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Do you have a heart
To read my heart?
The place I hide my sorrows
My pain so severe
Deep down
My wrecked heart weeps
The sobbings unheard
Even if its the loudest
Even if its the saddest

Love is a battlefield
Fighting always for a little affection
I lost...
I drowned...
I surfaced...
I dont need another dream
to wake me up
I dont need another same old love
to keep me warm
My faith strenghtens me
I don't need another alarm clock
My passion wakes me up
I wake up
I rise
from my biggest fall.
Do you feel like a man
when tears ponder her face?
When another dull woman
secretley takes her place?
Is this how you confide?
By watching her slowly lose her pride
As you try to make your love sound sincere
We all know you're very insecure
If manipulating is all that you enjoy
You are not a man
Just a silly pathetic boy
This does NOT apply all men but things like this sicken me
A problematic boy finds all his solutions in her,
He makes the sunrise jealous when accompanied with her,
She dressed like a sea and creates solar system for him when gaze at him,
She has the kind of smile makes him feel good in the hardest moment of his life
Everything sounds new to him when she speaks to him
She carried all his heavy worries & make him realize he ever wanted to be,
He looked so happy like a breath of fresh air in suffocating world,
When he reached near to his goal, she whispered her last goodbye in his ear and left him dare to follow his dream, dare to follow his heart
It was a cloudless night of winter,
the dim light was entering through window in my room
I found her
at the edge of my dreams
she made was from broken dreams flowers in hair ,  eyes made of oceans
she looks like everything I wanted ,
she was violently peaceful, was all the seasons and different shapes of moon,
she has a sweet laughter , which makes me sleep unafraid in dark lonely night
I closed my eyes tight ,
to make her stay for a long
but she walks inside the dark streams of my mind, making her way to infinite ocean and disappeared
I drift off and Lost her in the quiet December night
Last night  with no sleep in eyes,
I was thinking in dark,
Searching the fine line,
Between feeling the pain
And Feeling nothing
Wanted to forget everything and becoming invisible,
Because everything  is slowly dying,
I have tried but can't change this ,
It's why I am wide awake in dark,
Suddenly I found a bright spark,
The light was coming from my phone in 3 am text saying "I miss you"
That showed me different way of existing and saved me.
It was the darkest and the coldest
night of the year,
I smelled the fear,
And traveled to the end
Where I found you in the stars,
I silenced myself and heard the calm of calms
The deep breath of yours,
You were like the bright light of thousands sun ,
Makes me listen to my heart,
Showed me my strength,
Told me how much I mean to everyone,
I listened my heart , realized there is nothing as strong as my heart,
I am the wolf, I am the fear eater
And I can live forever.
I love winters because in winters I take pillow put earplugs in my ear and headed to the space.
Wolf - 16/12/15
I was afraid, sad, hopeless
And confused,
Struggling to fit myself
in the world,
For which I am lone wolf,
Utterly unable to find a place for me
In the world
Then your noise invade my unsettle mind,
Like the song of early morning bird,
That noise like the kiss of heal from the unspoken,
To my miss lead mind
And made me resilient ,
I hold my pen and starts sensing the position of unknown
Through following the gentle noise,
And noted down on paper,
To create a map to track you down,
My first attempt towards you was go down,
But now I am unafraid, happy , hopeful and organized
Destiny is not matter of chance, Destiny is matter of Chance
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