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Kat Hagar Jan 2019
Everything stayed just the same
And so the lively little soul
Said "there is nothing here for me,
This world is growing old"
She packed up all her bags
Got ready for a new start
Said goodbye to all her friends
"I'll miss you all with all my heart"
She bought a ticket to Italy
Knowing not a word or phrase,
But laughed and wandered and saw a world
New to her in many ways
She traveled down to Egypt
To see marvels under the sun,
She met a man who lived by songs
He taught her how to have some fun.
Around and around the world she went
The lively little soul,
Learned all about the people
Who make this whole world whole.
And after twenty years,
She sent a little note
To her old life she left behind
"I don't miss you," she wrote.

insta: katowrites
Kat Hagar Nov 2018
When I was a little girl
I wanted to go far
So I'd look up at the sky
And say one day I'll touch the stars

After years and years
I finally made it there
But now I'm all alone
And all I feel's despair

The stars have all burned out
Leaving nothing in their wake
I wish I had realized sooner,
What I had at stake

Because the stars glittered like gold
And I couldn't stay away
So I told my friends and family
That I'll be on my way

But with everyday that passes
My oxygen's running low
The blackness is engulfing me
I wish I didn't go
Kat Hagar Nov 2018
My life is like a book
With you on every page
And I may be the chorus leader
But you're on center stage
Kat Hagar Nov 2018
We all know of the stories
Where the savior's but a teen
Fighting evils for glory
We all long to be that free

But there are shackles on my feet
Tied to the bottoms of my desk
They say the pencil holds the answer
If I'm looking to be the best

On the chalkboard is my future
And within the book is the cure,
To cure the world of evils
Of that, they seem so sure

But my eyes drift to the window
Where outside the whole world lay
I'm still shackled to my desk
And they tell us to stay

When the world lights up with flames
My generations safe inside
Because from the outside we're disconnected
We have a place to hide

While the adults look for heroes
To save them once and for all,
The kids filled with potential
Spend their days wandering the halls
Kat Hagar Nov 2018
As I sit and try to remember
A time so far long ago,
My soul is struck with pain
When the memories start to flow
And laughter rings in both my ears
And joy fills my heart
I start to remember how things went
When we were at the start.
The things I'd do to take it all back,
To start again from dust,
To save me all these tears I've shed,
And keep my heart from turning to rust
Because as years pass on and by
And I go on my way
I learn how important as a child
It is to cherish every day
Kat Hagar Nov 2018
Nobody ever knows
Where they’re going to go
Spending days only watching shows
Yet there’s still a whole world to behold.

If I could tell my ten year old self
Something to get her by
I’d say “chin up, dear
And keep your eyes on the sky.

The sky, it holds a map for you,
To follow with your heart
Showing all the things you could do
Trust me, darling, you’ll go far.

Don’t spend your days watching your shoes
Because falling’s apart of life,
And when you fall, cause that you’ll do
Don’t let your heart be filled with strife.”

If I could talk to ten year old me
I’d make sure she is ready.
The world is really something
If you’re on your feet and steady.
Kat Hagar Jan 2018
When I was little,
They told me "don't cry."
They said "be calm,
That's how you survive."

When I bleed,
Its okay, its just a little blood.
That little scrape above your knee,
Won't ever mean anything.

Now I'm grown,
And I don't shed a tear.
My wounds are inside,
And I cry when no one will hear.

My heart hurts,
My chest is leaden,
But I have to be tough,
Let no one in.

Because when I was little,
They said "don't cry."
They said "be calm,
That's how you survive."
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