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Kayla Jun 2018
This ***** in my chest hammers
Sledging away at my ribcage
I can feel the shallow breaths enter my body but they somehow fail to reach my starving lungs
My punctured windpipe only delivering a whisper of oxygen
I can hear everything yet as the sound waves reach my ears it just turns into an incessant buzz
My eyes go out of focus and the world around me becomes a blur
I'm completely removed from my senses and everything that held me to reality is suddenly gone
Frantically I grasp for anything to keep me grounded but as my breath quickens and my heart thuds
The fear erupts and every coping mechanism I've memorized is lost in a sea of suffocating thoughts
Gasping for air as my adrenaline spikes and all fight in me collapses
Flight is the only option now but there is nowhere to go
All the walls are constricting tighter and tighter incasing me within
and I can't stop this panic that is just starting to begin

— The End —