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Kayla Sep 24
The steady beat of deliberation
Echoes in my ears
As the heart of confidence
Intentionally screams,
Kayla Sep 5
Please stop.
Don’t play with my hair
Don’t kiss me like you care
It hurts more when the candid
Reality strikes leaving me to stand
Kayla Sep 5
I’m building towers of letters
Walls of words, and
Mountains of books.
I have fallen in love with
The way that some words
Cling together like soulmates.
The way that some sentences
Thread together
Like interlaced fingers;
Itching for more.
Hoping for more.
I hope that someday,
My walls will be high enough
To block out humanity
Protect my sanity
And create a
Kayla Aug 6
Just.. wait a second
Please stay with me
I quickly beckon,
Though you aren’t keen,
Just hide your weapon
Don’t make a scene,
Please don’t stray,
Too far away,
From my heaven.
Kayla Jul 31
There’s something beautifully tragic
About watching someone hit rock bottom.
There’s something lovely and dramatic
About watching you solve every problem,
Picking up every individual nomadic
Piece of yourself in the solemn
Face of adept compliance
With absolutely zero defiance.
Kayla Jul 22
There’s a little place
In the back of my head
It’s what I tend to embrace
When I’m lying in bed

I pretend I’m not lonely
I pretend I’m not scared
It’s where my testimony
Is one that I could share.

But in the morning when
The light shines through
It strips me, reveals my sin
Showing me the truth.
Kayla Jul 21
I am the master of illusions.
You see me— but you don’t.
You think you know me—
But if I don’t,
—You don’t.

I trick myself—
It’s funny you see—
This is the path—what I was lead to be,
I don’t want to BE anymore.
I just want to be free.
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