018 Kee
Brady Wright
I could tell you about our time
Of two people lost in a fire
I could tell you of warm satin
Warping the edges of forever
Melded by hot tears, unable to
Quench the darkened well inside my heart
It was a time when everything
Was forever and
Was never again
And every word we spoke was a tidal wave
Deliberate… Constant… Always…
And then it was no more
Oh how quickly you rocked
Back and forth
Back and forth
Sobbing like a child
In that instant
I could feel your soul
Being so honest with me
For the very first time
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