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There's nothing new under the sun,
it's still me chasing you
and you chasing her.
one day i hope to see my self walking away from you, coz im tired chasing the moon for you
  Oct 2018 Carmella De la Pena
I remember the evening
that we sat clinging
to paper cups
of coffee gone cold

over secrets spilled and memories told
two bodies cursed
with hearts grown old

behind your eyes
I found new worlds
A winding road stretched out for miles
to a small cafe at the end of the isle

Sweet pastries filled the mouths
of those who sat beside us
and stayed for a while.

How the hours went by,
people just passing through
The descending sun ending
a forever with you.
Today, finally the sun appeared, and oh it appeared brightly blinding all of us in this part of the rural country, and everyone is happy and gay as we all sing praises to its scorching rays, and we smiled for we have been sad these past few days for the rain did not leave us... and the trees and the beasts and all the insects smiled with us for today we will play and be merry under the sun, until its time for the rain to come again... and we will be sad... again
  Oct 2018 Carmella De la Pena
I know my texts don't excite you anymore,
But you are polite enough to reply it anyway
And if I call you, you'll receive it too
But I know you cringe when you hear my voice
Just for the night , you needed me
Just for that one night
The night's already over
But I m not over you yet

I remember everything, so clearly in my head
How beautifully you sang, & I sang along with you
How you made me laugh, laugh & laugh so hard
How you held my hands & we tried to dance
How your lips blew life to my cold and dry spirit
How the butterflies in my stomach fluttered
How my cheeks turned crimson and I looked away
But you kept on staring at me
Like  you wanted to fall in love...

I did not undress my body that night,
I undressed my soul
I put it right in front you
Just in its purest form
I let you see me,
See all my imperfections
I told you all my fears,
The secrets I hid inside,
I thought this is it,
This is what I had been looking for,
My soul was happy
And thought it had found "THE ONE"

Little did I know, it was only for the night
Just for that one night
So tell me who do I blame?
Blame you for setting up my hopes high
Or blame me for believing the truth like lie
Or should I just blame the night?
The night for lasting just awhile.......
Memories we make, Lessons we take.
#memories #lessons
There is not much more intriguing than a person. If you look not with your eyes, you can see an axiom of stories of a person; every scare, wrinkle, gray hair, tan, smile and frown tells a story that had either built this person up, or has single handedly destroyed them.

The wrinkles on a mans face does not show a lack of beauty, rather an abundance of life
Kuya Jarod
Your hues make me chase for dreams and butterflies, but when its gone, it grants me nothing but a shed of hope. “I will be back,” said Mr. Sun.
#novel #of #mine #walayangay
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