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Kate 1m
I argued with the universe & lost again
some definition of insanity there

dangerous things creep to the door
cold & chilling as a marble floor

I hit them with the broom & push them
back into the twilight blue

your face becomes to freeze
wider & wider becomes the gyre
I am lost in its rings of fire

you cannot hear me as I sing

I cannot hear you as you speak
of wood & screws of news
of other living things

you see I am drowning
you do not lend a hand
the boys once laughed in the kitchen “cheers Phill”
poet Eminem listened too

you say you watched him sing
as amazing it was as anything
you look like him

what is it Catullus, why did you not die?
the oracle waits outside my door
I think she wanted something more

my heart become a butterfly
only in the garden can I fly
lost in the autumn winds

on the sofas in the evening light
between a wasteland creeps neither cry
it is the infinity of a lie

too many tears flood the fire
Phill Collins coming in the air
Eminem Stan
The references are often, just to understand my poems. Sometimes I listen to the songs before I write💛💛💛🦋🦋🦋
Kate 9h
on your dark warm
sacred hill
with your hands
you built
a small white chapel there

your paintings spread
lit only in the candle flames
ancient frescos of the saints

Jesus with his arms spread wide
flickering in the candlelight
the alter just of rough hewn stone

outside in darkness bats & moths fly
your paradise spreads under the moon

here we go naked stripped of mind
laughing & crying as we die

how could I not love you
how I not desire
to live within the garden of your fire
Kate 10h
I took the part of Viola in the night
as you were taken by the tide

in the wide & starry night
beauty’s heart was open wide

in my hand carried I
your clothes
& shoes, glasses & your pipe

in a scarlet & yellow bag for life
on my back was Caliban
Twelfth night
Kate 11h
Beautiful light fused in gold filtered through the fir trees came
soft needles were on the ground
heathers flow with shades of pink

a faintly aromatic smell the trees
sudden bird calls emerge & fade
as beautiful as a flute
as the Indian birds I heard
singing of a foreign song
sudden in the morning light

beauty takes me by the hand
there in the cathedral of light

wedded we for the life
I will be the first to die
it will be in ecstasy
in your eyes
Kate 11h
I found another like myself
is absurd as a Taoist poet
we wander in the woods
of art, wildly pointing at the trees
artists we, falling madly for
the falling leaves, ecstatic
for the autumn light, hearts
in love are muddled & bright
  16h Kate
Ashly Kocher
I would be due in a little
Over a month but I’m just left
With empty arms and a broken heart...
Wrote this in my last poem and it hit hard for me...
Sending my love to anyone who has had to encounter this pain of losing a baby at any stage of life.

Reposting this since it didn’t get a lot of notice and this piece is powerful.
Kate 21h
Deva sang here in this place
sat here on the cold stone floor
Wells cathedral
where I have stood
under me lay the dead

not happy with the chill of time
water & trees outside
call me
white swans drifting on the moat
own me
Deva sang to me
last night

Shakespeare calls me
from the past
now I know my line

he sang in beauty
before he went from the theatre door
into the infinite face of night
she brings it into starry life

Deva in thy orisons
be all my sins remembered
turned to light
Tat savitur varenyam
go softly with the sun god & his light
The last line is not a translation it is part of the poem
The Gayatri mantra from around the world Deva Premal
Nymph in thy orisons be all my sims remembered -Hamlet I always loved this line
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