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KMH Sep 28
The rain descends
like a velvet curtain.

I use that steady
pounding, thrumming

to cleanse my skin
of your touch.

It fills me up, and I spit you out;
wring you out of my hair.

Thunder crashes
lightning flashes
and I
© KMH 2019
KMH Sep 28
You go out late
at night, and i stay here,
picking up the pieces
of the mess you left behind.

(i am the mess you left behind
and i spend the night
picking up the broken
pieces of myself
© KMH 2019
KMH Jun 29
Tell me, Princess-
When did you last
Let your heart decide?

When was the last time
You opened your heart
And unleashed that
Fire? Where has that
Heat and passion gone?

How did he manage to
Smother those flames;
***** them out like
Mere embers?

When was the last time
You let yourself lose control?
How long has it been since
You crushed your enemies
Underfoot? (like ants)

Show me, Princess-
Open your heart and
Lay bare your pain and
With your fire
Make them burn.
© K. M. H. 2019
I think this one is kinda dumb but I'm listening to the Aladdin soundtrack and writing a fantasy novel so what did u expect?
KMH Jun 21
**** it,
I'm strong,
and I'm my own
******* person

But ****,
I'm lonely.

I want
a hug? maybe?
the touch of
someone who cares
the comfort of affection

I crave
that warmth.
© KMH 2019
~ i'm lonely ******* ~
KMH Jun 21
A cooling breeze
trickling in through the window
on a humid night

the lights outside
muffled by the drizzling rain,
the rustling trees

the comfortable warmth
of my bed, this blanket,
and your arms around me.
© KMH 2019
~ Everything was real except for the last line and I think that might be the saddest part ~
KMH Jun 3
To crave affection
Is to crave-
To long for-
The display of love
And care.

To want affection,
One must first want
To be loved
And then want
To be shown that love.

To crave affection
Is to long for the knowledge
that one is loved and as much as
I shame myself for that craving
I can find no fault in it.
©️K. M. H.
~ I have recently found myself craving affection. I meant for this to be shorter than it is but I kind of like it.
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