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Sometimes the shadow behind me is larger than me, but i guess, go figure
Seemingly empty, I stare in the mirror, I want to feel like a winner
Trying to go back in time in my head causing mental butterfly effects
Like falling dominos, I get knocked over, over and over again
Building a picture from past mistakes, wisdom crafted like it is glass
As I ******* freedom and then I pay with my life, I feel as though my life is always moving way too fast

Sitting somberly wondering if anyone can see me
Seen and forgotten, lost and already rotten
Questioning my value over some **** that I salue
And chilled over by the journey of the lone

Don't call it to pity to acknowledge that I've always journeyed on my own
A solo campaign is the only life I was pretty much only shown.
Puffball 15h
Have you ever felt unheard
But felt that you were being watched
Cause that's how I'm feeling right now
My mood is colors that are splotched
I'm not saying oh woe is me
But I hate no one sees the woe
A game of tag over the sea
Alone, because no one would show
They say loneliness can create
A second copy of your soul
But this one is much gloomier
And where a heart should be, a hole
Puffball 22h
I am choking on the present
Nothing really feels the same
Frozen in time, my soul said it
Drowning in eternal shame
But it ends when I turn back on
Start my day over again
Reappear and I respawn
I feel a sharp yet subtle pain
I wish my life was not by Dice
And I could be truly free
But like the game of cat and mice
The word for it is it's ******
Hope it won't be me that ends
With someone stepping on my neck
Maybe reality bends
To keep us from a fated wreck
Distant dolly
Dancing alone
Till she's falling
And she is gone
When she's spotted
The Game begins
Hear that calling
Don't let her in
Why's she crying
Do not be tricked
She is trying
To get you sicked
On by polly
Her teddy bear
He that pulls out all of your hair
oh im falling
faster faster
all again
the life i had started to dim
spinning spinning until i've said
its time for me to go to bed
when did time start to fly on by
causing my words to slur as i
cry in my hands and sink in sand
that leads no place better than land
a flock of a feather will die together
the wings they used to fly will teather
I lost my self blinded by tears
and fears
sheer till i drown in beer
im scared
i have no where
a soul drifting till it is gone
One kiss upon a star
Wrap my tune in a charm
I just want to feel whole
Please erase this twilight
No peace in this world
Cease this world of harm
Planet come down, please
Wonder when this **** will freeze
The dark smiles back
Because I am its friend,
Though silent I breathe
I am a deadly hand,
And just like the sea
That sits next to the land,
The weight I can make
Can crush your soul like sand,
But I'm no demon
So don't fear me as such,
Just heed my warnings
Don't get bold with your touch,
Cause you will just know
When I start to smile,
What you'd call normal
Will soon become wild.
The light smiles back
Because I know what's planned,
Yes, soundly I sing
I am just doing grand,
And just like a wing
The might want to expand,
I may have the flight
To fly to the dreamland,
But I'm no angel
So don't think me as such,
Hear what I'm saying
And it won't be too much,
Cause you will just know
When I start my singing,
The present you know
Will meet awakening
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