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Karl Warren Nov 2017
When I'm with you taste is touch,
A cool rolling symphony of sensation,
I love you so much,
It's clouding my mind this realization.
I've grown to need you your touch burns my chest,
I want you to love me too,
And forget about the rest.

I pleasure in your seed,
My mind filled with greed.
Karl Warren Nov 2017
It's like I'm picking up glass off a road,
Trying to make a window.
It's like it skidded after it snowed,
Pieces scattered like the mind of a ******.
Head out in space,
Fragmented pieces turn into liquid,
Mind gone without a trace,
Swirling swirling skid skid skid.

That poor sweet kid,
Silly man look what he did.
Karl Warren Nov 2017
His trim and beautiful body laid out on the floor,
Chest rising and falling,
She watches silently from the door,
The voices are calling.
Whispers in her ears,
Eyes glazed in a trance,
He could allay her fears,
with an immodest dance.

Her ***** are burning,
Pain would sooth her yearning.
Karl Warren Nov 2017
Every time I think it's going to be different,
Every time I'm shown that to hope is ****** dangerous.
Every time I try to rise, the world watches me fall.
Every time I feel more and more unlovable.
Every time.

Every time I face rejection I spiral off,
Every time I envy the fish under the bridge,
Every time I envy the monkeys hanging from trees,
Every time I envy a bored bolt with a hole in it's head.

Every time I turn to my lucid waking dreams for escape,
Every time I find none.
Every time I turn to face the grimy ceiling for solace,
Every time he breaths it disgusts me.
Every time a drop of the water that gives me life burns my throat,
Every time I numb myself.
Every time I degrade myself.
Every time I hurt myself.

Every time I crash to the bottom of my seemingly endless chasm of sadness,
Every time I am broken by the fall,
Every time I wallow at the bottom,
Every time I scream far removed from everyone and everything,
Every time I hear only the echo reverberating off the walls,
Every time I feel as though it is hopeless.

Every time I am born anew,
Every time the clouds clear and fade,
Every time I see the sun again,
Every time I think how selfish self pity is,
Every time I feel the love of all things course through me,
Every time I find my purpose again.

Every time I dare to hope again,
Every time I know it's a mistake,
Every time I take the risk.
Karl Warren Nov 2017
I see you dressed in wool,
My mind unwinds,
I feel a definate pull,
To see her struggle against her binds.
Tall and thin she towers,
Headphones cover her ears,
Red and yellow leaves spiral in showers,
Can I speak and overcome my fears?

Intimately we look up from the ground,
And walk our separate ways without a sound.
Karl Warren Oct 2017
Life is not mechanical it's fluid,
I used to regulate my perception of
reality of my heartbeat
to the second but failing to see how
second flows
into another
and one heartbeat bleeds
lovingly into the next.
I hear Voices soothing my sou.
I am writhing in white and
you are watching
beckoning me
into the real world and
real from real
Crimson from Vermillion
a tarred but
unfeathered tree
bends against its back from the world in
It's face as I see you
in my mind
I undress.
I caress you
as my fingers run through
your hair
I kiss you
softly down each chakra
my god!
your face is heartshaped but also
slender as your waist
and fresh for not so long I
and inhale you
but only in my mind.
Karl Warren Aug 2017
he looks at the world through ragged eyes,
he gazes lovingly up at Her,
his daily fa├žade a disguise,
Inside a cur.
She looks at the world with ambitious intent,
Her sadistic malice is his pleasure,
Her feet on his back quite content,
A moment he will treasure.

his obedience runs deep,
Moments of agony are memories to keep.
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