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Sophia Lock Feb 10
"Happy birthday to you"
Everyone cheers and sings,
For you only sadness rings
Another day has come,
It may feel wrong
To laugh and celebrate
To smile in delight,
When the days surrounding yours
Took away so much life.
You have lost so much
A mother's hug and touch
A grandmother's joy and delight.
You have gained so much strife.

I have no wise words to ease the pain
To stop you feeling this way
But I really believe you can regain
The ray of sunshine on this day
They will never truely be gone
In you they live on,
Their smile, their laugh, let it remain
And forever be your birthday song.
Sophia Lock Jan 31
Sometimes I sit and think
What's the point
The point of it all
I strive, I conquer,
I keep the wheels turning
Doors will close on me
Some may open.
What's the point I ask
To that I hear silence
A pin could fall,
I stare wall to wall,
As it closes in upon me,
Harder to breathe
I feel weak
My knees,
They tremble under me
My hands....
I am numb,
I don't know what to feel

"Stop.....just be",
a voice says to me
Just be, there is strength in vulnerbility.
Even when you feel meek
And lack the words to speak.
Trust in this,
You are who you are meant to be
Despite the uncertainties.
Sophia Lock Jan 29
when you are low
and time has no pace
look up, he will bestow
his grace upon you
then you will see, there
is nothing you
can't do

here in this place
of love and peace
you have the strength
to succeed.
Sophia Lock Nov 2018
Every moment that I wake,
My inhabitions you shake,
We are together now
We can be free, you and I
My thoughts can breathe aloud
No need to hide,
Hand in hand
Side by side
We bicker, we fight,
Always with a smile
Together, you and I

— The End —