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 Dec 2019 K
Christain Justina
 Dec 2019 K
Christain Justina
He was imperfect
He was young
She loved him
She was crazy
She wasn’t so pretty
He loved her

He had doubts
He had challenges
She loved him
She was naïve
She was carefree
He loved her

He was smart
He was cute
She loved him
She got brains
She had talent
He loved her

He lied
He cheated
She loved him
He became rude
He was difficult
She loved him

He was scared
He was reckless
She cared
He was arrogant
He was insensitive
She was hurt

He ignored her
He hurt her more
She became different
He cheated more
He cheated carelessly
She ignored him

He became scarce
He cut off ties
She survived
He was addicted
He was pitiful
She had empathy

He fell
She brought him up
He got sick
She nursed him to health
She slipped
He didn’t catch her
He got into trouble
She turned her back on him

He wanted her back
She didn’t
It was too late
She felt nothing for him

She was,
A diamond he got
She was,
A diamond he lost
 Oct 2019 K
I need you
 Oct 2019 K
let me spill my guts
swallow it

can I tell you

can I tell you

cut me open

eat my words

feed me your daydreams

I just want to tell you

let me have all the control

don't think
let me think for you

spilling my guts

running away
 Oct 2019 K
Is poetry dead
took its last breath
eating up all it's words
I'm feeling so hurt
poetry is dead
we mourned for days
sounds of sobs heard around the world

we slept in silence
lights on

poetry is dead
hello poetry welcome back to the internet
 Jul 2019 K
John Dewberry
Let’s talk about faults
For a moment or two
Cause we’ve all got a few
Yes it’s true

It’s about hiding
Putting up a front
As if we’re infallible
But we’re

Ticking time bombs
Don’t strike a nerve
We ain’t much for
Cause we’re Hard to read
 Jul 2019 K
wild child
a tip
 Jul 2019 K
wild child
rule number one:

never fall in love unless the feeling is mutual.
 Jul 2019 K
Vanessa Gatley
I sent him a black heart
For a guy but like I had live not sure for who can turn it red and pump life
Instead of black rotten confused love
The demon keep it black
Some how red removes the evil
 Jul 2019 K
Things I'll Never Say
That's the thing
I let you in
I get hurt

I get hurt
I push you away
You get hurt

I want you back
You're too far gone
I'm alone again

Theres no winning with BPD
The ending is always the same
I end up all alone
 Jul 2019 K
migayle ocuaman
 Jul 2019 K
migayle ocuaman
I've watch her in this pedestal stand,
And touching her has bless my hand,
Did my heart loved with bliss till now?

I swear to heaven for with my sight,
I had never known beauty till tonight,
Temptations of the flesh, a blessed sin.

Ecstasy upon such dreams I've dreamt,
Oh fruit of Eden such luring sweet scent,
How you wisp my words away...
 Jul 2019 K
Can I please
Be something more
Than empty
Just a bit.
 Jul 2019 K
Katherine Storm
He stretched out his hand
& Caught Me.
That's how I fell into the abyss.
Love is a double-edged sword. Wield it well.
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