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  Jul 4 κλείω
the first time
i was 15
hands grabbed my budding *******
a warm breath on my neck

the second time
i was 18
he flipped me over
held me down
after he questioned why i bled

the third time
i was 21
he told me to be good
that he wanted me to make him proud
off came my shirt
forced my mouth to do things i didn't want

hands feel like boulders even now
/nothing ever changes/
tongues feel like battering rams
/i am estranged/
it's like i have a neon sign pointing at me
/i feel deranged/
saying "hurt me"
in flashing lights
the chances of being assaulted are doubled for victims.
  May 8 κλείω
People keep getting tired of me
then they leave
what they don't know
is that i am tired too
but i always choose to stay
κλείω Apr 8
They learned to rebuild
Carrying the bricks on their backs
Memorized a whole new language and ignored people’s attacks

Nos enseñaron español
Visitamos Mexico cada año
Nos dicen “ponte un suéter
Porque el frío hace daño”

They made us who we are
A mosaic of two places
Feet firmly planted in both
Pride written across our faces
κλείω Dec 2021
I wish I could turn my tears into Christmas lights
So I could decorate my parent’s home without spending a dime
Maybe each light represents a day I needed them and
With each tear a new light pops up and I fear we are running out of time
κλείω Dec 2021
In growing to love you I grew to hate myself
κλείω Oct 2021
If you keep pushing me away
You won't find me where you left me
My heart is not big enough
To deal with people
Who decide to love me
Only when it is convenient for them
κλείω Sep 2021
I cut my hair
It’s better than cutting something else


But Im afraid I don’t have much hair left
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