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Katelyn Apr 11
Stumbling through the town,
Alone in the night.
Violent memories clash around,
Enticing for my past sins

My body crumbles to nothing,
Each grain of ash lifeless
Katelyn Apr 10
How stupid of me-

I was a fool to think that I could ever mean anything to you.
Sorry for wasting your time.
Katelyn Apr 10
Shadows slink over my shoulder,
Whispering in my ear.
They tell of promises,
Spoken by the wicked night.

Black tendrils slowly wrap around me,
Around my wrists, and my neck,
Squeezing and tightening.
I can hardly breathe.

Where did I put my candle?
My ethereal light in this cascading dark....
But alas-
It seems I have no flame left within
Katelyn Apr 7
Be careful where you step,
For the fall will surely **** you.
Maneuver your way silently,
As to not awake the beast.

Be careful where you walk,
For the ground will surely crumble.
Tread slowly,
Since the cracks grow larger.

Be confident and sure,
For there is no going back.
The world has a spotlight on you,
One wrong move, and you plummet to your doom.
Katelyn Apr 5
The clock strikes midnight
And my tears stream down.
No noise comes out,
Body heaving.

I try to pinch myself awake,
But it is no use.
I'm not living in a dream
But instead trudging through a nightmare
Katelyn Apr 5
Trembling lips
Shaky hands
Pale face
Broken eyes

Someone save me.
Hands reach up from below,
Clawing at my skin.
I can't breathe.

A fire lit within,
That cannot be extinguished.
I'm going to burn up.
Won't anybody save me?

Katelyn Apr 5
The angels weep,
And God cries out.
The darkness closes in,
While the world begins to tremble.

Warriors fall from the sky,
With broken wings,
And shattered dreams.
A crimson cloud rains down.

It's all my fault-
There is no reversing this.
Corruption within my soul
Cannot be repaired.
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