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Kamimi Aug 18
In sham and pretense of the world we seek,
Blinded pleasures of a forgotten dream,
Where a touch of reality sends shivers through an incompetent spine,
Betraying our soul, our existence and a helpless mind.
Kamimi Mar 12
The tallest tower for the eyes to see,
The glory of which is hard to believe,
Standing tall as a soulless ghoul,
Visiting everyday to take the fall.

Inside they seek to make us creak,
Broken shadows rolling steak,
Plunging untorn raking dimes,
Invisible chimneys incinerating minds.
Kamimi Mar 12
Lost in space and whine of mind,
Too much to feed this limited time,
Shattered like lightning when it touches pine,
Cage closing in, reflection colder than crime.
Kamimi Mar 12
No green in the park shines for story,
No face in the dark wants to save,
No color in the light scatters for glory,
Life has moulds to break.
Kamimi Mar 12
Forgotten leaf, rolling down the lane,
A story to tell, wind following its trail,
Twisted broken shattered but upright,
Fallen from grace, all we see is broken light.
Kamimi Mar 12
Troubled mind chasing night,
hoping to know the flow,
A flick of light could crush his might,
But pity, it won't let him go.

Those eyes of deep and naive turmoil,
Are blurred by tears of known,
Emptiness could slay his sight,
But hope won't bury its glow.
Kamimi Feb 4
Come catch my tail,
I will walk you by,
The road is grey,
So is sun and night,
The way is kind,
Or so you believe,
Wait for my cry,
Before you retreat.

There is nothing to worry,
just a broken tile,
I'll take you there,
where we settle our time,
It will sweep you in,
like singularity seeks light,
You will see me there,
before your teary eyes.

Don't you pray,
When the darkness climbs,
Don't you plead,
When it asks for your crimes,
Don't you curse,
As it is the end of your destiny,
Don't you hide,
As it is your shadow without entity.
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