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KMH Mar 1
If I could leave my soul behind
I would leave it here-
Where it could dream forever.
© KMH 2019
~ I'm starting a new series of single-verse poems. none of them are titled because they aren't thoughts so much as things my heart tells me.
KMH Feb 15
My bones ache
Like crumbling stone cliffs
Constantly battered
By a sea of exhaustion.
© KMH 2019
im tired.
KMH Dec 2018
This place was a home.
It is poison.

I want to breathe but
The air is toxic and
Your harsh words slice

I want to sleep but
The monsters want to keep
Me awake. It is only me that they

I want to rest my
Weary, aching feet but
The chair, the sofa, the bed-
This house is made of

I want to come home but coming to this place isnt coming home it is like walking into a place i used to know and finding it burnt to ashes and these ashes are **** and coarse not like the fine grey ash of a volcano not like the kind that creates new growth it is toxic it is poison it is toxic it is poison and i just…

I want to come home to a place that is warm and welcoming and gives me peace. I want to rest my mind and heart and soul. I want to feel safe and let myself go. I want to come home.

This place was a home.
It is only poison.
©KMH 2018
  Nov 2018 KMH
We fall asleep sometimes in the snow and you sing to yourself in the wrong keys
sometimes we don't speak but I have everything I've ever wanted and so much life left.
KMH Nov 2018
The bite of the cold
Is nothing compared to this
(your) Suffocating warmth
(I can’t stand it)
Remove the words in parentheses for an angst-filled haiku
KMH Oct 2018
You... and her.
I'll just
smile and laugh

and keep your
in the back of my

I'll just
push those
Crush part II
*Le Sigh*
KMH Sep 2018
I wish I could
draw that smile
from your lips

I want to make you
laugh... and-
Oh, i dunno.

I want to hold
your hand
in mine.
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