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Kauthar Feb 27
I don't want to hurt you
but if I speak the truth
I might as well hurt you
I want you to trust me
I want you to believe in me
I want you...
As you need my trust I need yours
but I am afraid to give you sores

The more I try
the more you lie
the more I try believing
the more you break

Break like glass
shred like paper
and fly like ashes
Please don't copy and paste this poem.
Kauthar Feb 11
Try harder
Okay isn't fine
Fine isn't good
Good isn't Great
So you need to give me more
I want it from the core
I want it from the heart
I want it from the soul
It needs to burn like coal
It needs to light like a flame
So make it feel the same
Because boy I don't need your pain
Kauthar Feb 2
New page
Clean page
And an opening cage
New rules
So say goodbye to the old ones
Make a new goal
And put it deep inside your soul
I just got to say
May this be a good one

And welcome to 2019
Kauthar Aug 2018
Everyone thinks they know me
they might know my favourite colour or my second name
maybe even my favourite game.
Well they don't know the true me or the inner me
there might be times were I release a fear or feeling
but those fears or feeling don't defined the true me.
The true me is buried at the bottom of my heart
I just need that one person to find me.
Hello all my viewers and follower. This is my story.
Kauthar Aug 2018
I need help
Help surviving in a world like this
In a world were you get hurt by a single word
In a world were one decision can define the whole you
You can either be rich
You can either be poor
or you can be beautiful
maybe even ****
But never in between
In this world one word has to define you
Never tell me that word that defines me
  Jul 2018 Kauthar
What do you believe in?
Do you believe in the sky?
Do you believe in the things that pass you by?
Do you believe the answers they tell you, when you ask 'why'?
Do you believe in truths or in lies?
Are you able to see when someone isn't fine?
Do you believe in always being right?
Never giving up when you've started a fight?
Do you believe in an all holy light?
Or rather do you believe in an never-ending night?
Do you look at the world and whisper
"Hey, this is right."
Or instead do you wish you had another life?
Do you wish you were 'nice'?
Or do you warp your sight,
And believe that everything will just be alright?
Do you work day and night
To keep your money airtight?
Or do you give and you work
For what you think is right?
Do you hate yourself because
someone with a small mind
went up and told you
the way you are wasn't fine?
Do you look in the mirror
And regret what you see?
Or do you look in the mirror
And shout
Never put yourself down because of who you are.
You are beautiful, you are unique, and you all inspire me.
Kauthar Jul 2018
If my love were an ocean,
there would be no more land.
If my love were a desert,
you would see only sand.
If my love were a star-
late at night, only light.
And if my love could grow wings,
I'd be soaring in flight.
Beautiful words. It came straight out of a lovely book I am reading, couldn't resist myself from sharing it on hello poetry. So here it is.
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