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Katinka Aug 2020
This Girl
made of honey and glass
Her hair
like flowers in the grass

This Girl
which laugh is a delight
Her smile
like the sun so bright

This Girl
tastes like cigarettes and wine
Her eyes
believe it´s the way they shine

This Girl
scared in the dark at night
Her Heart
once broken but ready to fight
Katinka Jul 2020
I am a girl
a girl from the city
I am loud and noise
I speak my mind

You are a boy
a boy from town
you are quite and calm
you hide your mind

So I spoke my mind
and you weren't afraid
you spoke back
I was the one surprised

and since that day
you were the one
and you may be the boy
the boy from town

and since that day
I found the one
and I may be the girl
the girl from the city

bur right now
there is no  you and me
there is no city or town
there is just us
Katinka Jun 2020
I just wanna feel something
something other than now
something other than this
something other than me

I am so full of me
me and my mood swings
me and my anxiety
me and my stupid mind

I wanna get out of here
here, where the flowers don´t bloom
here, where the sun doesn´t shine
here, where the wind doesn´t blow

I want to feel
to feel the clouds cry
to feel the wind howl
to feel the sun burn
Katinka Apr 2020
I´d like to vanish
in the dark
so when the sun raises
I am gone

I don't want to be
in this world
so when the earth turns
I am gone

I wish to flee
from this life
so when the birds sing
I am gone

I gave up
the hope of morning
so when the moon vanishes
I will too
Katinka Mar 2020
I hate that you are so far away
and that I can´t change that

I hate the feeling you give me
and the longing for you

I hate that you're making me weak
and that you broke my walls

I hate how you can change my mood
and how it only takes seconds

I hate that I miss you so much
and that I love you so much

I hate how you are so far away
and how I still can´t change that.
Katinka Feb 2020
And I think I love you
But I don't ever think I can
Ever learn how to love just right
So run away from me
Run as far as your Dark brown eyes can see
Just as soon as you know
-Matt Maeson-

And I think I love you
Which is what scares me
because you are good
and I am me
I am bad at love
and I will always be

But I don´t ever think I can
tell you that I do
because I won´t believe
believe you do it to
since nobody ever will
at least I think this way

Ever learn how to love just right
because I love too much
and then to little
I push you away
to let you back in
it is how I am

So run away from me
or I will do
and then I stop
because I love you
and I hate you
with every inch of my body

Run as fast as your Dark brown eyes can see
those beautiful eyes
which I fell for
once and then twice
the way the shine
it drives me crazy

Just as soon as you know
how difficult it will be
how I cry in the night
and the things I don´t like
how I laugh when I´m scared
and cry once I´m mad

This song puts it in words
the things  I can´t say
The constant fear I hold
The fear of you and me
The fear what may be
Inspired by Matt Meason
Katinka Jan 2020
I loved him so much
And he loved me
But sometimes love isn't enough

When the fire distinguishes
And your left behind with ashes
Sometimes letting go hurts less

But we let go
And it hurts
It hurts more than before

And everything around me
It makes me think of him
And it feels like I forgot
Forgot how much we meant

And I can it feel it in my chest
My heart longing for him
But we both know
It was right to end it

But that doesn't make it easier
Because this feeling it won't go
And it hurts
A real physical pain

It feels like my heart is being torn apart
Like I could have a heart attack any second
But the worst thing about it is
I wouldn't even mind if my heart stopped
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