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Better living,
better for me to have it done.
She was the world,
all of her ideas so round.
Always the down to Earth type,
so close to ground.

How do we listen for hope,
if we don't know the sound,
Bragg about wisdom,
with none of which found.
She's a world,
amongst all planets,
Who knows how to spin your words,
so beware fellas.

I'm not writing about a girl,
or a lady of such
Neither a lush woman,
a type to break your heart.
Nor a being,
to have you falling in love.

It's a piece on living,
written to be read by eyes of the living
All of us still breathing,
how's the life you're living
Playing it safe all the time,
not a risk of risking?

What are your aspects of life?

Take this aspect,
expect and accept what comes to be next.
Be it may you're desperate or depressed,
nothing keeps you away from the rest.

All aspects of time. Times of living.
All of what we are. A better end than a beginning.

A simple life of a human.
Burn away the old,
set a flame of things anew.
Yesterdays of old,
today's moment we'll always live.
As for all our tomorrows,
something always waits anew.

Your old self goes with time,
the opportunity to be a better new.
Whatever you choose,
let go of the past that holds.
Live in the endless possibilities of today,
waiting for the many more of you.
To not buy into the future,
but waiting for what's in store.

The old and new,
past and present,
The beauty of living is knowing what you live for.
Treat any the same
no matter what the race.
Despite what we chase,
why can't we chase away all racism?

(Chase for a better world)
You're only as strong
knowing your greatest weakness
If man knows not what they fight for,
why must he fight at all?

An open palm to aid the people,
closed one to protect things most cherished.

To force another to fight their battles,
shouldn't be as so.
One who cannot fight battles within them,
cannot fight the many more battles outwards.
If man knows not what they fight for,
why must he fight at all?

But if by any chance
one could win a war without fighting
and spilling blood
He'd be a fool not to take it.

One must know the worth
of what they fight for
to truly value it of it's all.

Be it,
family, integrity, ambitions or cause.
One fights with all that he has.
And only gives up
if they no longer have the strength of Lord.
has you working twice as hard
just to have someone else's average success.

At the base of that,
we've only learnt to work from the bottom.
A bottom where we met the idea of being depressed.

It's a mess,
not of ourselves,
but of the world we live in.

And for the misfortunate,
who cry out this anthem.
Does any in the world even tune in, to listen?
Feelings I wish I never had,
top pick, feeling this **** sad.
A story of an edible piece,
food for thought to make you think.

I cut a pear in half,
and admittedly had a pair.
My two bananas friends broke up,
something I'd like to say was, "a banana split".
My peach friend proposed an idea,
but we don't listen to the peach pitch an idea.

Later on that day I chased
a man for being so annoying.
Told him to "go",
and boy did that mango.

I think his name was Barry,
told him it was the last straw.
So I yelled, "it's the last Strawberry".

Afterwards I was late,
for a romantic dinner with a fruit.
(It was a date).

Along the way,
I bumped into a  group of immature grapes,
funny because they were quick to wine.
I thought to myself, "what a bunch of sour grapes"

I noticed a doctor walking up to me,
and I felt really uncomfortable.
So I grabbed an apple and threw it at him,
to keep that doctor away today.
Next I noticed a pinning apple,
which had me thinking, "what a pineapple".

By the end of my story,
my date didn't go so well.
She ordered a coke. And I wanted to seem extra healthy,
So I ordered a fruit cocktail.

She left me alone, not before pouring out
her infatuations towards me.
To be honest, I thought that was just
a silly fruit crush.

That day I had enough of fruit.

I just pray she doesn't have an older brother,
he might beat me to a pulp.
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